02 Cloud computing business in telecom(new)


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02 Cloud computing business in telecom(new)

  1. 1. Cloud computing business in TelecomDaNTe 2011DAN NOVIH TEHNOLOGIJAČetvrtak 3. studenoga 2011, RijekaSergej PočučaSenior Solution ManagerNokia Siemens Networks Zagreb
  2. 2. What remains when the cloud (hype) goes away?Computing, storage and applicationresources delivered on demand.Scalable - Dynamic - Shared - Paid per use
  3. 3. Business and delivery model evolution Telecom box Virtualized system As a Service €0.5 per can €0.8 per liter € 10 per hour Special discounted Use your own glass ‘all you can drink or as wholesale price Tap size fitted to your needs much as you can’ Pre- Pay-per- Software integrated use and Application Application Application Application Application Application Application Application Application integration to and pre- … … service customer tested silo delivery, … infrastructure systems and on-demand NSN defined infra Hw Hw Hw Virtualization hardware Anonymous Shared hardware (* cloud infra Shared hardware
  4. 4. Benefits and business drivers for cloud computingCAPEX --> OPEX Cost-savings of private clouds• No up-front investments 100%• Costs follow business volume 80% 76% 65%• Only pay for what you need 60% 45% 40% 27%Better asset utilization 20%• Improved hardware utilization 0%• Improved SW license utilization Hardware Software Admin Provisioning• Reduced operating costs Source: IBM, Capturing the Potential of Cloud, September 2009, May 2010• Reduced provisioning costsFlexibility One IT environment Keep it simple!• Ability to buy services in small • Uniform infrastructures and apps • IT complexity moved from PC to cloud increments • Same environment available globally • Applications in cloud• Pay-as-you-go model • Device-agnostic access to cloud • Maintenance in cloud• Short service roll-in & roll-out times
  5. 5. Cloud computing adoption is on the rise …Consumers SaaS deployment status and plans Already deployed• Low costs or free service often expected Very large (10,000+) Plan to deploy in 12 months• Ease of use Plan to deploy in• Multiple devices in use Large (2,500-9,999) 13-24 months• “On-demand” type of usage Considering Medium large (500-2,499)• Social networking / collaboration needs deployment, but no definite/immediate Medium (250-499) time frameSmall & Medium Enterprises Not deployed and Small (20-249) no plans• No up-front investment, especially important for startups Unsure/don’t know• Business flexibility Very small (2-19) Source: Yankee, 2010• Ease of use FastView Survey: Cloud Computing• Buy in expertise 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Grows Up: July 2010Large enterprise CSPs as cloud users• Low TCO (low CAPEX is not enough) • Heavy cost pressure pushes use of cloud computing• Uniform IT environment • Low TCO as the main driver• Ease of use • Business flexibility to offer new end-user services• Business flexibility • Short T2M
  6. 6. … and some players are already on the go (IaaS + SaaS)T-Com Croatia Metronet Croatia • Virtual PC (computer + OS instances) • Cloud market of business applications (CRM, • Targeted at home and office customers HR, e-learning, Time mngm, etc) • Basic service fee 149kn/month • Cloudmarket.hr • tCloud Management package (Basic + MS • Pay per use model Office, Office Email) 198kn/month • Localized appsTelekom Slovenije T-Com Croatia • desktop computing as a service /virtual • tCloud Human Resource offered as SaaS desktop infrastructure (basic package 45 Kn/month/person) • backup services - sihramba.eu • tCloud ERP offered as SaaS (start package • CRMaaS solution 199 KN/month • Adapted to local lawTelekom Srbija VIPnet Croatia • Virtual machine • Working Time monitoring/management • Virtual desktop • Car Fleet management • ERP, Exchange, File server as a Service • Vip boat surveillance • Targeted at enterprise customers • 91 KN/month
  7. 7. Transforming from network service provider… Consumers XaaS providers: and enterprises Content, developer community Apps, content and revenue flow and services Connectivity and basic VAS Voice, SMS, Internet access, SIM distribution CSPs
  8. 8. …to integrated cloud service provider for experience and efficiency Consumers XaaS providers: and enterprises Apps, content Assure privacy, and services security and cloud service quality for Location Security Identity differentiation Billing ….. Enable & create Transform telco new telco cloud operations & businesses applications (Paid SLA, consumer (HLR, voice, location, & enterprise services, charging, messaging, multiple M2M verticals) browsing and more) Telecom & IT applications Virtual infrastructure Physical infrastructure CSPs
  9. 9. Three major business opportunities are arising for CSPs New • End-to-end enterprise offering bundling connectivity with applications revenues • New value-added services for consumer (through telco assets exposure) • Multiple M2M verticals and new business models • Enable revenue generating solutions Re- • CSP can guarantee following: establishing the role of Quality of experience differentiation for cloud services the operator Secure the cloud services Privacy • Reduction of internal costs through virtualized on-demand network services Internal efficiency • Flexibility thru new business models (SaaS - pay on consumption) • Lower upfront investments • Shorter time-to-market -> short time-to-revenues lead times • Less complexity
  10. 10. CSPs play a central role in the cloud computing boom Nokia Siemens Networks offers a unique Telco-cloud portfolio Re-establishing the role of the operator Professional Cloud & managed service services management Telecom products SME / enterprise Consumer M2M vertical & applications (VAS applications (Security applications (Yuave applications as a Service) as a Service) – Cloud Voice mail) (Vending machines) Telecom platform as a service (PaaS) Internal Platform, Telco SaaS platform, M2M apps platform (Cumulocity), Apps Store) (Creatary New efficiency revenues enables indirect Private cloud Public cloud revenue generation Telecom mobile/ wireline network(s)
  11. 11. Example – NSN Creatary - telcoassetmarketplace.com - Expose Telco assets to Cloud Developer SDKs Pay with <CSP> Pay Value Php10 + Preinstalled To GameCorp Description Access to hidden level + support applications “Zoink!” + OR = Confirm Cancel + Compiled-in library for developers + NSN Creatary SDK improves device based apps functionality • In-application charging for increasing revenues • Profile look-ups and single sign-on for increasing convenience
  12. 12. Example – NSN yuave.com - Voice Mail/Assistant in the CloudGREETING Key benefits• Freedom of choice • Make voice• Personalized attractive and profitable • Internet generationMAGIC-LOGIC focus – user-• User defines behavior defined, not• Easy setup for voice mail and IVR operator- defined • IntegrateDELIVERY social, mobileMultiple ways for the user to access and voicemessages: mobile, portal, social apps • Cloud based on Telco Asset Marketplace platform
  13. 13. M2M Cloud Application Platform with vertical specific applications Developer Multiple partners Tenants Key Benefits •Multi-tenant platform Enterprise Energy Logistics / Home Security Payment eHealth for B2B and B2C Applications Telematics services •Integrates operator assets of billing, location, network Business integration capabilities and identity Smart Objects •Ecosystem of devices Services Remote object Data collection Service creation & and applications Enablement management & pre-processing management Smart object communication Smart Objects Connectivity Connectivity Smart Objects Partners
  14. 14. Thank You sergej.pocuca@nsn.com Twitter: @sergej_pocuca