Case study 3


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Case study 3

  2. 2. What´s the problem? Why the company has grown a bit with respect other years?Also you remember that the company shall to invest €1.5 million for has a profit inthe future, but there is a problem, what is the best way for achieve this?, how doyou think that is the correct form? Invest the entire budget or use only a part?Some problems of our company are that the workforce is desmotivated, but why?,also the machines are older than the competence´s machines, this is interestingbecause could be a reason that the demand of our products has fallen.
  3. 3. Dear director of human resources of our company, I have looked the budget, thesales has fallen, but why? Nobody know, for this, I think that we must invest insome things that could help to the company shall to grow in the future, first, wemust change the machine , because are oldest, don’t work good, don’t allow thecorrect progress of our company, so our company offer less quality of productsrespect of other companies in this area, this shall be a suggestion , in my opinion,this is very important, so the company could be offer more products that now, butthe cost of this is €200k, is very less than other options and is very profitable.Other option that I have considerated is set up sales online, because the internet isa good way to offer our products, in actuality , almost all the companies havefacebook´s profile, twitter´s account , even some companies have created its ownwebsite, as is the case of nestle, costa, in this page, we could offer all the range ofour product, also we could do discount to them , the companies, individual person,I don’t know, every person that want to buy our products.Our website must be attractive, flashy and look reliable information about ourcompany, could be use links with other platforms as facebook, offer radio, and usethe visual marketing with colors, sounds and every kind of things that the peoplefeel as in their home.Doing a preview of the investment, only spend one part of our budget, so I thinkthat could be use the another part in research and development of other product orlevel up the products that now the company sells, for example, offer light products,below in fat-saturated, or for another part chocolates that contain 100 per cent ofcacao, so the company going to all the ranges of population, not only focused inone part of the population. Also could invest in other kind of services , as market´scafé, is very interesting , chocolate and a cup of coffee could be the stimulant ofthe sales in the short time, return to the levels of past years, people ever want todrink coffee, now with a piece of biscuit, doing offer, or every kind of promotion ofour products, with a good service, we are going to be the doors of the success.Now I have reduced the costs of our investment , and left one thing, that isn’t in thelist, this is create a program with our employees, they are transcendental andimportant part of our business plan, without them , we cant earn money, so Ipropose create a program for do happy to all the people that work in the company,program that include therapy of relax, do every kind of sport, for ex. Soccer, couldcreate a soccer team of our company , or I don’t know.
  4. 4. Finally I think that this is the correct way for achieve some result, this result shouldbe the best for our company, although I think that the every way is difficult, butnever forget that in the life doesn’t some obstacle difficult, each one does its lifedifficult.