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(2007) Making a digital difference: technology and information access for print-disabled readers


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How digital technology is transforming information access for print-disabled readers, and how the Community Partnership Fund has supported RNZFB to develop new technical technologies.

Presented at National Digital Forum 2007.

Video from this session is on the GOVIS website:

Abstract for the presentation is on the NDF site:

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(2007) Making a digital difference: technology and information access for print-disabled readers

  1. 1. Moira Clunie [email_address] Making a digital difference : technology and information access for print-disabled readers
  2. 2. Disability is the process which happens when one group of people create barriers by designing a world only for their way of living, taking no account of the impairments other people have.
  3. 3. Print disability (Copyright Act 1994) <ul><li>a person has a print disability if he or she— </li></ul><ul><li>(a)Is blind; or </li></ul><ul><li>(b)Suffers severe impairment of his or her sight; or </li></ul><ul><li>(c)Is unable to hold or manipulate books; or </li></ul><ul><li>(d)Is unable to focus or move his or her eyes; or </li></ul><ul><li>(e)Suffers a handicap with respect to visual perception. </li></ul>
  4. 5. braille
  5. 6. talking book machines
  6. 7. <ul><li>Digital allows for difference </li></ul>
  7. 11.
  8. 16. Digital is different
  9. 20.
  10. 21.
  11. 22. Digital Talking Books
  12. 24.
  13. 26. &quot;The best thing (with DTBs) is that I don't have to worry if the postman has put the parcel out of the rain.&quot; - Aileen
  14. 27. &quot;Even with everyone's best intentions, you can run out. And a day or night without a talking book can be a very long time. With digital books, they are there in a minute.&quot; - Ronnie
  15. 28. &quot;As soon as I finish a book, another book arrives without any trouble at all - if I push the right button! ” - Kitty
  16. 29. Digital can make a difference
  17. 31.
  18. 33. Digital can make a difference
  19. 34. “ Digital content that is developed from the beginning in a flexible, standards-based, interoperable way, rather than in a proprietary format or converted from print, is a cornerstone of an inclusive digital society.”