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South Asia Regions Analysis 2


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South Asia Regions Analysis 2

  1. 1. South AsiaAnkita Singh, Christine Chen, DianaTappert, Emily Kim, Moira Dewey, Jehan Silva, Julie Boyland, Pooja Srinivas
  2. 2. Political/Religious Tension in South Asia ● Currently in ...1. Bangladesh + Burma/Myanmar2. Sri Lanka3. India...significant political and religious tension is present.In this region, politics are intertwined with belief systems. Thevarious governments rule with Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism inmind.E
  3. 3. Sri Lanka & Bangladesh: Current Events● Refugees: People who have been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster● Religious Minorities: Those people who belong to a religion different from the religion that dominates society. May also apply to a specific sect of religion.C
  4. 4. Bangladesh: Overview- In Muslim-dominated Bangladesh, Buddhists are 1% of population = minority. Remain a very vulnerable minority.- Also, members of smaller sects of Islam, like the Rohingya, also make up a minority. Highly prosecuted in Myanmar. Bangladeshs reaction to Rohingya "boat people" coming from Myanmar remains to be seen.C
  5. 5. Rohingya Muslim Fleeing Myanmar- 800,000 Rohingya Muslims living on the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh; designated as "stateless" until accepted by either country. Neither country wishes to claim them.- In light of recent violence against the group, and Myanmars failure to accept them as a legitimate minority, 3,000 Rohingya have traveled to Bangladesh via boat.- Bangladeshi officialsconcerned that up to 80% aretrafficked or exist aseconomic migrants, notrefugees.D
  6. 6. Buddhists in Bangladesh● What was supposed to be a celebration of Jahajbhasa Utsab, a traditional boating jamboree, in Bangladesh instead became a mourning period for Buddhists after 2 days of violence and mob attacks from Muslim extremists.DE
  7. 7. Religious & Political TensionRecap:● Rohingya Muslims fleeing Burma because of Buddhist attacks.● Bangladeshi Buddhists rebuilding community after Muslim attack.Bangladesh = predominantly Muslim predominantly Buddhist = BurmaJu
  8. 8. Relation to Human GeographyConcepts and Influences on Region Migration Cultural Push Factor - Forced Migration RefugeesJu
  9. 9. Proposed Solutions1. Aung Sang Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy leader of Myanmar, islooking for cooperation between the 2 countries in conflict:Myanmar and Bangladesh. Her goal is to maintain diplomacy andpromote cooperation and friendship.2. Politically, the Burmese government is considering newcitizenship laws that will allow 3rd gen. Rohingya to becomelegal citizens. Overpopulation in Bangladesh makes similarlegislation difficult. Both disapprove of illegal immigration.E
  10. 10. Sri Lanka: Background on War ● Tamils: minority ● Discrimination: Sinhalese & government ● LTTE: Tamil state ● 26 year civil war ● Refugees to India, UK, Australia, CanadaJeP
  11. 11. Sri Lankan Refugees ● Strides to bring back those who left :12-1:08
  12. 12. Bringing Refugees Back ● Special Consular Service in refugee camps on 20th October ● 149 Citizenship Certificates, 50 passports, 59 Birth Certificates ● UK & Australia- deportationAP
  13. 13. Relation to Human Geography Concepts: Migration ● Push Factors: ○ Poor conditions in camps ○ Hesitation for countries to extend citizenship ● Pull Factors ○ Improved status ○ Improved conditions ○ Economic opportunityA
  14. 14. Influence on Region ● Currently: ○ Bad effect on Tamil Nadu economy ○ Increased tension between Sri Lankans and Indians ● With efforts returning refugees (Sri Lanka): ○ Economic improvement ■ More qualified/educated workers ○ Improved political and social situation ■ Reducing discontent by promoting equality ■ Preventing future fightingJe
  15. 15. United Nations Criticism :25-1:34
  16. 16. Hesitation to Return ● Lack of response in past ● Evidence of torture ● Opportunity in host country ● Uncertainty of state of Sri LankaP
  17. 17. Proposed Solutions ● Intervention of outside forces (India & UN) ● Strict regulation of cases of discrimination ● Impose punishments on those that break lawsA/Je
  18. 18. Death of Bal Thackeray - Founder of the Right-Wing Hindu Nationalist party Shiv Sena died earlier this week due to heart failure - Estimated over 1.5 million people attended the funeral, and all stores and roads in Mumbai were closed for the day - While Shiv Sena has not been in power in Mumbai since 2000, its still had a prominent amount of membersM
  19. 19. Controversy behind Thackeray - Thackeray was a highly divisive political figure - Openly condemned anyone who was Pro-Pakistan - Disapproved of Non-Hindus and immigrants coming into Mumbai - Praised Hitlers leadership - Called upon his followers to form Hindu suicide groups to attack Muslims -Notorious for having for having violent followersM
  20. 20. india-20383401 Problems and Solutions Problem - Shiv Sena lost its party leader Solution - Bal Thackerays son, Uddhav Thackeray, has since taken his place Problem - The Indian government was really afraid of violence breaking out, particularly during the crowded funeral Solution - 20,000 armed police officers have been standing on guard. Both the Head City Police Officer and the Prime Minister of India have asked the people to please remain calm and peaceful in a time of mourning.J