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Rethink your diet


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a summary of the book 'Rethink Your diet' and contents in brief, just to preview.

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Rethink your diet

  1. 1. Rethink Your Diet! Be Concious! And Learn How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle By: Moein Ghahremani Nejad Editor: Louise Scrivens This book is about the relationship between the food we eat and how it affects our life and the world around us, including: Our Health The economy The Environment And the society More info in next slides. Website:
  2. 2. Natural Lifestyle and Health Learn the fundamentals of a healthy diet and be well-educated in this regard. This book will provide you with all the nutritional facts needed to help you change your diet for the better. The book recommends veganism/raw veganism, but you can choose a flexible plan based on your own personal situation and preferences. Website:
  3. 3. Natural Lifestyle and Economy How what we eat can change the economy situation? The connection between health and economy is very clear, as all statistics confirm it. The second section of Rethink Your Diet is dedicated to this subject. You will read the clear reasons and statistics in this regard. Website:
  4. 4. Natural Lifestyle and Environment Help protect our plant by conscious eating. What we eat have direct and indirect effects on the environment. The third section of Rethink Your Diet is dedicated to clarify this subject. You will find out how everybody is responsible about the environmental issue and what is possible to do and help ourselves. Website:
  5. 5. Natural Lifestyle, Society and Humanity Rethink about society and propagandas which are dictated to you in form of traditions, hobbies, etc. Now it’s time for conscious changes in society, because now we have more scientific information and social experiences than ever before. The section 4 discuss in this regard. It’s not only about animal rights, but also about the whole idea, which you already learnt the reasons if you’ve read the previous section. Website:
  6. 6. More info/contact More info about author of book: Official website of the book: