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Make money with oriflame


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A complete setup where you can have accessories, skincare, cosmetics, a wide range of fragrances,personal & hair care.

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Make money with oriflame

  1. 1. MAKE MONEY WITH ORIFLAME • Oriflame is a Swedish company which deals with branded Cosmetics in more than 60 countries worldwide • web site
  2. 2. MAKE MONEY WITH ORIFLAME • Countries with Oriflame Outlets – Europe . Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom/ Ireland, Ukraine – Asia . Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sirilanka, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE. – Africa. Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda. – Latin America . Central America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru.
  3. 3. MAKE MONEY WITH ORIFLAME • In Pakistan there are two outlets of the Oriflame one in Lahore and one in Karachi • There is no Boss, no office to attend and no timings to adhere just u have to create and lead your Group • Oriflame Catalogue and Offers are available on its website
  4. 4. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • Why to Join Oriflame. There are three basic dreams of any individual. Oriflame fulfills these dreams desires and has a motto “YOUR DREAMS –OUR INSPIRATION” The dreams are to LOOK GREAT MAKE MONEY HAVE FUN
  5. 5. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • LOOK GREAT – Oriflame has a wide variety of branded products/cosmetics ranging to cover every part of your body from head to toe – These products are mainly distributed in three categories • Toiletries (Perfumes, Deodorants, Roll ons, Shower gel, Soaps etc) • Body care (Face and body creams, Shampoos/conditioners, Balms, Scrubs and masks etc) • Accessories (Lipsticks, Nail polish , Mascara , Eyeliner etc)
  6. 6. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • LOOK GREAT – All cosmetics are branded and are herbal in nature so these are harmless to human body making them conducive for use – Oriflame has a unique system of marketing and its products can only be purchased from its consultants and these are not available in open market – You are just required to change your brand and start using Oriflame products – On joining the company it will provide u its products on 20% discount
  7. 7. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • MAKE MONEY – If a single man constructs a wall in 30 days same wall can be constructed by 30 men in a single day – To make your job easier you have to make your team make a tree and make members – You can have three type of profits by getting orders from your family, friends and colleagues or by purchasing the oriflame items for yourself • Immediate profit • Commission from the company • Cash Bonus
  8. 8. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME MAKE MONEY – Immediate profit • It is a 20% profit given to you by Oriflame on every product you order • To get orders simply you have to show the catalogue to your friends, price of every product is written in catalogue along with beautiful representation of product in pictorial form and with brief description of the product
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • MAKE MONEY – Immediate profit • For example your friend has ordered a perfume, catalogue price of a perfume is Rs 1000, you will get Rs 1000 from your friend and send only Rs 800 (company price CP) to Oriflame to get that perfume and you will have Immediate profit of Rs 200 on every item you will order
  10. 10. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • MAKE MONEY – Commission • Commission is directly based on the performance of your team • After becoming member Oriflame will issue a number to you which is called membership or consultant number • From your family ,friends and colleagues you have to select two categories ,One from whom you can take orders and others to whom you can make members • you can also make members Worldwide in 62 countries mentioned in the list and have commission in Foreign currency • Those members who will join oriflame under your consultant number will be your down line / team
  11. 11. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME – Commission • Every product you or your team will order will have Business points (BPs) • BPs are the basis for calculation of commission • Approximately an order of Rs 5600 (Catalogue price) or Rs 4500 (Company Price) consisting different products makes 100 BPs • To Qualify for the commission you have to make atleast 100 BPs or order of Rs 5600 (catalogue Price) or order of Rs 4500 (Company Price) in a month • If you fail to place any order in a month you will not qualify for commission and you will not have any benefit from BPs of your down line/team • If you fail to place any order in a complete year your membership will lapse and you have to reapply for new membership
  12. 12. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • Make Money – Commission • BPs your members in your down line will secure will be added in your personal BPs and the sum will be called Group BPs • Example for calculating Group BPs is as BPs From members 110+50+200+110+80=550 Your Personal BPs =100 Group BPs 100+550=650 You 100 BP Sobia 110 BP Rida 200 BP Habiba 110 BP Farah 50 BP Zoha 80 BP
  13. 13. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • MAKE MONEY – Commission • To progress in System and have monthly commission you have different levels to achieve basing on you group BPs GROUP BPs % AGE LEVELS MAX COMMISSION TITLE 200 3% RS 228-682 CONSULTANT 600 6% RS 1368-2733 CONSULTANT 1200 9% RS 4104-8204 CONSULTANT 2400 12% RS 10944-18235 MANAGER 4000 15% RS 22800-37614 MANAGER 6600 18% RS 45144-68393 MANAGER 10000 21% RS 79800 OR MORE SENIOR MANAGER
  14. 14. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • MAKE MONEY – Cash Bonus • You will get the Cash Bonus from Oriflame besides immediate profit and commission after becoming Senior Manager • After becoming Senior Manager if your Group Bps remains more than 10,000 for atleast six months in a year you will become Director and will get the Cash Award of Rs 75,000 • After becoming Director your progress will be based upon the number of Directors you will make in each leg of your down line
  15. 15. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • MAKE MONEY – Cash Bonus TITLE NUMBER OF DIRECTORS IN EACH LEG OF UR DOWNLINE CASH BONUS Gold Director 2 Rs 150,000 Senior Gold Director 3 Rs 225,000 Sapphire Director 4 Rs 300,000 Pakistan has only two Sapphire Director and Three Gold Directors Only. The Title and cash Bonus keeps on rising as you will make more Directors in your down line
  17. 17. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • HAVE FUN – Number of OOMs (Oriflame opportunity meetings) are held in Major cities of Pakistan in well reputed hotels every month where you meet different people. Meetings are organized by Oriflame to • Introduce oriflame products • Train to achieve the targets • Organise Beauty Classes • Motivate the new level Acheviers • Introduce oriflame ongoing programs
  18. 18. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME – HAVE FUN • In OOMs consultants achieving 3, 6 and 9 % are called on the stage and given recognition pin and appreciation letter from Oriflame • 12,15,18 and 21% achievers are given recognition pin with Diplomas in marketing
  19. 19. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • HAVE FUN – Every month Oriflame launches Promotional campaigns to attract new members through different offers mainly • Welcome Program (Become a member and get three expensive gifts in consecutive three months for only Rs 100 • Sales Action Program (Place an order of 100 BPs and get an expensive gift for just Rs 100) • Sponsor Program (Make three members in a month and help them in placing an order of 100 BPs each and get an expensive gift just in Rs 100
  20. 20. BENEFITS OF JOINING ORIFLAME • HAVE FUN – Manager Seminar • Manager seminar is held yearly within Pakistan where all the member who have achieved 12% level by 31 Aug are invited • It is Usually held in Lahore or Karachi ,Oriflame provides FREE AIR TICKET ,FREE BOARDING AND LOUNGING in a hotel to all its managers – Gold Conference • Gold conference is also held yearly outside Pakistan where all the Gold managers participates • For year 2013 it is planned in Dubai • For 2014 it is planned on a Cruise in six international dream cities(Barcelona, Toulon, Nice, Florence, Rome and Naples)(SPAIN, FRANCE AND ITALY) • VISA ,AIR TICKET AND BOARDING AND LOUNGING is FREE , You have to pay for your shopping only
  22. 22. MAKE MONEY WITH ORIFLAME • How To Join – Deposit only Rs 550 in oriflame account with Account title Oriflame Cosmetics Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd either in Muslim commercial bank (MCB) Branch Code 0186 Account number 0454230251002480 or in Faysal Bank Account number 6442564010 Branch Code 045700 and get the deposit slip or ATM slip in case ATM is used to transfer the amount – Get membership form from your sponsor and fill it up • Remember while filling the form write the consultant number and name of your sponsor under sponsor details it will mean that you have become the member of your sponsor • After becoming member if you want to make some one your member you will write your consultant number and name under the sponsor details
  23. 23. MAKE MONEY WITH ORIFLAME • How To Join – Get the photo copy of your CNIC National Identity Card – Send all three documents (Membership form, CNIC copy and Bank slip/ATM slip of Rs 550) to oriflame company Via email on – For Fax and Mail, settlers of KPK and Punjab will use Lahore Outlet • Fax number 04235911341 (Lahore) • Urgent mail service or TCS to Upper Ground Floor,14-A, Ali Block New Garden Town Lahore
  24. 24. MAKE MONEY WITH ORIFLAME • How To Join – For Fax and Mail, settlers of Sind and Baluchistan will use Karachi outlet • Fax number 02135872903 • Urgent Mail Service or TCS to Plot No BC 11,!st Floor Block 9 Schun Circle, Clifton 5, Karachi – After sending e-mail, Fax or ordinary mail/TCS call on Oriflame UAN No 042-111-674-111 to get confirmation of receipt of E- mail/fax – After approximately two days of processing You will receive your consultant number via SMS and a starter kit from Oriflame Office