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The Film Company Brochure (1)

  1. 1. The Film Company Pakistan (Pvt)Ltd . “Lights, Camera, Brands in Winning ACTION!”“From a long wait in an unimpressive cocoon emerges a beautiful butterfly”THE FILM COMPANYA “CURTAIN RAISER”:The passion to take the best shot when it came to Film-Making had always beenthere. The courage and determination to face all odds whatever be the challenges,further steeled the resolve. The international exposure by travelling abroad andinteracting with some of the world’s best Producers, Directors, Cameramen,Production, Post Production Houses, Musicians, Models, Director of Photographyand Technicians only expanded his regional as well as his global vision. Andabove all, a never-say-die attitude threw him to the toughest challenges that werefar beyond expectations, yielding results and laurels. That’s Mohsin Rizvee, theman who dreamt about it all of starting his own Film Production Company. But,success came at a heavy price – over a decade of hard work at leading AdAgencies in the country and being mentored by filming greats and peers of histime. So, with such a vast span of experience on working and delivering mega filmproductions that included memorable and winning Television Commercials,Telefilms, Dramas, Documentary, Infomercials, Music Videos, and FilmProductions for leading Brands, Products and TV Channels, Mohsin Rizveedecided to come of his own. With an already established track record ofinternationally award-winning work to his credit, finding business for his newventure was not that tough though it wasn’t a piece of cake either.Years of hard work, a consistent focus on quality, creativity and a careful build-upof an enviable Client/Brand Portfolio soon made THE FILM COMPANY takeoff to a great start. The journey of excellence for THE FILM COMPANYcontinues…“To want everything is to want nothing, to know what you want is everything youget”Our Mission“To be known, respected and demanded as the film maker of choice for TVCommercials, Telefilms, Dramas, Documentary, Infomercials, Music Videos,and all forms of Film Productions based on endearing, time tested and provenvalues of integrity, expertise, experience and passion for delivering on time 1
  2. 2. what our clients need to make a dynamic business through our innovative,creative and outstanding work”“Moving forward can lead to a dead end, knowing where you want togo and how you want to go and when, takes you there – on time”OUR VISION:We have seen the glorious era of film making, the way it used to be in the‘manual’ era. We are now seeing the over-riding ‘crest’ of the digital erawhich has smartly brought about a mega turnaround time in planning,conceptualising, streamlining, production and post production. Being a fully-conversant Company abreast with the latest developments in the rapidlychanging field of Film Productions, THE FILM COMPANY is constantlyengaged in a dialogue of bridging the gap between “lack and tack”, between“words and action” and between “promises and results”. We see ourselves asone who makes a winning difference for Brands and Services that we bringand keep alive in peoples’ everyday lives and minds. This is our creed, ourundying passion.“Where the best come together is a sure sign that excellencefrequents the spot very frequently”Modern Facilities All Under One Roof • Big Studio Floors for Shooting • 35mm Cameras (including Arri II, III, & IV) • High Definition Cameras • I Max Cameras • Digi-Beta • Beta Cam • D.V. Cam D50 & PD 150 (for news coverage, etc.). • A comprehensive range of all Technical Equipment such as professional HMI Lights, Dedo Lights, Kino Flows, 1K & 2K, Hydraulic Camera Cranes, Jib, Tracks and Trolleys, etc.“There’s nothing that can beat passion, commitment and dedicationcoming straight from the heart”A DEDICATED TEAM GIVING THEIR BEST:THE FILM COMPANY has on board a team of versatile, highly qualified,experienced and skilled Film & Television industry veterans including: • Director of Photography 2
  3. 3. • Professional Light men • Linear & Non-Linear Editors • Gaffers • Boom Operators • Crane and Jib Operators • Senior Cameramen • Project Coordinators • Shift In-Charge • Equipment Arrangers & Consolidators • Talent Hunters, Casting Crews & Travel & Logistics Providers • Location Scouting Personnel • Client Relationship Officers • Inventory, Billing & Follow-up Officers“Diamonds are destined to sparkle, not dulled”GOOD WORK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED!EXCELLENCE AWARDS & CERTIFICATESTHE FILM COMPANY has been lucky with its hard work paying us off well. Ina short span of time, our Quality Film & TV Productions have received manyAwards & Certificates for some of our many outstanding works, this including: • Best Kara Film Award • Best Pakistan Advertising Awards • Lux Style Award • APNS Awards • Best Documentary Production Award from BBC“Success is a magnet, always attracting attention”IN THE SPOTLIGHT!Time and again, THE FILM COMPANY has been in the spotlight because of itsquality work that creates a difference to the Brands and Products that we helpadvertise and sell in the marketplace, converting and winning more consumers.For this, achievements of THE FILM COMPANY have received ample dominantcoverage in leading Newspapers and Magazines. In this age of multiple local aswell as satellite channels, THE FILM COMPANY has also received its fair shareof coverage on the airwaves.“When ACTION is louder than just words, work shows, glows” 3
  4. 4. “Being in good company is always an uplifting experience”SERVICING SOME THE LEADING BRANDS IN PAKISTANTHE FILM COMPANY has served many leading Brands, Products and Servicesin Pakistan, Brands that are today have been awarded the “Super Brands” and“Brand of The Year” status. Some of our Clients/Brands includes: • TV Commercial for Lux, Lifebuoy, SunSilk Shampoo, Nestle Milk, Revlon Cosmetics, CitiBank, Barclays Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bata Shoes, Ariel Detergent, Safeguard Soap,“We have a habit of putting versatility to the test of adversity, always”RANGE OF SERVICES OFFERED: • Concepts/Scripts for TVCs, Infomercials, Documentaries Infomercial. • Comprehensive, professionally illustrated/narrated Story Boards • Direction & Production Services for Feature Films, TV Commercials, Documentaries, Infomercials, Music Videos, Product/Brand Launches, Dramas/TV Shows Promos, Seminars, Stage Shows / Programmes • Composing & Recording of Jingles for TV, Film, AM, & FM Radios. • Innovative ideas for production of NEW TV Programmes, Stage Shows, Set Designing, Location & Props • Arranging just the right type of Brand-suited Models who can really bring alive the Brand modelled/advertised. • Providing comprehensive range of Film & TV Production/Post-Production Services (Pakistan and Overseas).“The light that shows us the true path in our business”THE FILM COMPANY PHILOSOPHY:Our guiding philosophy is to bring about the success factor leading towardsexcellence for the brand that we make and build through our innovative approach.Every enterprise that we undertake, every assignment that we produce and deliverand every laurel we receive teaches us many things predominant amongst thembeing: 4
  5. 5. • That we are here to serve our Clients and never to compromise on Quality• That every project that we handle teaches us and sharpens our resolve to further up the benchmarks that we ourselves raise higher and higher• That our Clients’ success factor is what counts in the endSO THAT’S WHY We are what you think We do on film what you imagine We are builders Movers and shakers Of brands To get your advertising brand into action CONTACT: The Film Company (Pakistan) Suite # 6, 2nd Floor, Shalimar Centre, Main Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan Phone: 021-34530208 – 021-34524623 24hrs Cell Phone # 0300-8236570 Email us at: Or visit our websites: THANK YOU 5