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Tr Imedia (3)

  1. 1. Title: TRI Author: Richard Charlton Pharris Jones Genre: African American Gay Fiction ISBN 13: 978-0-9823879-2-4 Price: $14.95 Wholesale: 50-55% discount Publisher: City Stone Publishing, LLC Distributors: Lightning Source, Ingram Contact: Lashonda Butler- 313-477-4611-
  2. 2. TRI (Paperback) AVAILABLE MAY 2010 SYNOPSIS: Get ready to be turned out as frustrated desires lead to chaos and pain. San Diego sinners Tierre, Rajah, and Inanna form a highly combustible and sexually-tangled triangle that masks deep emotional wounds that are exposed during a game of Truth or Dare. Tierre is driven by lust and longing for a homie-sexual lover that will end years of pain; Rajah and Inanna are bound by sins of the flesh and crimes of the heart. For this trio, every touch is a betrayal, every embrace is a deception, and every secret leads to an unspeakable tragedy. About The Author Richard Charlton-Pharris Jones served as Editor-in- Chief for Morris Brown College’s student publication, The Wolverine Observer, which won the first-place Southern Regional Press Institute award. He was senior staff writer for the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint. His articles and book reviews have appeared in SBC, Venus, and the Brothers United Nashville newsletter, The Source. As an Oprah scholar, Richard earned his bachelor’s degree in English at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He is the author of Two of Hearts.
  3. 3. Author Interview 1. What is "TRI" about? 2. Who are some authors that inspire you? 3. What is your opinion of contemporary black literature? 4. What are your plans for the near future? 1) TRI focuses on the twisted love triangle and stolen steamy subterfuge between Tierre, Rajah, and Inanna. They all live borrowed lives while fighting to find real love, as each hides secrets and lies, from themselves and one another. The TRI angle of San Diego sinners finds their relationship shattered by unexpected events. Rajah and Inanna are both seduced by the same emotionally insecure and physically appealing Tierre. I want readers to dive into the sexy and seductive nightlife of San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico as bitchy dialogue and fight scenes brings TRI to life... 2) I'm not really inspired by any writers as I am enjoying the work they produce. I'm constantly amazed by Walter Mosely who doesn't allow himself to be pigeon-holed in any one genre; I enjoy Edwidge Danticat whose writing is lyrical and emotional; Mumia Abu-Jamal's writing is poetic and revolutionary; Jamaica Kincaid is so personalized; Stephen L. Carter weaves tight, intricate stories with multidimensional characters and quick dialogue; and, I thoroughly enjoy Samuel L. Delaney, Brandon L. Massey, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Octavia Butler, and Ralph Ellison and Alain Mabanckou. 3) My opinion of contemporary black literature really depends on the genre. I'm not a big fan of the 'street lit' or 'ghetto fiction' because I don't believe it challenges readers beyond the superficial. Look at the videos that appear on BET. It used to be that Hype Williams set the standard for music videos. But it seems that true originality has been dispensed with. There are certainly the exceptions, such as K'wan, but the others seem to be biting off one another. I'm just glad folk are reading and supporting writers. I was a fan of Terry McMillan back in the 90s, and Kevin Powell is dynamic, but this other stuff doesn't challenge me as a reader. I want to be able to be mad, not look for the happy ending, or feel as if I need to be vaccinated against a venereal disease because the book was just one sex scene after another. Black literature seems to have undergone yet another 'renaissance', and for those Terry McMillans, those Eric Jerome Dickeys, they'll certainly have their fan bases, but I think a lot of what black writers from South Africa and Haiti have to say will get lost in the mix. 4) I want to complete a sequel and prequel to Two of Hearts. I think my readers will want to know how and why these characters came to be with one another and how some loose ends will be tied up. There are questions to be answered and some will be unresolved. I am also in the midst of creating a daytime drama, a soap opera, in the vein of the old 1980s nighttime serials. Daytime writers are known to recycle their stories for different characters, and there is so much going on in the world that I think today's audiences would really enjoy.
  4. 4. MARKETING, PROMOTIONS & ADVERTISING Current Events: Richard Jones will be present at the upcoming events promoting his novel. More events added monthly. *National Aids & Education Services for Minorities Annual Art Auction: Atlanta, GA, Saturday, April 24th Richard Jones will read an excerpt of his novel TRI in front of hundreds of attendees. *Barnes & Noble Augusta Mall: May 19th, 5:00pm- 7:00pm, Augusta, GA Richard Jones will be present with 6 Local Authors signing books at the Barnes & Noble Store. *National Book Club Conference: July 30th- August 1st, Atlanta, GA City Stone Publishing will represent our complete roster. *Atlanta Black Book Expo: August 7th, 11am-7pm City Stone Publishing will represent our complete roster. PR Campaign: Compelling press releases sent out to local newspapers, blogs and radio stations that have a similar audience as our target audience. We work with Lola Sims PR for all of our publicity needs. Book Club E-Mail Blast: We have an extensive Book Club list and will send out a blast to all local book club members in the Augusta Metro area and the state of Georgia. We have a list of 46 African American book clubs in the state of Georgia. Paid advertisements: * Mosaic Books, First site dedicated to showcasing Black literature – founded in 1996 An exclusive list of over 300+ African-American book clubs – the largest on the Internet - 9,400+ opt-in subscribers to our weekly e-newsletter - Exclusive Book Club Alert sent to our complete list of book clubs - 250,000 hits/month
  5. 5. * AALBC, is the highest ranked, most frequently visited site dedicated to promoting Blacks books and authors on the world wide web. Earthlink lists as one of the "top 100" destinations for African Americans. As of December 2004, averaged over: 3 million hits per month 250,000 visitors per month, 750,000 million page views per month. This trend has continued upward, continuously since 1998. Social Media Sites: We will promote novels on all of our social media pages including: Black Authors Connect, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Black Women Connect, Linkedin, etc