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Gk reasoning & codingdecoding

  1. 1. Reasoning The Fundamentals
  2. 2. Analytical Reasoning• This kind of reasoning includes questions based upon a complicated set of conditions.• A passage full of information is given that creates a sort of puzzle.• What you are required to do is to keep in mind these conditions and the relationships among them and answer the questions asked.
  3. 3. Rule 1The question itself is the answer • Read the entire question slowly and repeatedly until you have gained a clear understanding of the question. • Understand not just the explicit meanings; look out for the implicit ones too.
  4. 4. Rule 2Don’t jump from one statement to another • These questions require to understand a complex set of conditions; not single statements • Understand completely the words you are reading, then only move to the next statement. • Never skip any statement.
  5. 5. Rule 3Simplify Information by Using Symbols and Notations • Lengthy expressions and various relationships can make understanding difficult. • Develop a set of notations, symbols and abbreviations which are rather easy to understand and conceptualize.
  6. 6. Rule 4Give Special Emphasis on Keywords • Certain words hold the keys for unlocking the problems. • These words give clear guidelines for solving the puzzle. • Highlight these keywords that limit the situation critically.
  7. 7. Rule 5Organize, Organize, Organize • It usually happens and is very much possible that you’ll end up with a mass of information after studying the whole problem. • It is very helpful to convert this mass of information into organized forms such as lists, tables, maps or diagrams.
  8. 8. Rule 6Beware of Reading Too Much into the Conditions • Take care to avoid assumptions which are not unwarranted by the conditions stated in the problem.
  9. 9. Coding – DecodingType of Problems
  10. 10. Example 1 If NUMERICAL is written as MVLFQJBBK, then how would ASTROLOGY would be written in this codea) BRSTMNNHX b) ZTSSNMNHXc) ZTUSPMPEZ d) BRSSNKNHX
  11. 11. Example2• If IMPORT is written USPQNJ, then how will CAPITAL be written in this code?a) MBUJQBD b) KZSHOZBc) MUBJBDQ d) MBQJUBD
  12. 12. • If MAN is written NZM, then how will GIRL be written in this code?a) HHQK b) RTIOc) HJLM d) GIKL
  13. 13. • If COBRA is written BOCAR, then how will GROUP be written in this code?a) ORPGU b) OGRPUc) ORTAU d) ORGPU
  14. 14. • If ALLOWANCE is written ZMKPVBMDD, then how will DEARNESS be written in this code?a) CFBAODTR b) EDZQMFRTc) CDZTMFTR d) CFZSMFRT
  15. 15. • If RESCUE is written SDTBVD, then how will EROSION be written in this code?a) FSPTJMO b) FQPRJNOc) DSRPHPM d) FQPRJPM
  16. 16. TYPE – IIIn a certain language, A is coded as 1, B is coded as 2, and so on. How will FADCCBM coded in that language?a) 61433213 b) 13233416c) 6243313 d) 51433123
  17. 17. • If a certain code BEAUTIFUL is coded as 573041208, Butter as 504479, how is future coded in that code?a) 201497 b) 204097c) 704092 d) 204079
  18. 18. • In a certain code, 5 is coded as Z, 7 s E, 2 as S, 9 as T, and 4 as W. How is 977452 coded in that code?a) SEEWTZ b) TEEWZSc) ZEEWST d) WEEZST
  19. 19. • Is CAT is coded as 24, what will be the code number for BAT?a) 32 b) 21 c) 23 d) 42
  20. 20. • In a certain language, A is coded as 1, B is coded as 2, and so on, how is STAR coded in that language?• In a certain language, P is coded as 7, T as 3, O as 4, R as 9and A as 2, how is PARROT coded in that language?
  21. 21. • In a certain language, if BOX is coded as 213, BITTER as 207749, how is BOXER coded in that language?• In a certain language, BETTER is coded as 027729, and BUT as 017, how is BUTTER coded in that language?
  22. 22. • In a certain language, 23 is coded as OX, 529 as FOR, and 0229 as DOOR, how is 235290 coded in that language?• In a certain language, if BOOK is coded as 43, what will be the code number for PEN?
  23. 23. • In a certain language, if TOWER is coded as 81, what will be the code number for POWER?• In a certain language, if MAN is coded as 28, what will be the code number for CHILD?
  24. 24. Type - III• If ORANGE is called BUTTER, BUTTER is called SOAP, SOAP is called INK, INK is called HONEY and HONEY is called ORANGE, which of the following is used for writing?a) Honey b) Butter c) Orange d) Ink
  25. 25. • If WATER is called FOOD, FOOD is called TREE, TREE is called SKY, SKY is called WALL, on which of the following will you hang a painting?a) Food b) Sky c) Tree d) Wall
  26. 26. • If LIGHT is called DARK, DARK is called GREEN, GREEN is called BLUE, BLUE is called RED, RED is called WHITE and WHITE is called YELLOW, what is the color of blood?a) RED b) GREENc) YELLOW d) WHITE
  27. 27. • If WATER is called BLACK, BLACK is called TREE, TREE is called BLUE, BLUE is called RAIN, RAIN is called PINK and PINK is called FISH, what is the color of sky? a) RAIN b) BLACK c) PINK d) TREE
  28. 28. • If BLACK means WHITE, WHITE means RED, RED means YELLOW, YELLOW means BLUE, BLUE means GREEN, GREEN means VIOLET and VIOLET means ORANGE, what is the color of sky? a) GREEN b) VIOLET c) ORANGE d) YELLOW
  29. 29. • If RAIN is called PINK, PINK is called CLOUD, CL:OUD is called WATER, WATER is called BREEZE and BREEZE is called MOON, what do you wash your hands with?a) WATER b) RAINc) BREEZE c) MOON
  30. 30. • If the animals which can walk are called SWIMMERS, animals which can crawl are called FLYING, animals which live in water are called SNAKES, and those which fly are called hunters, then what will a lizard be called?a) SWIMMER b) SNAKEc) HUNTER d) FLYING
  31. 31. • If CLOUD is called WHITE, WHITE is called RAIN, RAIN is called GREEN, GREEN is called AIR, AIR is called BLUE and BLUE is called WATER, where do the birds fly in? a) AIR b) CLOUD c) WHITE d) BLUE
  32. 32. • If AIR is called WATER, WATER is called GREEN, GREEN Is called DUST, DUST is called YELLOW and YELLOW is called CLOUD, where do fish live? a) AIR b) WATER c) GREEN d) DUST
  33. 33. TYPE - IV• In a certain code, ‘nee po tam’ means ‘boys are studying’, ‘me tam sam’ means ‘grapes are sour’ and ‘ism po me’ means ‘boys eats grapes’. Which of the following is the code for ‘sour’ in that language?a) ism b) tam c) me d) None of these
  34. 34. • In a certain code, ‘col tip mot’ means ‘singing is appreciable’, ‘mot baj min’ means ‘dancing is good’ and ‘tip nop baj’ means ‘singing and dancing’. Which of the following means ‘good’ in that code?a) Mot b) minc) baj d) Can’t be determined
  35. 35. • In a certain language, ‘pit nae tom’ means ‘apple is green’, ‘nae ho tap’ means ‘green and white’ and ‘ho tom ka’ means ‘shirt is white’. Which of the following represent the apple in the code?a) nae b) tem c) pit d) ho
  36. 36. Type – V• In a certain code 289 means ‘read from paper’, 276 means ‘read from field’ and 85 means ‘wall paper’. Which of the following is the code for ‘paper’? a) 2 b) 8 c) 9 d) None
  37. 37. • In certain code ‘786’ means ‘study very hard’, 958 means ‘hard work pays’ and 645 means ‘study and work’. Which is the code for ‘very’?a) 8 b) 6 c) 7 d) can’t be determined