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Accuracy and precision


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Accuracy and precision

  1. 1. Picturization of accuracy & precision Accurate and PrecisionAccuracy & precision of a processcan be best explained by using theanalogy of a rifle firing at a target.
  2. 2. Accuracy and precisionWith the center of the target taken to be the truevalue of the characteristic being measured andby the rifle shots representing the measuredvalues, there are four combinations of accuracyand precision as depicted in the following slides.
  3. 3. Inaccurate and imprecise
  4. 4. Accurate and imprecise
  5. 5. Precise but inaccurate
  6. 6. Accurate and precise
  7. 7. Objectives of Six SigmaAs observed from the Picturization in the preceding slides, the objective ofmoving towards world class manufacturing a is to continuously achievegreater consistency of the processes by aiming for higher levels of accuracy& precision
  8. 8. FICCI CE