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Food And Beverage

This is the presentation of Food & beverage for Pass, Merit and Distinction Criteria. Hope You will like it.

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Food And Beverage

  1. 1. HOSPITALITY FOOD & BEVERAGE Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  2. 2. FRANKFINN INSTITUTE OF AIR HOSTESS TRAINING BTEC HNC in Aviation, Hospitality Course Title and Travel Management Unit No: 8 Unit Title: Hotel Management – Food & Beverage Assessor Name Mrs. Amrita Apte Learner Name Mohit Mohan Koyande Batch A4 Center Nasik Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave me the possibility to complete this assignment. It includes:  Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training,  Centre Head,  Mrs. Amrita Apte  My Family,  And at last all those who directly or indirectly helped me for completion of my assignment. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  4. 4. Criteria Covered - Pass Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  5. 5. TASK – I Criteria Covered - P1a Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  6. 6. OUTLETS For the assignment, I visited three outlets. These are as follows: 1. McDonald’s Nasik 2. Chintamani Mangal Karyalaya 3. Meera Restaurant and Bar Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  7. 7. COFFEE SHOP McDonald’s Nasik  The Ambience was casual.  The menu type was A La Carte.  The service was quick.  They serve Non Alcoholic Beverages.  It opens at 0900hrs and closes at 2300hrs. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  8. 8. PHOTO GALLARY Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  9. 9. BANQUET Chintamani Mangal Karyalaya  This banquet is for mainly for marriage ceremonies.  It is divided in two parts: 1. Chintamani Hall 2. Chintamani Lawns  It is booked well in advance.  They have Buffet type menu.  It can accommodate 700 to 800 people at a time.  The guests may participate in the function only by invitation from the host. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  10. 10. PHOTO GALLARY Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  11. 11. BAR Meera Restaurant and Bar  It is a licensed operation.  The ambience was formal.  The menu type was A La Carte.  They serve Alcoholic Beverages.  It opens at 1000hrs and closes at 2300hrs. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  12. 12. PHOTO GALLARY Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  13. 13. TASK – III Criteria Covered – P3a Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  14. 14. DEEP FRYING Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  15. 15. ADVANTAGES OF DEEP FRYING  Very fast method of cooking certain prime foods.  Seals food quickly-and produces tasty and interesting texture contrasts and crispness  Relatively easy method of cookery  Food can be blanched and requires only a quick finish before serving Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  16. 16. DISADVANTAGES OF DEEP FRYING  The deep fryer is the most dangerous piece of equipment in the kitchen (if not handled properly).  Food can be fatty if care is not taken.  As fat/oil is expensive there is a tendency to use it too often with the result that tastes are absorbed by the fat and passed onto the food.  Deep fried food does not hold well. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  17. 17. DEEP FRIED DISHES French Fries Samosa Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  18. 18. ROASTING Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  19. 19. ADVANTAGES OF ROASTING  Good quality meat and poultry is tender and succulent when roasted.  Meat juices from the joint are used for gravy and enhance flavor.  Use of both energy and oven temperature can be controlled.  Ovens with transparent doors enable cooking to be observed.  Access, adjustment and removal of items are straightforward.  When roasting on a spit, skill and techniques can be displayed to the public.  Continual basting with the meat juices gives a distinctive flavor. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  20. 20. DISADVANTAGES OF ROASTING  Requires regular attention  Ovens are expensive to heat Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  21. 21. ROASTED DISHES Roast Potatoes Roast Chicken Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  22. 22. TASK – III Criteria Covered – P3b Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  23. 23. FLIGHT KITCHEN FLOW CHART Food Reception Cold Storage Walk In Dry Storage Food Preparation Including Thawing Hot Kitchen Cold Kitchen Hot Food Prepared Cold Food Prepared Blast Frozen Pre Setting Tray Assembly Tray Assembly Dispatching Uploaded Challan Signed Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  24. 24. TASK – III Criteria Covered – P3c Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  25. 25. HEALTH AND SAFETY STANDARDS HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety and pharmaceutical safety that addresses physical, chemical, and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finished product inspection. Cleanliness Cleanliness is the absence of dirt, including dust, stains, bad smells and garbage. A clean Flight Kitchen will serve a hygienic food to the consumer. Temperature The storage of the food at the Flight Kitchen should be at the correct temperature. Health Status of Staff The health status of food handling staff and training in food hygiene plays an important role. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  26. 26. TASK – IV Criteria Covered – P4a Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  27. 27. BEVERAGES An alcoholic and A non Alcoholic Beverage I selected for the assignment. 1. Vodka ( Alcoholic Beverage) 2. Tea ( Non – Alcoholic Beverage) Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  28. 28. BEVERAGES The information I provided of the Beverages are as follows: 1.Manufacturing Process 2.Categories or Types 3.Manufacturing Countries 4.Popular Brand Names Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  29. 29. Alcoholic Beverage VODKA Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  30. 30. MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF VODKA Selecting Materials The Vodka’s producing process begins with the selecting materials process. In this introductory step, a wide range of staples such as grain, rye, wheat, potatoes, molasses, soybeans, grapes and sugar beets will be selected to produce a specific Vodka. This step is considered really important because different materials mean different Vodka’s flavor. Keeping the Mash Sterile After picked the materials, it is critical to pasteurize all of these mashes in order to prevent the growth of undesirable bacteria, which is able to impoverish the production of vodka, and clean up any dirt and griminess from materials. The sterilization process is executed by heat up the mashes until it reach boiling point. After that, some Lactic acid bacteria will be added into the mashes in order to increase the acidity level needed for the vodka fermentation process in the next step. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  31. 31. MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF VODKA The Fermentation Process When the materials are completely cleaned, these sterilized materials will be transferred into stainless steel tanks where yeast is prepared to add into them. After yeast was added, the tanks will be sealed tightly and left in fermentation for four days. The yeast which contains enzymes will transform the materials into liquid form which is called “ethyl alcohol”. When the process is completed, this ethyl alcohol will be passed to the next step. The Distillation Process After the fermentation process, the “stillmaster”, the person in charge of distilling vodka and directing its filtration, will carefully inject the ethyl alcohol to a column or pot still. The stainless still is encompassed with vaporization chambers stacked on top of each other. Inside them, the alcohol is continuously heated up with steam until the vapors created from the heat are released and condensed. After that, the alcohol vapors will rise to the top vaporization chambers where they are accumulated. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  32. 32. MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF VODKA Liquefying the Alcohol Gases At this step, the vapor or “fine spirit” which is produced by the distillation process, is still contain too much amount of alcohol between 95%-100%, it’s not for safe drinking. In order to make them drinkable, a specific quantity of water will be added into fine spirit, diluting the alcohol concentration from 100% to 40%. Finally, the excellent beverage which is known as vodka will be emerged and ready to send for flavoring and packaging. Packaging or Bottling The final step of vodka manufacturing process is bottling the vodka. In order to preserve vodka’s flavor, a glass bottle is strongly required for storing vodka. Because glass does not interact with the beverage differ from plastic bottles which would cause a chemical reaction that will eventually affect the taste of vodka. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  33. 33. TYPES OF VODKA  Kubanskaya - Vodka flavored with an infusion of dried lemon and orange peels.  Limonnaya - Lemon-flavored Vodka, usually with a touch of sugar added.  Okhotnichya -"Hunters" Vodka is flavored with a mix of ginger, cloves, lemon peel, coffee, anise and other herbs and spices. It is then blended with sugar and a touch of a wine similar to white port. A most unusual Vodka.  Pertsovka -Pepper-flavored Vodka, made with both black peppercorns and red chili peppers.  Starka - "Old" Vodka, a holdover from the early centuries of Vodka production, which can be infused with everything from fruit tree leaves to brandy, Port, Malaga wine, and dried fruit. Some brands are aged in oak casks.  Zubrovka - Zubrowka in Polish; Vodka flavored with buffalo (or more properly "bison") grass, an aromatic grass favored by the herds of the rare European bison. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  34. 34. VODKA MANUFACTURING COUNTRIES Belarus The United States Russia Canada Ukraine Caribbean Poland Japan Finland Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  35. 35. POPULAR BRAND NAMES Absolut Belvedere Finlandia Grey Goose Skyy Smirnoff Three Olives Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  36. 36. Non – Alcoholic Beverage TEA Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  37. 37. MANUFACTURING PROCESS  Tea is picked during the 'flush' or growth phases of the tea bush. In India these growth periods occur during December and January, but it is all year round in Sri Lanka. April onwards is the best period for China Teas.  For good quality tea only the bud and top two youngest leaves are picked. A skilled picker will pick thirty to sixty pounds of tea per day. A pound of manufactured tea may require as many as 3,000 shoots.  Picked tea is withered on mesh racks for between 8 and 24 hours. Any stalks or impurities are removed by sieving. Tea must be manufactured near the tea gardens as it must be made from freshly plucked leaves.  In the orthodox method, tea is crushed by rolling, releasing juices onto the surface of the leaf.  For black tea, oxidation of then takes place from twenty minutes up to three hours. Black tea will have been picked on a clear morning when the dew has just evaporated. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  38. 38. MANUFACTURING PROCESS  Tea is dried in hot air from a furnace at a temperature of between 80 - 90 degrees F, for about thirty minutes, until about a third of the leaves' moisture content has been lost. This is known as 'withering' and prepares the tea for the rolling process by which the juices of the leaf are released.  The leaves are laid out in a cool, humid atmosphere for around three hours to allow the polyphenols in the juices to oxidize - turning to a coppery color.  Tea is fired, tuning to its characteristic black color. This can be done in pans, over a fire and, more commonly now, with hot air.  Tea is graded by size.  Tea is packed. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  39. 39. TYPES OF TEA The Types of Tea are as follows:  White Tea (Non - Oxidized)  Green Tea (Non - Oxidized)  Oolong Tea (Semi – Oxidized)  Black Tea (Fully - Oxidized) Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  40. 40. TEA MANUFACTURING COUNTRIES  India  Bangladesh  China  Taiwan  Sri Lanka  Malawi  Indonesia  Kenya  Iran  Brazil Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  41. 41. POPULAR BRAND NAMES  Tata Tea Limited  Lipton  Brooke Bond  Harney and Sons  Dilmah  Tavalon Tea Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  42. 42. TASK – IV Criteria Covered – P4b Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  43. 43. PROCEDURE OF SERVING VODKA  Vodka should be poured from a bottle that has been well chilled in the refrigerator or freezer.  Service staff will circulate with tray/salvers/trolley of drinks of all kinds.  Ice in Ice-Bucket, Soda, Tonic water and water in small jugs will be circulated along with Vodka served in shot glass and will be served as per the Guests’ requirements.  In a Highball glass, Put ice, and pour in the Vodka and tonic water. Stir lightly with Swizzle stick and Garnish with Lemon or Orange slice. Serve with stirrer.  Taste the vodka with some food, especially breads, potato dishes, salty dishes. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  44. 44. PROCEDURE OF SERVING TEA  Gather the essentials for any proper tea.  A teapot of silver or bone china, a kettle to boil the water, a teapot, a sugar bowl and cream pitcher.  Use tongs for sugar cubes, a sugar spoon for granulated or raw sugar crystals.  Arrange the tea pot, sugar bowl and pitcher on a silver tray.  Additional trays may be needed for serving, depending on the size of your gathering.  Use your best china cups, saucers, spoons.  If serving loose tea, you will also need an infuser (steeper).  Provide guests with a selection loose teas or tea bags.  Provide individual infusers for each guest, if a variety of loose teas are served.  If you serve only one type of tea, brew it in the pot. If serving several types, fill the pot with boiling water. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  45. 45. Criteria Covered - Merit Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  46. 46. TASK – V Criteria Covered – M Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  47. 47. THEME - DIWALI Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  48. 48. THREE COURSE MENU Vegetable Cutlet First Course (Potatoes, Onions & Paneer Cheese Deep Fried in Black – Bean Batter) Navaratan Korma (Fresh Mushroom and mixed vegetable served with Boiled Rice) Second Course Roomali Roti (With Salad, Pickles, Papad) Shahi Tukda Third Course (Bread with Reduced Milk) Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  49. 49. AMBIENCE  The Festival of Light The restaurant will have vibrant Diwali celebrations, including traditional light displays, floating lanterns and colorful Diwali decorations.  Music and dance As well as light and decoration, a full programme of performances will feature at restaurant, including a mixture of traditional and contemporary music and dance from various Dance Academies  Special Activities There will be a number of special activities for both kids and families to take part in this year, with a chance to learn to dance the garba, a traditional circular dance. Kids can get crafty with a special activity corner.  Prayers for Peace Prayers for Peace and other special messages will be shared by crowds present at the event. The day will finish with thousands of lamps being lit all over the Restaurant, as the light symbolizes the arrival of Lord Rama as he liberates Queen Sita and quashes the evil Ravana. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  50. 50. CUTLERY Dinner Spoon Dinner Fork Dessert Spoon Dessert Fork Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  51. 51. CROCKERY Dinner Plate Cheese Plate Salad Bowl Cruet Set Flower Vase Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  52. 52. GLASSWARE LINEN Water Goblet / Glass Serviette / Table Napkin Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  53. 53. TASK – VIII Criteria Covered – D Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  54. 54. CASE STUDY You have a group of 30 people staying with you who are on a Continental Meal Plan. In the hotel, you have a 60 Cover Restaurant where you serve breakfast apart from room service. You need to organize breakfast for this group keeping in mind that you will have other guests coming to your restaurant besides this group. Come up with alternatives such that this group is served breakfast and your other guests are not made to wait for a table. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  55. 55. SOLUTION FOR CASE STUDY Alternatives that can help in serving the group without making other guests to wait for a table are as follows: We can have Buffet type of Menu. We can call and ask the Guests in our hotel whether they would like the breakfast in their Rooms. We can also have Terrace or Garden Restaurant. We can also arrange Breakfast in Banquet Halls. We can also arrange Leisure Activities. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  56. 56. MOCK-TAIL Create a Mock Tail to suit the occasion and write down the recipe along with accompaniments and garnish and draw the glass in which you would serve the same. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  57. 57. SWEET SUNRISE Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  58. 58. SWEET SUNRISE – RECIPE Ingredients:  Orange juice  Grenadine  Orange slice for Garnish Preparation:  Fill a Highball Glass with Ice and Orange Juice.  Slowly pour Grenadine over the juice, it will sink to the bottom and slowly rise to the top as you drink.  Garnish with an Orange Slice. Highball Glass Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  59. 59. CONCLUSION The assignment was a very great source of knowledge for me. From the assignment, I come to know about various outlets. I also learnt how to make menu card, table layout, Classical menu and Flight Kitchen. I got to know, advantages and disadvantages of two cooking methods and how an alcoholic and a non alcoholic beverage is made and served. I was also able to give solution to a unusual circumstance. So, I can conclude that the assignment was a great learning experience for me which will definitely help in years to come. Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  60. 60. BIBLIOGRAPHY  Aviation and Food & Beverage Module             Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  61. 61. Declaration I, Mohit Koyande, hereby declare that all the work done by me is completely genuine and no part is copied from other. Mohit M. Koyande Batch A4 Nasik Center Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center
  62. 62. THANK YOU Mohit Koyande A4 Batch Nasik Center