Online Brand Reputation Management


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Online Reputation Management is most advance form of SEO and Online Business Marketing. It helps in Sales Conversion rate.

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Online Brand Reputation Management

  1. 1. 2014 Online Reputation Management BrainShakers Interactive [BRAINSHAKERS INTERACTIVE] BrainShakers Interactive – A Reliable Service provider under ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMNT AND SEO functional Vertical for High Success Rate and ROI. Customer Satisfaction is Worthless. Customer Loyalty is Priceless. “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care” ― John C. Maxwell
  2. 2. BrainShakers Interactive 2Online Reputation Management Consumers use the web to make buying decisions. A vast majority buys offline, but goes online to research, read reviews and get opinions from other consumers. Are you aware of what your customers are saying about you? What about your ex-employees? What about your competitors? Are you listening to the online conversations about your brand? If you are a Professional (Doctor, Travel Agent, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker etc), what is the Perception about your Competency? “Conversations about our brand are happening everywhere, and with the internet as the great equalizer, it doesn’t matter if you know the brand intimately, or if you’ve had just one bad experience, it will be heard. -” Sir Richard Branson Successful organizations and Professionals are aware of the importance of reputation. A positive reputation brings trust, confidence, and sales, which are ultimately reflected in revenue growth and profitability. A bad reputation can lead to a decrease in consumer confidence, and, in turn, a reduction in revenue and profits. Every day, numbers of people or un-satisfied customers are going online and complaining companies or their offerings in various ways. These types of results can affect your corporate image. Sites containing these kinds of information are being indexed by search engines and appearing in search results for your brand names. So, the Solution is – Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management
  3. 3. BrainShakers Interactive 3Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management (ORM) Rapid developments in Consumer Generated Media (CGM) sites mean that the general public can quickly air their views. These views can make or break a brand. Consumers trust these published opinions and base their buying decisions on them. ORM is to showcase Highly Positive and Sales Influensive Results on Top with your Brand Name Search. ORM doesn’t mean, just to DEMOTE NEGATIVE LISTINGS from Search Engine Results while to BOOST POSITIVE REVIEW / CONTENT on top for BRANDING & SALES SUPPORT The goal of ORM is an increase in your overall positive web presence, which will help you own the top spots of the search engine rankings for your brand. Online Reputation Management enables you to protect and manage your reputation by becoming actively involved in the outcome of search engine results Online Reputation Management is critical for organizations or individuals (professionals) as they observe the fiscal implications. A bad reputation can cost an organization millions of dollars in lost sales each year. Pro-active communication is the key to maintaining and improving reputations.
  4. 4. BrainShakers Interactive 4Online Reputation Management Service Categorization ORM is essential for both the categories – “Individual” & “Corporate” Service Offerings BrainShakers Interactive is a leading provider of Solutions for Online Reputation Management & Brand Visibility Management with a proven track record. On basic of general requirements, we bifurcated service offering in following functional domains – Suspension of Negative Listing from 1st Page of Brand Name Search Promotion of Positive or Preferred Listings 1st page Result Management with Brand Name Search Online Loyalty Management Internet Profiling of Brand / Individual
  5. 5. BrainShakers Interactive 5Online Reputation Management Solution Blue-Print of Service Process ORM service derived by PERSONALIZED Solution plan for each and every project according to current status and objective of the project but generally process of contains following actions – Brand Keywords Selection depending on monthly search count Selection of Existing Positive Listings that have potential to come on 1st page Reverse SEO at Negative Listings Strategic Fresh Profile Creation – Web 2.0 Self Controlled Review Portal and Blog profile Creation Niche Content Creation for selected / fresh listings Regular Content Posting – Informative Visitor centric Responsive Post Creation and Syndication General Industry specific Information sharing Testimonial (text / video) creation and integration with profiles Infographics, Video and Business Collateral Creation
  6. 6. BrainShakers Interactive 6Online Reputation Management Offsite SE Marketing of Content and Profiles News-feeds and Article Distribution for Awareness Audience Engagement Positive Review Marketing with natural language and 4-5 star rating Image Optimization for Image Search Results Search Engine Visibility Enhancement Internet Buzz creation and Management Tracking Mechanism Implementation on fresh content Tracking of latest buzz at Social Media Social Media Management Further Sharing Positive Sentiments, Collaterals and Positive Stuff among the Relevant Audience Online Reputation Management (ORM) is Positive Branding of Individual OR the Company OR the Product; it does not mean, just not to have Negative Comment at 1st page.
  7. 7. BrainShakers Interactive Categorization of Solution Plans Team operated on hundreds of ORM projects in past 4 years. Although best work model is to get customized solution plan but to simply and generalize the process, we categorized the process in to following verticals o Business Review Marketing o Suspension of Negative Listing from 1st page of Google Search Results o 1st page Result Management o Online Positive Visibility Management o Internet Profiling of Brand OR Individual o Online Loyalty Management BrainShakers Interactive Online Reputation Management Solution Plans Team operated on hundreds of ORM projects in past 4 years. Although best work model is to get customized solution plan but to simply and generalize the process, we categorized the process in to Business Review Marketing Suspension of Negative Listing from 1st page of Google Search Results page Result Management Online Positive Visibility Management Internet Profiling of Brand OR Individual Online Loyalty Management Online Positive Visibility Management 1st Page Search Result Management Suspension of Negative Listing Business Review Marketing Internet Profiling of Brand OR Individual 7Online Reputation Management Team operated on hundreds of ORM projects in past 4 years. Although best work model is to get customized solution plan but to simply and generalize the process, we categorized the process in to Suspension of Negative Listing from 1st page of Google Search Results
  8. 8. BrainShakers Interactive 8Online Reputation Management Process Detail and Cost Matrix ******************************************************************************************************* Business Review Marketing Selection of Most appropriate listing to post Reviews Get professionally written reviews with Natural Review Language, 4 – 5 Star Rating, and Positive Sentiment Submission of Reviews Tracking of approval of review Cost – USD 48 for 10 Review Post ******************************************************************************************************* Suspension of Negative Listing from 1st page of Google Search Results Selection of Most appropriate listing to at top pages Strategic Creation of Fresh WEB 2.0 / Blog / Review profiles Off-site Marketing of Fresh and Existing Profiles with latest Google Algorithm Review Marketing at few Profiles Reverse SEO at Negative Listing Regular Content Syndication at Positive Listings Tracking of rank fluctuation in Listing with Brand Keywords and to ensure suspension of Negative Listing to 2nd page of Google Search Results Cost – USD 320 per keyword per month ***************************************************************************************************** 1st page Result Management and Visibility Management Selection of Most appropriate listing to at top pages Strategic Creation of Fresh WEB 2.0 / Blog / Review profiles Off-site Marketing of Fresh and Existing Profiles with latest Google Algorithm Suspension of negative stuff from 1st page of Google Search result (if any) Convert the Negative Comment Listings to Positive Comments Circulation of Positive Buzz about the Brand with News release and WEB 2.0 Search Engine Alert creation and management Ensure Right Array of Positive Result Placement with Brand Name search with Marketing Pitch Cost – USD 345 per keyword per month *****************************************************************************************************
  9. 9. BrainShakers Interactive 9Online Reputation Management Internet Profiling of Brand OR Individual 1st page Result Analysis in various Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing etc Search Engine and Social Media mention analysis Selection of most appropriate (search trend analysis) Brand keywords - multiple Suspension of Negative listings from 1st page of search Engine Results 1st page Result management for better Visibility Fresh WEB 2.0 / Blogs / Social Media Account Creation Regular update on fresh created account Ensuring High Audience Engagement Rate Highly trust worthy (on basis of industry) profile creation Strategic Review Marketing Creation of Influential infographics, Semi Creative Image, Video, Testimonials (video / text), parking domains (if required), news feed, articles, informative content Promotion of fresh created profiles / content Image and Video SEO of Visibility and Branding Search Engine Alert Creation and management Social Media Buzz Tracking and Management High Visibility and Positive Mention Enhancement Cost – Personalized Plan (under range of USD 500 per month to USD 2500 per month) *****************************************************************************************************
  10. 10. BrainShakers Interactive 10Online Reputation Management What you will get Improve customer satisfaction by gaining insights from consumers Increase positive perceptions of brand Get engagement with consumers. Gain insights about competitors and their customers’ perceptions about their products and services to work on your competitive edge High SEO value for the website Engage in more effective public relations by understanding who the real influencers are Maintain shareholder value and employee trust Earn Brand Visibility with healthy perception Provide early warning systems for reactive Public Relations Reduce marketing spend by learning how to reach out to customers more cheaply 58% Say, they do Online Research before Purchasing. . Are you getting Lesser Conversion Rate????
  11. 11. BrainShakers Interactive 11Online Reputation Management Support Collaterals and References Team “BrainShakers Interactive” has worked on over 150 projects under umbrella shell of Online Reputation Management; so clearly know what should be done to achieve the Objective. If you require structured “Solution Plan” or “Case Study”, please feel free to ask by sending a email at – or by giving a quick call @ +919811679646 Reseller Benefits BrainShakers Interactive is having very Flexible Business Models to ensure smoothness of work process, communication as well as mutual profitability. We are open to make them MORE CUSTOMIZED as per your requirements and to operate with business model; if you have something in your system. Most Preferred Business Association Model is Volume based Discount Model – In this business model, BrainShakers Interactive offer “Volume based Discount” to boost-up end profitability on monthly billing. Monthly Billing: Less than 1000 USD 0% USD 1001 – USD 3000 8% USD 3001 – USD 5000 13% USD 5001 – USD 10000 18% USD 10001 and above 21% We are open to sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and will provide you reporting with White Label OR with your Company Logo Positive Results on your Project will feed my Revenue; so don’t worry about Results. Our Team has track Record of 100% Success Rate
  12. 12. BrainShakers Interactive 12Online Reputation Management Business Association Benefits: BrainShakers Interactive Over 85% of Online Business Marketing work is routine submission job which require experience, data and lots of time so for higher ROI; it should be outsource to India because of lesser currency value & relatively inexpensive technically strong work force. Earn Significant Profit Margin / good margin in context to your Local In-house operational Expenditure (Staff Salary + overheads) Expeditious & Real Time Support / Reporting for process smoothness and regular update You can decide your profits yourself. We will not have any influence on your selling prices. Flexible Business Model to Boost – UP END Profitability Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for healthy business relationship Large Crew to work at your project as well as to show growth rate month on month basis As an online promotional partner for many Website owners and Reliable aide to 37 SEO/Media agencies, we have positioned ourselves as trustworthy approach for agencies and website owners. Throughout these years, we have aimed to maintain long-term business relationships with all the clients and have successfully been able to maintain more than 97% client satisfaction rate. As per our work policy, we take on challenges for our clients and with the help of years of experience, updates to Google trends and passion to take on every challenge, make us win over them to deliver measurable success to our clients. If you have any query or require more details; please feel free to buzz us at following details In Your Success Team BrainShakers Interactive | Call us - +919811679646 Skype: | G-talk: mohitkumargoel