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Educational sites and types of


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types of ads use in internet advertising with e.g.

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Educational sites and types of

  2. 2. 1.Site name:<br />Features: <br />It is helpful for teachers, students, educators, and children.<br />It provides various sites related to education.<br />Ads on are of following sites :-<br /><br /><br />
  3. 3.<br />Features: <br />Sites for students of class 1-12.<br />Consist of study material of different state boards, CBSE, personality test, study material, questions and answers etc.<br />Type of ad: Banner ad is used but flash or animation can be used to get children attention.<br />Advantage: The advantage of giving ad of on is that both are related to education so people related to education can see this site and a student from school can get information related to his subjects. <br />
  4. 4.<br />Features:<br />Sites for all age group people i.e. parents, children, dentists etc.<br />Consist of tips about brushing your teeth and oral care.<br />Type of ad: Banner ad is used but other ad such as flash or animation can be used to attract children.<br /> Advantage: target to all age group people i.e. information on this site is mainly for children, parents, etc and people who visits are mainly students, parents, teachers. So all these people can see the ad.<br />
  5. 5. Features:<br />It is a very useful site for students as it provides information about different career options, courses after 12, studying abroad, helps in preparation of different entrance exams, it have a shiksha café category where we can ask our questions, we can do discussions, etc.<br />Ads on site are :- <br /><br />WELTECH(Wellington Institute of Technology) New Zealand.<br />2.Site name:<br />
  6. 6. <br />Features:<br />It is an ad for an event named as KOSMOS organized by Dr.Gaur Hari Singhania Institute Of Management & Research. This ad is given to invite students for a competition named as Chakravyuha. Also it consists of information about other events occuring during KOSMOS. <br />Type of ad: Flash ad is used which is preferable.<br />Advantage: As it is flash ad it is eye catching. Since is a site for students so when during the browsing of this page one can see the ad of KOSMOS and this attracts students to take part in the event. Also it is helpful in making a good image in the mind of students about Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute Of Management & Research. <br />
  7. 7. WELTECH(Wellington Institute of Technology) New Zealand.<br />Features:<br />This ad consists an overview of the Wellington institute. It gives us information about the courses provided by the collage, how to register in that institute, why we should study there etc. <br />Type of ad: Flash ad as the texts on it continuously changes and pop up ad as a new web page is opened when we click on it.<br />Advantage: Since it is a flash ad and is placed on the top of web page it is eye catching. Also is the site that provide information about foreign studies so this ad can easily attract and target to students interested in foreign studies. <br />
  8. 8. 3. Site name:<br />Features:<br />Site providing information for entrance exam like CAT, MBA, AIPMT, IIT, etc and help in preparation of these types of exam, also it provide information about different international collages. It also provides study material related to these exams.<br />Ads on are :-<br /><br /><br />
  9. 9.<br />Features:<br />It is a site providing study material for CAT entrance exam. Provides mock test papers, solved papers, eBooks, expert’s advice, etc.<br />Type of ad: The ad of this site was placed at three places on webpage of, first at the top of web page with some animated picture, another at a separate MBA help ads box and last with all other banner ads.<br />Advantage: Repetition of the same ad again and again on the same web page increases its chances to be more viewed than the other ads on the same web page. Also the animated cartoon picture is eye catching. <br />
  10. 10.<br />Features:<br />It is an online mba test preparation site. It helps you to make your tests practices better. Also it gives tips to crack such exams.<br />Type of ad: Banner ad with some animation is preferable as there are many other banner ads.<br />Advantage: Since students see the site for information of MBA entrance exams like dates of exam, fees structure, etc this site( attract and those students who prepare for MBA exams as it provides online test preparation facility.<br />
  11. 11.<br />Features: <br />It provides information about mba collages, mba courses, distance mba, mba coaching, mba entrance exams etc.<br />Ads on site are :-<br /><br />Other ads were of,, etc.<br />
  12. 12.<br />Features: <br />It gives us information about different countries their top collages, abroad study scholarships, fees, admission requirements, etc.<br />Type of ad: Flash ads as the texts on it continuously changes and pop up ad as a new web page is opened when we click on it.<br />Advantage: This ad is situated at the top of web page of and since it is flash ad so it is easily notified. When we click on it a new web page is opened which gives its complete details.<br />
  13. 13. Other ads were of,, etc.<br />Features: The first ad helps in finding mba collage in India and the later site helps in preparation of MAT mba entrance exam.<br />Types of ad: They both are banner ads. Other type of ad can be used as there are many banner ads on the same page.<br />Advantage: The sites & serves the same purpose providing information about MBA collages so one can see the site also. helps in preparation of MAT which is a mba entrance exam so this site easily target students who search for mba collages.<br />
  14. 14.<br />Provides information for 70,000 colleges, admission notification. Its a part of <br />Ads on side below 4 private colleges and all are static text !! <br />Ads on top(as shown above) <br />1)Private college blinking text <br />2)University of derby blinking text<br />3) Srmcem institute blinking text.<br />
  15. 15. 1)Private college blinking text 2)University of derby blinking text3) Srmcem institute blinking text.<br />
  16. 16.<br />Initiative of pragati infosoft pvt ltd . A private firm of education dedicate to revolutionize education system.<br />basically this site provides information about college and latest information about education in every fields like animation , bba and mba courses ,colleges and top institutes , exams, career options .<br />Ads.(1) NOKIA ASLI CHAMPION latest ad in which priyanka chopra is brand ambassador of nokia and giving a chance to win t20 champion ticket and watch final with her . TYPE OF AD  full hd video screen(same as shown in TV ).<br />(2) CAMBRIDGE MEDICAL ENGLISH coaching for English to British doctors..TYPE OF AD banner ad and moving strip of photographs.<br />AD COST ON THIS SITE (1) UPTO RS 20,000(2) RS20,000-1 lakh ,(3)1 lakh and above.<br />
  17. 17.<br /> Site deals with encouraging children to learn to read and love to learn them . helping teachers to carry out their important job plus supporting parents in their roles as their children first teacher.<br /> Total 4 ads(as shown above)<br />(1)Cahill vesper  it’s a book of adventure and the ad is static text.<br />
  18. 18. 2)wonder struck its basically a book and the ad is text.<br />3)book fair text<br />4)read 180 another site for increasing the power or is text static.<br />
  19. 19. 8.<br />Find a vast online resource of top academic institutes in India. Click on the corresponding links to get detailed information on MBA institutes, Medical institutes, Engineering institutes, institutes for Fine Arts, Law institutes, Hotel Management institutes, private coaching centers, institutes for MSW, Polytechnic institutes, Library and Information Science institutes, Mass Media institutes, Agricultural Science institutes, Computer Science and IT institutes, Defense and Research institutes, Home Science institutes.<br />
  20. 20. types of ads<br />1)as shown above on top ad is of Sony digital camera and type of ad is banner.<br />2)on the right side of site ad of maxima.<br /> Type of ad photographed image of <br /> maxima <br />Cost charged by the site for ads in 2 schemes.<br /> 1)RS 250 for 3 months for banner ads.<br /> 2)RS 500 for 6 months for banner ads<br />
  21. 21.<br />Site provide basic information about the colleges of all fields, tests and career options , useful resources.<br />Ads>1)SNAP TEST>type of ad is text in a square box . highly attractive and eye catchy in red colour .<br />2)> type of ad is banner(as shown below)<br /> Costs of ads on this site<br />>1) Up to RS 20,000 2) RS 20,000-1,00000 3)ABOVE <br />RS 1,00000.<br />
  22. 22.<br /> The site - Education for All (EFA) in India presents up-to-date information regarding activities initiated in the field of elementary education in India. It presents National Policy on Education (1986,NPE) & its Programme of Action (POA, 1994) as well as goals and objectives of Education for All  in India. The site has got separate channel for Educational Management Information System (EMIS) and presents school, district and state report cards as well as elementary education in rural and urban India and DISE Flash Statistics and analysis of data in the form of Elementary Education in India.<br />
  23. 23. Type of adsintel core i5 type of ad is flash on side of site. <br />2)Indian institute of learning and <br /> advanced development. ad type is text<br /> (as shown below)<br />3)sarvshikshaabhiyan->>type of ad-<br /> flash animated(shown below) <br />
  24. 24. THANKING YOU<br />