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Mohit science presentation


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Mohit science presentation

  1. 1. 321
  2. 2. Properties of metals
  3. 3. Properties of metals Tensile strength: Nonmetals are not hard ,so they break easily.EXCEPTIONAL CASE : DIAMOND is the hardest substance.
  4. 4. Properties of metals Nonmetals do not have luster; they are dull.
  5. 5. Properties of metals Brittle Nonmetals are brittle so they break easily. This means nonmetals ARE NOT ductile or malleable.
  6. 6. Properties of metals Nonmetals have low density, they can break easily.
  7. 7. Properties of metals They also have a low melting point. That is why they are poor conductors of heat & electricity. EXCEPTIONAL CASE : GRAPHITE ,which is good conductor
  8. 8. Non-metals forms their oxides when react with oxygen. When carbon is burnt in air, it forms carbon dioxide. You can observe that when coal (carbon) is burnt it forms smoke, which contains carbon dioxide.