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This slide was part of a Webinar conducted by Mohit Maheshwari ( MD , NEW MEDIA GURU - a full service digital marketing agency based out of New Delhi , India and servicing clients all over the world.

This webinar covered practical steps which SMBs can take for strategizing and executing Digital Marketing campaigns. The core techniques , tools which enable quick goto market strategies will be discussed in detail in the webinar.We would also show some example or case studies explaining these concepts.

1. How to build and grow your website

2. How to attract traffic to your website using SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Pay per click (PPC), Video marketing, Blog Marketing and blogger outreach campaigns and Digital PR

3. How to set up , track and manage your online reputation

4. Tools for tracking

About Mohit Maheshwari
Mohit Maheshwari is co-founder and Managing Director of NEW MEDIA GURU (NMG) - a full service digital marketing agency. NEW MEDIA GURU was started from London and now works with a broad range of clients and partners from all over the world including US ,UK, Australia,Singapore, Malaysia and over 20 other countries. The company clients include large brands,SMBs,digital agencies,funded and non-funded technology startups . Mohit has been in the industry for the last 13 years and has worked on digital marketing strategies for clients such as GE Money, Yahoo!, Intuit, TUI, Bacardi,Nikon,Citibank,Intel and has worked with large advertising agencies such as JWT and helped small and mid size agencies in US, UK and Australia scale up their operations through offshoring operations and sales, marketing strategies for business development.

Mohit also has taken Digital Marketing sessions and trained young Fashion designers at JD Institute of Fashion in his early career. He has also given motivational workshop on Discipline of Sales. He was one of the early bloggers from India and covered IAMAI events in its inception years. Mohit has also given presentations at un conferences and meetups organized by Indiatimes, Microsoft and helped in organizing entrepreneurial meet ups. He is a member of TiE, SEMPO and NEW MEDIA GURU is a member of IAMAI, Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), Amazon Web services ( AWS) Partner network and Google Engage and Adwords partner.

Mohit has extensively travelled across US, UK, Europe and is passionate about helping clients and organizations irrespective of their scale and size. He is also featured in various newspapers and publications like Silicon Angle, Hindustan Times, Economic Times,Times of India and Digit magazine. Mohit plans to write his own book someday and work towards contributing to society through various social causes.

When not busy with work , he makes it a point to attend EDM Music Festivals and loves to travel.

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Digital Marketing for SMBs and Startups by NEW MEDIA GURU

  1. 1. by Mohit Maheshwari
  2. 2. Agenda • Build and grow your website • Attract traffic to your website • 25 Practical strategies for Digital Marketing for SMBs and Startups • Tools and Resources
  3. 3. Some pointers for Webinar • Webinar is being recorded and will be available on NEW MEDIA GURU’s blog • Recording will be available in 2-3 days • Slide deck will be uploaded on • Follow up on email for further learning and details (
  4. 4. Speaker • About Mohit • Managing Director of NEW MEDIA GURU (NMG) • 13+ years in the Internet Industry • Practicing and training Digital marketing • Worked with clients in more than 25+ countries • Clients range from large established brands to agencies and start ups globally • Member of TiE , SEMPO , IAMAI • Active speaker , writer and digital enthusiast • About NMG • Team of 85+ digital professionals • Established in 2007 in London with primarily UK clients to begin with • Full service Digital marketing agency offering Web Solutions , Search Engine Marketing , Social Media marketing , mobile app development and cloud based services. • Presence in US , UK , Australia and clients in over 30+ countries • Member of IAMAI ,Microsoft partner network (MPN ) , Amazon Consulting Partner (APN) , Google Certified Adwords Partner , SEMPO Member
  5. 5. Challenges for SMBs and Start ups • Need to focus on the core business • Product line are evolving • Senior Management time very limited for approvals • Website and Digital marketing not a priority in some cases • Marketing strategy not evolved • Limited Budgets
  6. 6. Building your website
  7. 7. Ground Rules for Website Project • Needs Assessment • The website must meet the needs of the client • A website is not an event. • It is a flexible, extensible communications tool which evolves with your business
  8. 8. Role distribution Role Source Internal Stakeholders In house Project manager In house or consultant or agency Copywriter ( Editor) In house or consultant / agency Website designer In house or consultant / agency HTML coder (HTML , CSS , js) In house or consultant / agency Web or CMS Developer (Open source , .net or others) In house or consultant / agency
  9. 9. Role distribution • One person can play multiple roles • Big web team is not necessarily is a QUALITY web team. Small one on one teams are equally effective if not more • Focus on planning and project management • You don’t need to do everything in house • You don’t need to outsource everything • You don’t need a DEDICATED team for everything • Be smart. Spend wisely. As you will see DIGITAL is a long ongoing journey and not an EVENT .
  10. 10. Project Management • There is no project management without a project management tool • Basecamp
  11. 11. Project Management • Trello
  12. 12. Build your customer persona Tool to build persona • Upclose and Persona
  13. 13. Example of customer persona
  14. 14. Content is Marketing • Content is NOT just text !! • Images • Documents (PDFs) • Audio • Video (i.e., embedded from YouTube or Vimeo, or self- hosted) • Adobe Flash files (for animated tutorials) • Content feeds (from other websites, news sources, social feeds ) • Photos(stock pics, original photography , user generated ) • Social Streams (Facebook ,Twitter ,Linked In ,Pinterest etc) • User generated content ( guest post , conversations ,industry round ups)
  15. 15. Quality Content = VALUE to user • Good photography • Good Videos • Good Writing
  17. 17. Digital can learn from Magazine business • What a magazine has • Scheduled distribution ( adhere to deadlines) • Note from Editor • Structured table of content ( you know what to find where as a regular reader) • Dedicated writers to dedicated topics • For example a tech magazine has separate writer for laptops , pcs and separate for mobile computing / tablets and separate for consumer electronics • Latest news from Industry and happenings • Interviews • Guest columnist ( industry speakers , industry voices) • Insightful coverage of things really important • Surveys • Annual report of industry • Rankings of industry players • Awards • Letter to the editor (user feedback) • Fun sections relevant to the audience Take inspiration about your website , social , marketing content from magazines and you will not go wrong !
  18. 18. Sitemaps , Wireframes and Content structure • Think of various sections of your website based on your customer persona • Do some keyword research with your SEO team before finalizing the sitemap • Tools to help you build easy sitemaps • Slickplan • Tools to help you build easy wireframes and mockups • Creately • Wireframe.CC • Tools to help you write content • Scribe SEO
  19. 19. Value of Good design • A great design is half the battle won • A great design feedback and its implementation is the WAR
  20. 20. How to give and get design feedback • Smart sophisticated pixel by pixel feedback using design feedback tools • Designing by committee don’t do it • How to give feedback to designers ( tools) • Invision App • Red Pen • Bounce App • Prevue • Go Visually • How to get user feedback on designs ( Before launch , Post launch - tools) • Critique the site • Please critique me • User • Feedback Army • Usabilla • Five second test Detailed review of some tools here
  21. 21. Example of Pixel by pixel feedback
  22. 22. Improving design based on Actual user data • AGAIN .Website is NOT an event. Its an ongoing process. • Design is not an event. Infact your conversion rates (CTRs, CPAs) are hidden in your design ….Looking to be optimized.. • How to measure real time audience interaction with your website design , landing pages and how to improve them • Lucky Orange • Chartbeat • Session Cam • Clicky • Woopra Designing by committee don’t do it
  23. 23. Example of Real time visitor data analytics
  24. 24. Simple Pre launch Checklist • Finalize hosting ( Cloud based AWS , Rackspace recommended , Cheaper options Godaddy) • Check Browser compatibility ( IE , Chrome , Safari for Mac and PC, Firefox) • Check mobile version of website ( if responsive website check on mobile devices and tablet devices) • Check if all Internal and external links work • Check if interactive features work • Check all forms and designated email ids for auto emailers • Images are sized properly • All placeholder content has been replaced by the final copy • All stock images have been purchased • Check integrations for third-party software, such as • Email Marketing (Like mailchimp) • Payment gateway • CRM ( likes Salesforce) • Shopping cart (if 3rd party) • Google Analytics set up • Goals set up • Google Webmaster set up • SEO Tools set up • All content is proof read and ready .
  25. 25. Build Anticipation and Virality (Pre launch) • Strategies • Viral loop • Exclusivity and scarcity • Glimpses of the beta • Social proof • Viral content • Methods • Create coming soon pages and video introductions • Incentivize early sign ups on facebook , twitter , coming soon page , build email list • Offer never before or never ever to be offered deals only for pre launch members • Build sign up widgets ( to be used for email marketing later) • Integrate sign up via facebook , Twitter , Google+ 1 for social sign ups • Start talking about your product , service business and build key critical mass
  26. 26. Build Anticipation and Virality (Pre launch) • Pre launch promotion tools • LaunchRock • Launch Effect app • Kick off labs • Hello bar • Email Marketing tools • Mail Chimp • Constant Contact • Aweber
  27. 27. Great Examples of building Pre launch audience
  28. 28. Great Examples of building Pre launch audience
  29. 29. Great Examples of building Pre launch audience
  30. 30. Great Examples of building Pre launch audience
  31. 31. Great Examples of building Pre launch audience
  32. 32. Great Examples of building Pre launch audience
  33. 33. Grow Traffic to your website
  34. 34. Marketing Strategies Type Content oriented marketing Media spend oriented marketing Digital Organic Search (SEO , Local SEO , Social SEO , Video SEO , Multilingual SEO ) Paid Advertising ( Paid Search , Display ads /Banners , Video ads Contextual ads ) Digital Social Discovery , Influencing and Publishing (Facebook pages , Facebook groups , Twitter list , Linked In Groups , Youtube ) Question and Answer websites (Quora etc) Paid Social Marketing ( on FB , Twitter ,Linked In,Youtube ) Digital Content Marketing ( Blog ,Whitepapers , Ebooks , podcasts , Videos, Webinars , Info graphics) Sponsored sections on popular industry websites , industry , webinars , whitepapers Digital Opt in Email list Paid Email list Offline Speak at events ,conferences , Meet ups with bloggers , Write for newspapers , magazines TV , Radio , Print , magazine
  35. 35. SMBs / Startups get more value from content oriented marketing • Helps build knowledge assets and marketing collateral • Can be used repeatedly • Benefits are life long once established • Builds brand of the company and personal brand of the founders / leadership team • Builds perception in industry of thought leadership for the company and brand • Effort driven marketing and not media driven marketing helps save limited budgets
  36. 36. Why Organic Search is important
  37. 37. Keyword research is foundation to content • Most people don’t do enough good quality keyword research. • The best place to go to learn keyword research for free Distilled University
  38. 38. Keyword Research Tool name Tool link Google Keyword Planner Ubersuggest Google Trends Google Correlate Merge Words Word Tracker Hittail Detailed review
  39. 39. Forms of SEO • Onpage SEO • Site speed Optimization • Mobile Site optimization • Local SEO ( Google+ Local , Bing Local , Yahoo Local , yelp , etc) • Video SEO ( youtube videos optimizations , video marketing) • Social SEO ( Social media optimization for SEO benefits) • Multilingual SEO ( for targeting other languages and search engines)
  40. 40. Universal search “paris hilton”
  41. 41. Universal search “paris hilton:
  42. 42. Wait there is more “paris hilton:
  43. 43. Onpage SEO Visual guide to keyword targeting by MOZ (2013)
  44. 44. Site Speed optimization • Tools for Site speed measurement • Gtmetrix • Pingdom Tools • Google Webmaster on Site speed
  45. 45. Site Speed optimization Before After
  46. 46. Local SEO
  47. 47. Local Search Ecosystem (US) • Source : David Mihm’s The 2013 Local Search Ecosystems
  48. 48. Importance of optimizing G+ business pages
  49. 49. Local SEO • Google’s official guide to optimizing for Google+ business
  50. 50. Make customer review gathering simple
  51. 51. Optimizing Onpage for Local SEO Source
  52. 52. Local SEO Ranking factors • Local SEO Ranking factors • Proper category associations • A physical address in the city being searched • Consistent, high-quality citations from sources that are: • Authoritative • Trustworthy • Industry-relevant • Your Company Name , Address , Phone (NAP) information featured clearly on your website • Your location as a keyword in title tags and headlines (for website) • Some good (long ) reviews on both Google and third- party sites • A handful of high-quality inbound links
  53. 53. Why Blogging is important
  54. 54. Example of Good business blogs
  55. 55. Example of Good business blogs
  56. 56. Why Facebook marketing is important
  57. 57. Example of building Pre launch audience on FB
  58. 58. Why Tweeting is important
  59. 59. Twitter is your new research database
  60. 60. Innovations of a tweet – Pay with a tweet (real world stuff)
  61. 61. Scheduling Social Media Content
  62. 62. Content Marketing ideas for SMBs • Make stuff people want • Educational ebooks • How to videos / Education video series • Online Tools , small apps and calculators • Planning tools and templates • Answer to common questions • Build trust and credibility and goodwill • Share and give to community • Give great direction • Great landing pages • Clear call to actions • Compelling offers • Invest wisely
  63. 63. Example of content marketing in niche verticals Howto videos on youtube
  64. 64. Example of Long term content asset in niche verticals
  65. 65. 25 Marketing ideas for SMBs and Start ups
  66. 66. Being interviewed (Or help a Journalist) Find Interview Opportunities industryName + intitle:interview -job industryVertical + intitle:interview -job competitorName + intitle:interview -job industryName + inurl:interview -job industryVertical + intitle:interview -job competitorName + inurl:interview -job Keyword + intitle:”experts interview”/talk/discuss/answer ing-for-entrepreneurial-inspiration-meet-your- new-media-guru/
  67. 67. Tools for PR outreach and Media Mentions • HARO – (Detailed guide on HARO ) • Muck Rack - • Reporter Connection - • Media Kitty - • Profnet by Prnewswire ( PAID) - • Source Bottle • Pitching notes • • My local reporter • Expert Engine
  68. 68. Interviewing an authority on your blog chopra.html
  69. 69. Crowd source a book ( or book bait)
  70. 70. Crowd source a book ( or book bait)
  71. 71. Broken link building Broken Link building guide : Broken link buidling from noob to novice
  72. 72. Building a tool / app
  73. 73. Getting links that your competitors have Competitor link building with OSE and Buzzstream
  74. 74. Getting links from your copied images Google Search Operators which work with Google Image Search: allintitle:, allinurl:, filetype:, inurl:, intitle:, site: Google Advanced image search
  75. 75. Guest Blogging • Guest blogging helps build thought leadership and brand • It helps reach to customers we would not usually reach through our blog • Helps build readership of our main website • Tonnes of traffic • Helps participate in industry round ups and build industry relationships
  76. 76. Guest Blogging : Tools Myblogguest Website Guestr Website Blogdash Website Bloggerlinkup Mailer Buzzstream Tool Guestblogit Website Outreachr Website Blogsynergy Website Triberr Website Post Joint Online tool Inkybee Online tool Bloggers Required Online tool
  77. 77. Queries to find Guest blogging oppurtunities Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blog” Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blogger” Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest Column” Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest article” Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest post Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest author Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us” Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me” Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor” Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site” Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:category/guest Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:contributors Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blog” + inanchor:contact Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest blogger” + inanchor:contact Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest Column” + inanchor:contact Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “guest article” + inanchor:contact Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for us” + inanchor:contact Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “write for me” + inanchor:contact Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “become a contributor” + inanchor:contact Keyword/yourCompetitorName + “contribute to this site” + inanchor:contact
  78. 78. Guest Blogging Keyword + Keyword + Keyword + Keyword + Keyword + Keyword + intext:”powered by wordpress” Keyword + intext:”powered by typepad” Google Search Operators which work with Google Blog Search You can use following search operators with Google Blog Search: inblogtitle:keyword – restricts search to blog titles blogurl:keyword – restricts search to blog URLs link: – find blogs linking to the given page inpostauthor:”Author Name” - find blog posts written by a specified author
  79. 79. Example of a guest post
  80. 80. Infographics
  81. 81. Tools to build Infographics • • Google charts • Piktochart • Info.gram •
  82. 82. Industry roundups
  83. 83. Industry Social Round up
  84. 84. EGO BAIT
  85. 85. Link bait (infographics , social round ups , ego bait) industryName + intitle:tools industryName + intitle:badges industryName + intitle:widgets industryName + intitle:infographics industryName + inurl:tools industryName + inurl:badges industryName + inurl:widgets industryName + inurl:infographics industryName + top/recommended/useful/favorite/amazing/awesome tools industryName + top/recommended/useful/favorite/amazing/awesome badges industryName + top/recommended/useful/favorite/amazing/awesome widgets industryName + top/recommended/useful/favorite/amazing/awesome infographics
  86. 86. Live blogging and tweeting an event
  87. 87. Link reclamation “your-company-name-without-space” “your-company-name-with-space” “your-1st-product-name-with-space” “your-1st-product-name-without-space” “your-2nd-product-name-with-space” “your-2nd-product-name-without-space” “your-Nth-product-name-with-space” “your-Nth-product-name-with-space” “company URL” “key-employee-name” “your-1st-website-name/url” “your-2nd-website-name/url” “your-Nth-website-name/url” “” “” “”
  88. 88. Monitor for brand mentions without a link • Google Alerts - • Social Mention - • How Sociable -
  89. 89. Monitor for social shares of your content
  90. 90. Press release with a purpose ing-for-entrepreneurial-inspiration-meet-your- new-media-guru/
  91. 91. Take bloggers to an event
  92. 92. E-book Promotion
  93. 93. Giveaway promotion
  94. 94. Monthly newsletter (build your email list) • Build email in house db with a mission • Set target numbers to achieve for opt in emails • Use Amazon Simple Email service , Mail Chimp , Constant Contact ,Aweber as email marketing tools • Use marketing automation tools like Acton , Infusion Soft or others • Send monthly blog round ups , industry news , conduct polls or surveys . • Use it as a brand recall tool • Simple text email work – don’t go for high end design • Focus on power of content
  96. 96. Thank You Mohit Maheshwari @new_media_guru @mohitinhere