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Why Impactful Presentation Skills?


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Why before the how is a maxim this cannot be more true for presentations. This brief deck tells you why you should invest your money, energy and time (in that order) in this training program.

It's high time the old give way to the new and this is the new way, the new approach and also the right approach.

It's brief, it's to the point and yet it's complete!

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Why Impactful Presentation Skills?

  1. 1. Impactful Presentation Skills The Art & Science of Presentations Why
  2. 2. 350 presentations are delivered every second of every day, and…
  3. 3. an overwhelming majority are boring!
  4. 4. Because most presentations are… Long Boring Bad slides Lots of bullets
  5. 5. Impactful Presentations are… Short Simple Engaging Well Designed
  6. 6. Ideas are easy. Implementation is HARD! Guy Kawasaki Author, Entrepreneur
  7. 7. PowerPoint actually makes it possible
  8. 8. We  Must  Drop  the  Old  Approach • And  adopt  the…
  9. 9. This approach is based on years of experience of working with presentations and research and employs our proprietary FiveP Approach© . 01 02 03 04 05 PREAMBLE PLAN PREPARE PACKAGE PRESENT The KNOLedge FiveP Approach© to Impactful Presentations
  10. 10. This program will move your presentations from boring to ENGAGING & EFFECTIVE
  11. 11. LIMITED 12 July 24 - 25, 2014 seats For more information, please call us!