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5 Mantras To Health Vocalite Meeting 2


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Hardeep's presentation

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5 Mantras To Health Vocalite Meeting 2

  1. 1. Focus on Health Focus on Wellness 5 Mantra Symbol_mankind_and_health_and_medicine
  2. 2. 1 Exercise Physical exercises are indeed great be it walking, jogging, swimming or playing a game, a work-out can work wonders to physical and mental health Make us feel fresh, alert, energetic and positive.
  4. 4. Exercise is an effective Stress buster
  5. 5. Balance your body
  6. 6. All are busy ???? Does this mean we can’t try to remain fit and healthy? Most certainly not! • Brainstorm while walking • Walk down to someone instead of calling • If you have kids, take them for a walk • Keep high-energy items on your to-do list like washing the car, gardening, reorganizing a wardrobe/closet. • Practice yoga while you unwind in front of a movie • Wake up 15 to 30 mins earlier, use this time for a run, a walk, or some stretching • Use stairs instead of the elevator • Get off the bus a few blocks early / park at the end
  7. 7. 2 Nutrition “ To live one must eat ! ” ………what to eat and what quantities Let’s talk about nutrients…
  8. 8. Take a Balanced Diet Nutrition plays an important part for our physical and mental health. “Health is more important than wealth” When we fall sick , oftentimes we feel down, upset and depressed Ensure regular meals following sound nutritional principles. Beware of fatty, sugary and junk food .
  9. 9. What is Optimum Nutrition?
  10. 10. Small is BIG… Fruits n vegetables are rich in antioxidants, Vitamins and other protective substances  Salad along with meal however if u willing to loose weight take salad eat a nice big bowl of salad/ soup 15-20 min.(indian dressing of lemon, juice, salt, & chilies is quite tasty n calorie free too) before meal.  Fondness for peeling, Nutrition (fiber, minerals n vitamins) lies in n just below the skin.- just lightly scrape the vegetable * and are obsessed with washing them at every stage before we peel, after we peel them and after we cut them- washing vegetable thoroughly once before cooking is good enough
  11. 11. Are these complex? Lovely form of fibre . Cook and eat them with their Skin on!
  12. 12. Simple carbs aren’t so good
  13. 13. These are simple
  14. 14. Fats can be good…
  15. 15. …or bad
  16. 16. Fibre – keeps you regular; keeps your body happy
  17. 17. Vitamins and Minerals
  18. 18. & Dairy
  19. 19. The most important element… 3 Water
  20. 20. Water helps… Nutrient absorption
  21. 21. Water improves… Cell maintenance
  22. 22. Water encourages… Toxin elimination
  23. 23. Water loves to… Flush out your colon!
  24. 24. Water is responsible for… Temperature regulation
  25. 25. 4 Stress
  26. 26. No one is free from PROBLEMS Think Take time to think and analyze the Problem problem through. s Through Come out with a strategy or plan, and then ensure that we ourselves implement or execute the plan.
  27. 27. Don’t rush, hurry and worry Take One Thing Faced with many tasks at At A Time hand, learn to do or take one thing at a time Too many people get stressed up because they try to do too many things at one time.
  28. 28. No two individuals are the same and they do not have the same Don’t Set capabilities, talent and potential. Unrealist Targeting goals which are beyond us will set undue stress upon ic ourselves. Goals Having set realistic goals, we just need to do our best. It is not the end of things. We can always try again
  29. 29. Good to talk things over with our parents, Don’t teachers, friends and Bottle Up counselors Feelings Sometimes we need to open up or get the load off our chests Learn to let go negative thoughts and feelings that weigh us down Our mind will then become clear and our heart, light
  30. 30. Practice Relaxation Techniques Have Recreational Practice yoga,Activities/Hobbies learn to watch your breath, take deep breaths and exhale slowly. Listening to your fav. Music Read Play Go for a holiday Pursue that hobby you have always wanted
  31. 31. Have a sense of humor If we develop a sense of humor, we can learn not to take things too seriously. Enjoy yourself reading a good humor book , watching a comedy movie or video and cracking jokes with your friends. Laughter is the best Medicine for many an ‘illness’
  32. 32. Good luck & Live your life Cheers!! 5th .. U got it !!