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Air asia mohit


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this presentation is given in MBA (marketing Management) just as shortly introduction of Air Asia

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Air asia mohit

  1. 1. Presented by: MohitSub: Marketing Management
  2. 2. •Introduction•Advantages•Disadvantages• Subsidiaries• Destination of Air Asia•Question and answers sessions•ConclusionContent
  3. 3. Founded 2001CommencedOperation 18 Nov. 1996Hubs Kuala LumpurPenangKuchingFleet Size 140Destination 88+Slogan Now Everyone Can FlyKey People Tony FermadesAwards Best Low Fare Airline(2012)Web. www.airasia.comIntroduction
  4. 4. Key Strategies• Safety First•High Aircraft Utilization•Low Fare, No Frills•Streamline Operations•Lean Distribution System•Point to Point NetworkWhy Air Asia interested amongst us
  5. 5. To be the largest low cost airline in Asia andserving the 3 billion people who are currentlyunderserved with poor connectivity and highfares.Mission
  6. 6. •Low cost per average seat kilometer•Low distribution cost•Attractive ticket pries•Good management team•Single type of fleetAdvantages
  7. 7. Limited serviceCharge every thingsA lot of competitorBrand position lower than other brandUnable to handle irregular situationDisadvantages
  8. 8. Air Asia IndiaAir Asia JapanAir Asia PhilippinesAir Asia XIndonesia Air AsiaThai Air AsiaSubsidiaries Of Air Asia
  9. 9. Operate more than 142 routes78 DestinationCovering Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Nepal….Destination of Air Asia
  10. 10. Destination
  11. 11. AA management was providing a suitable businessenvironment, its employees demonstrated a highlyproductive and efficient performance in running thebusiness and reducing cost. It emphasized the principleof economies of scale and also it will eventually reducelearning curve. However, AA actual main strength wasbased in its innovative ways to keep the cost low whichwas hard to imitate.Conclusion
  12. 12. http://www.airasia.com
  13. 13. Questions & Answers SessionsQU E T I ONA N SWE R&S SS