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Dedicated to my fellow bloggers, without them, the success was impossible for me. Their support, love and encouragement, has given me the wonderful success beyond the dream.

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World of Blogging

  1. 1. World OfBlogging
  2. 2. Mohinee’s Dreams And bloggingMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  3. 3. My Dreams …………. My Success………… My Love………… My Joy………….. New Identity…………. New World…………………………………….Mohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  4. 4. MilestonesMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  5. 5. Six Blogs : Expressions Of Heart In Four LanguagesMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  6. 6. Gurukripa (English) Bharateeya –Indian Culture, Philosophy, Patriotism, Poetry, Personal and much more………….Mohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  7. 7. Vicharyadnya- In MarathiMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  8. 8. Chaitanyapuja – In HindiMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  9. 9. Jeevanmukti In SanskritMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  10. 10. The PhotographyMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  11. 11. FB PAGE Gurukripa a LIKEMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  12. 12. Accredited online collegesMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  13. 13. Secret Of SuccessMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  14. 14. Grace Of The God And SadguruDeva GurukripaMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  15. 15. H. H. SadguruDevaH.H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj
  16. 16. ANDMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  17. 17. My Blogging FamilyMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  18. 18. Mohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  19. 19. Love Encouragement Friendship AppreciationMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  20. 20. Meet My Blogging FamilyMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  21. 21. Meet My Little HomeMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  22. 22. Sancheeta BiswasBlog: Sensitivity Rarest Poems With Depth Of SensitivityMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  23. 23. ANIMESH MISHRABlog : Just Like That Simple words with Natural Flow of Writing, Stories with Message that is Just like thatMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  24. 24. PRIYADASHRI MISHRABlog : PriyadarshiSMM Shayari ,Short Stories And EmotionsWhich KnowsThe Depth of MindMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  25. 25. ArtiBlog: My Yatra Diary The Pilgrimage Of All Bharata – Indian Shrines Live On One Blog Visit The Shrines By Just One ClickMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  26. 26. Deepak SrivastavaBlog: Invisible Politics Social Humor Satire Love Tech Much more….Mohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  27. 27. IrfanuddinjiBlog: Apni Boli Feelings Of Common Man With Simple Beautiful Words Short And Sweet Apni BoliMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  28. 28. Simran KaurBlog: My Friendship Poems Of Heartfelt Love And Friendship Which Make Everybody Fall In LoveMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  29. 29. Saravana KumarBlog: Few Miles Meaning Of Creativity In Poems , Prose, Stories Few MilesMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  30. 30. Narendra ReddyBlog: reddyzviewz Narendra’s views On The WorldMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  31. 31. Geeta Singh Fourteen Blogs Amazing Animals Site For Kids And Teens Amazing PPTs Stimulation Of The Mind LegalMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  32. 32. Monu Awalla Blog: Artist By Chance A Poet of Delicate Emotions with Mesmerizing PoemsMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  33. 33. Hemal ShahBlog: Hemal Shah’s Indianomics Every Aspect Of Life Beautiful Expression With Perfect WordsMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  34. 34. MelissaBlog: Depth Depth of Soul Reflection In BloggingMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  35. 35. Pramod LohiyaBlog: My Musings Enchanting And Relaxing Life ExperiencesMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  36. 36. Kanchan KaraiBlog: Mogara Fulala The Beautiful Flowers In Marathi BloggingMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  37. 37. Poorvi ShrivastavBlog : Look Ahead Blogging Is Social WorkMohini Puranik-Gurukripa Here
  38. 38. Umesh DerebailjeeBlogs: India Back Packer Amazing Tour To Incredible Bharat(India) From One SiteMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  39. 39. Sanjeetha VeniBlog: Young Turk S The Innocent, A N The Matured, J The Simple, E The Beautiful E T Diary - H Young Turk AMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  40. 40. HEMA NIMBEKARBlog: Few Magical Words Magic of Poems In Hindi And EnglishMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  41. 41. Portia Burton Blog: Portia’s world Prayers of eternal love and devotionMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  42. 42. Monica VermaSite : The Fortright The Fortnight : “Everything AroundMohini Puranik-Gurukripa You”
  43. 43. AndMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  44. 44. I AM WAITINGMohini Puranik-Gurukripa FOR
  45. 45. YOUMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  46. 46. Yes, You … The worldMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  47. 47. TO JOIN USMohini Puranik-Gurukripa
  48. 48. This Is TheBeginning