Mysql an introduction


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introduction of mysql database

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  • MySQL Enterprise Edition enables you to deliver high performance, scalable Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database applications. It is a fully integrated transaction-safe, ACID compliant database. It includes full commit, rollback, crash recovery and row level locking capabilities. Database Partitioning allows you to improve performance and management of very large database environments.
  • Mysql an introduction

    1. 1. An Introduction Mohd Yasin Abd
    2. 2.  MySQL is an open source relational database management system. It the SQL server and client programincludes s for accessing the server. Widely used by web application developers, together with PHP and APACHE It is pronounced My-es-que-el (Not My-Sequel)
    3. 3.  MySQL AB is a commercial entity Marketing & Development Originally established in Sweden 1995 A virtual corporation Service, support, training and consulting Acquired by Sun Microsystems 2008, now owned by Oracle Corporation 2010
    4. 4.  Most popular open source database over 100 million copies downloaded or distributed 6,000,000 active installations 35,000 downloads a day Certified for all SAP applications Elite client list—Yahoo!, NASA, Google Proven track record
    5. 5.  Leading open source RDBMS Ease of use – No frills Fast Robust Security Multiple OS support Free Technical support Support large database– up to 50 million rows, file size limit up to 8 Million TB
    6. 6.  IBM, Oracle & Microsoft ◦ “The Top Dogs” – The enterprise/SMBmarket ◦ Market Strength, Brand Equity, Track Record, features variety MySQL ◦ “The Underdog” - Disruptive market, commoditized market ◦ Performance, reliability, security, performance
    7. 7. MySQL RDBMS SOURCECommercial License GPL open source License Client-Server modelEmbedded Database Standalone server FREE Service Support, training and Consulting
    8. 8.  MySQL Enterprise ◦ most comprehensive offering of MySQL database software, services and support MySQL Cluster ◦ a fault tolerant database clustering architecture for deploying highly available mission-critical database applications MySQL Embedded Database ◦ most popular choice for OEMs/ISVs who want to cost- effectively embed or bundle a reliable and high- performance relational database MySQL community edition
    9. 9.  MySQL Enterprise Monitor ◦ a "Virtual DBA Assistant" to enforce MySQL recommended best practices MySQL Enterprise Server MySQL Enterprise Backup MySQL Workbench MySQL Production Support ◦ get your toughest technical questions answered quickly ◦ advise you on how to properly design and tune your MySQL servers, schema, queries, and replication set-up
    10. 10.  Make sure you pick the correct version for your OS Download MySQL 5.x Community Server GA Download MySQL Workbench Download MySQL Administrator Download MySQL Migration Toolkit Download MySQL Query Browser
    11. 11.  Describe your fields correctly Describe your data tightly Secure your server well Understand the mechanics Use the manual Use the mailing list
    12. 12. 