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Maklumat umum PSZ


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Maklumat umum PSZ

  2. 2. LIBRARY LAYOUT LEVEL 2• Theses Reference Room• Special Collection• Bound and Current Journal• Index and Abstract Collection• Seminar Room 1 & 2• Discussion Rooms
  3. 3. LEVEL 3• Enquiries Counter• Research Support Consultant• Circulation Counter• Media Counter• Maps and Aerial Photographs Collection• Viewing Room
  4. 4. LEVEL 3• Creative Collection• Executive Room and Adv Management Collection• Newspaper Reading Area• Internet• Online Databases
  5. 5. LEVEL 4• Open Access Collection (Call No. A-QC)• Reference Collection (Call No. A-QC)• Carrel Rooms• Seminar 3 Room
  6. 6. LEVEL 5• Open Access Collection (Call No. QD-Z)• Reference Collection (Call No. QD-Z)• Carrel Rooms• Photocopy Services
  7. 7. LIBRARY CLASSIFICATIONA General Works • L EducationB Philisophy. Psychology. • M Music Religion • N Fine ArtsC Auxiliary science of history • P Language & LiteratureD History : General & Old • Q Science world • R MedicineE - F History: America • S AgricultureG Geography. Anthropology. • T Technology Recreation • U Military scienceH Social sciences • V Naval scienceJ Political sciences • Z Library scienceK Law
  8. 8. LOCAL CALL NUMBER• PIA (piawai) – Standard e.g PIA BS 3700• PAT – Patents• DSK – Diskette• CP – Compact Disk• KST – Cassette• PTA (peta) - Maps• MAK (makalah) - Bound Articles• MFL - Microfilm• FTG - Fotograph
  9. 9. COLLECTION SYMBOLS• r - Reference Collection e.g HD2345 S52 2006 r• a - Special Collection• f - Folio Collection• w - Government Publication• y - Examination Paper• k - Small books• e - Encyclopedia• m - Atlas• x - Abstract/Index
  10. 10. LOAN ELIGIBILITY TYPE NUMBER DURATION Open Access 20 books 1 monthClosed Access 1 book 4 hoursBound Journal 2 journals 3 daysCurrent Journal 1 journal Overnight Reference 1 book Overnight Audio Visual 1 material 2 hours or overnight
  11. 11. RATE OF FINESCollection Category Overdue FinesOpen Access RM0.20Closed Access RM0.50 for the first hour and RM1.00 for every succeeding hourReference Collection RM0.20 per due dayBound Journals RM0.20 per due dayCurrent Journals RM0.20 per due dayAudio-Visual Materials RM0.50 per hourOpen Access RM0.20Closed Access RM0.50 for the first hour and RM1.00 for every succeeding hourReference Collection RM0.20 per due day
  12. 12. LIBRARY SERVICES• Borrowing And Returning (Self Check Out System)• Enquiries Counter• Research Support Consultant• Interlibrary Loan Service• Area Facilities• Information Skill Classes
  13. 13. LIBRARY SERVICES• Photocopy Services• Computer Facilities• Media Services• Newspaper Area
  14. 14. BORROWING AND RETURNING• Borrowing – Self Check Out System• Returning - Self Check Out System/Circulation Counter• Renewal - Self Check Out System/LESTARI – max. 2 times• Hold Title – LESTARI
  15. 15. ENQUIRIES COUNTER• Simple enquiries such as pin number, library registration.• Refer to Maps and Aerial Photograph• Submit Interlibrary Loan Form.
  16. 16. RESEARCH SUPPORT CONSULTANT• Assistance to users in searching for information and references from online database, Endnotes etc.• Guidance on the use of Library system and collections.• Request for : - Interlibrary Loan - Reference letter to other libraries - Materials that is in process
  17. 17. Visit other universities libraries
  18. 18. To request In processing materials
  19. 19. INTERLIBRARY LOAN SERVICESObtain resources from UTMIC and Razak School Library - Free of Charge - Duration : one weekObtain resources that is not available at PSZ. - Articles from local Institution and BLDSC - Books from local Institution and NUS - Processing fee RM2.00 - The cost of the articles as imposed by the supplier - Duration :1 month - Borrowing period – 2 weeks – No renewal
  20. 20. INTERLIBRARY LOAN ONLINE• Request through LESTARI – Patron Function• User will receive verification email• Reply the verification email• RM2.00 processing fee will be charged into the Patron Record
  24. 24. AREA FACILITIES• Carrel Rooms• Individual• Usage hour by session• Reservation 30 minutes before session started at Media Counter Discussion Room - Grouping 3 – 6 person - 2 hours usage - Register at Media Counter
  25. 25. RESEARCH CARREL- Research Carrel 1,2, 3 at Level 3- Open for Post Graduates and Researchers- Computer facility is provided- Duration : 1 month- Fill in research carrel application form and verified by supervisor.
  26. 26. Seminar/Viewing Room- For Classes and Group Presentation- Reservation at Media CounterExhibition Area- Activities by Student Clubs- Reservation at Information & Consultation Unit
  27. 27. PHOTOCOPY SERVICES • Located at level 5 • Academic Purposes • Photocopy Card • Scanning, Printing, Laminating • Operated by Private Company
  28. 28. COMPUTER FACILITIES - Located at Level 3 - Approx. 200 pcs - OPAC (LESTARI) Access Area - Internet Access Area - Assignment Typing Area - Laptop Zone
  29. 29. MEDIA SERVICES• Located at Level 3• Multimedia Collection• Borrowing and Returning Process at Media Counter• Media Services- Television Show (Monday- Friday)- Documentary (ASTRO Channel)
  30. 30. NEWSPAPER AREA• Located at Level 3
  31. 31. LIBRARY COLLECTION• OPEN ACCESS COLLECTION - Books of all disciplines - Arranged according to call numbers - 3rd floor (Advanced Management Collection) - 4th floor (A - QC) - 5TH floor (QD - Z)• CLOSED ACCESS COLLECTION - Heavily used book but has limited copies - Located at Circulation Counter, Level 3 - Rancangan Malaysia ke 9, Economic Report
  32. 32. LIBRARY COLLECTION• REFERENCE MATERIALS - Located at 4th & 5th floor according to call numbers - Referred in the library/borrowed overnight• JOURNALS COLLECTION - Located at Level 2 - Current and previous journal - Electronic format- online databases• Standard and Patents - Local Call Number ‘PIA’ and ‘PAT’ - Located at Level 3
  33. 33. LIBRARY COLLECTION• Newspaper Articles - Can be accessed via LESTARI - Campus accessed only• Creative Collection - Placed at Creative Collection Corner - Located at Level 3• Advanced Management Collection - Placed at Executive Room, Level 3.
  34. 34. USER ETTIQUE• Memberships cards are non-transferable.• Eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly prohibited in the library.• All library materials to be taken out of the library must be properly charged out at the Circulation Counter or Self Check-Out System.• Library staffs on duty have the right to check books, files and other materials that are taken out of the library.
  35. 35. USER ETTIQUE• All users are required to be properly attired as specified by the University.• Students who postpone, withdraw, quit or have completed courses at the University must return all borrowed materials to the library.• Final year students who fail to clear any fines or return materials borrowed from the library on completion of their courses will have their UTM transcript suspended.
  36. 36. DRESS CODEStudents are expected TO BE CLEAN, WELL GROOMED and DRESSED in a manner appropriate to the Malaysian custom or norms.Avoid WEARING INAPPROPRIATE CLOTHING or FOOTWEAR including :- a) Shorts skirts or boxer shorts. b) Round-neck T-shirt. c) Sleeveless shirts. d) Tight slacks/pants. e) Slippers/sandals.
  37. 37. • Level 2, 4 and 5 is QUIET ZONES• Level 3 is Interactive AreasUse of Mobile phones in the Library• Handphone – Keep your handphone in SILENT MODE• Handphone talking areas – Stairs Area
  38. 38. THANK YOU….