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Pelan kewangan lengkap prudential


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Pelan kewangan lengkap prudential

  1. 1. COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL PLAN CONTACT: EN. BADRUN / FARIZAN 019-4050395 / 019-4333789 DEATH MEDICAL CRITICAL ACCIDENT PAYOR SAVING CARD ILLNESS INVESTMENT TH150 COVERED AFTER 4 A. RM30,000 RM500,000 lifetime limit MONTHS A. RM50,000 Should the payor suffers upon death RM50,000 annual limit upon death due to acci- any of these two: Portion of the money (of any cause) RM100 no claim bonus ( 36 CRITICAL ILNESS - dent TPD is invested in RM150 room Heart attack, cancer, Critical Illness + RM 2,000 stroke, kidney failure,etc) + cash value The contribution is waived DANA EKUITI (Khairat Kematian) till age 80 years old + Outpatient Coverage A) Protection Unit • Pre-hosp (30 days) B. RM20,000 Account Cash Value • Post-hosp (90 days) A. RM10,000 if TPD due to accident lump sum paymentTOTAL & PERMANENT • Home nursing care upon diagnosis of (180 days per life) DISABILITY • Day surgery critical illness C. OUTPATIENT B) Investment Unit • Cancer treatment + TREATMENT Account • Kidney Dialysis Reimburse actual charges of outpatient Others B. FREE treatment(s) up to • Guaranteed renewal Future premium is waived RM1,000 per year (Co- • International coverage till age 80 or death takaful of 10% applicable) C) Underwriting for 90 days each visit Surplus + D. MC Benefit -Surplus on Tabarru’ de- RM100 per week for MC duction (if any) is given to B. RM30,000 RM 100 daily taken due to accident participants.Upon Total Permanent Dis- Hospitalization allowance ability (TPD) due to sickness * This is a summary for marketing purpose only. Please refer to the Certificate Policy for the accurate one.