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My Resume


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My Resume

  1. 1. Subject: Application for Senior Sales Position. Attn To: Hr  Respected HR,  I introduce myself as a dynamic, adaptable, highly motivated Senior Sales professional with a passion for sales and business development. I have worked with top MNC organizations like Dell and Monster Gulf, where I have gained invaluable experience in International Sales, Marketing and Business development.  With my diversified experience I bring with me exceptional sales negotiation, value building and relationship building skills. Throughout my sales career of past 5 years I have delivered an average of over 100 %. I have made great contributions to the organizations where I have worked and have been a valuable asset for them. With my vast experience I have implemented business strategies and marketing activities which have contributed to the growth of the business of these organizations.  I have excellent knowledge on how to handle tough bottle neck sales situations, customer engagement strategies, marketing activities, sales forecasting and pipeline management. I am an individual with exceptional integrity, commitment and sales attitude; I strongly believe that success is a factor of commitment, persistence and hard work. My exceptional Sales attitude differentiates me from the crowd and my consistent sales performance is a testimonial to my passion for Sales. With 5 years of work experience I look forward to a Senior Sales position in your esteemed organization. Thanking You,Mohd Talha Cell: + 91 9985184606Email:             <br />
  2. 2. Resume<br /> <br />Name: Mohd Talha Jawad<br />Marital Status: Married<br />Date of birth: 23 October 1981<br />Cell Number: + 91 9985184606<br />E Mail :<br /> I introduce myself as dynamic sales professional with a consistent track record; I have a passion for Sales and business development and have gained invaluable experience in sales working for top organizations like Dell and Monster Gulf. I have implemented aggressive marketing and sales strategies to grow the business of these organizations through email, telephone and on site interaction with clients. My key strengths which differentiates me from the crowd are integrity, commitment, hard work and exceptional sales attitude. I am an excellent motivator, team player, quick learner and highly adaptable to diversified work culture in the corporate environment. With over 5 years of work experience, I am now looking to transition to new challenging roles as a Senior Professional in Sales and Business development. <br />Core Competencies:<br /><ul><li> Strategic Account Management
  3. 3. Relationship Business with B2B Clients
  4. 4. Strong presentation ,negotiation and communication skills
  5. 5. Cold Calling, Prospecting, Need Analysis and Business development
  6. 6. Working with key decision makers.
  7. 7. Out of the box creative thinking.
  8. 8. Setting up appointments and meetings over the phone with key decision makers
  9. 9. Build long term customer relationships
  10. 10. Consistently provide world class customer service
  11. 11. Effectively builds customer confidence by taking personal ownership.
  12. 12. Quick learner, great business acumen and customer centric approach.
  13. 13. Highly adaptable to change and able to handle pressure.
  14. 14. Responsible for complete sales cycle from demonstration till closing the sale.</li></ul> <br /> <br />Career Summary<br /> <br /> –APAC Middle East (June 2008 – Till Date) Hyderabad, India <br />Senior Account Manager <br />Currently handle Monster’s portfolio of Key Accounts, Small and Medium Enterprise customers.<br />Excellent knowledge of Internet Marketing and solution selling.<br />Contacted companies and worked through reception to reach key decision makers and set up appointments. <br />Use online demonstration tools like WEBEX to conduct live meetings and product presentations over the internet.<br />Responsible for complete sales cycle from demonstration, closure and collection of sale. <br />Worked closely with Recruiters, Hr Managers and Decision makers in implementing recruitment strategies.<br />Establishing a relationship business with existing clients by building long lasting relationships.<br />Achieving Sales targets set by management by renewing existing relationships and adding new clients to Monster’s customer portfolio. <br />Handle a Customer account base of around 300 customers.<br />
  15. 15. Identifying Key Decision Makers, Influencers and End Users through cold calling and emailing.<br />Establishing multiple contacts and organizational hierarchy through constructive calling methods.<br /> Marketing through cold calling, email and fax correspondence.<br />Working with clients to design new recruitment strategies and Job Seeker engagements.<br />Prepare Power Point Presentations, Marketing material and professional email correspondence.<br />Took ownership of Accounts after the fact through excellent customer service and closely worked with clients to build trust and loyalty to Monster services.<br />Overachieved Sales targets consistently, hit YTD numbers and brought total business worth USD 280,000 in 2009.<br />Awards and recognition:<br />Was recognized for consistent performance in 2009 for achieving target for 3 consecutive quarters<br />Part of Monster’s Super Star Club for consistent performance <br />Recognized as top performer in Q2 2009 for achieving 163 % of sales target – generating 90,000 USD in revenue.<br />Over achieved YTD number and achieved total business worth 280,000 USD. <br />Dell – Canada (March 2005 – June 2008) Hyderabad, India<br />Senior Sales Representative<br />Customizing computer system for both for Home and Business customers. <br />Need Analysis, probing and up sell of customers by building value.<br />Handling customer escalations and resolving issues within a specified time frame. <br />Providing up-to-date information to customers on Dell products and also third party software and peripherals. <br />Calling existing customers from database and selling Dell Warranty and Technical Support solutions to customers. <br />Consistently achieving sales revenue and margin targets <br />Educating new hires about Dell’s business and assisting them with process knowledge. <br />Handling customer payment and delivery issues by getting in touch with various departments in Dell via email and telephone correspondence.<br />Taking initiatives in selling new concepts to customers and boosting team morale by sharing best practices. <br />Regular one on one session with top management for feed back on improving company business strategies.<br />Escalating any suspicious orders and verifying the genuineness of the customer and hence preventing fraud and saving valuable company revenue. <br />Providing customer feed back to top management and giving new suggestions for improving business and customer experience.<br />Creating new opportunities for business transactions by establishing a relationship with business customers and providing a great customer experience.<br />Generating more revenue and margin by means of cross selling and up selling customers, creating revenue and margin funnel to consistently achieve and over achieve targets. <br />Handling a large customer base of around 30-50 customers on a daily basis. <br />Completing large volume of work within a specified time frame, and providing the best customer experience. <br />Setting the right expectation to the customer at all times thereby creating good customer experience and maintaining customer’s loyalty towards Dell.<br />Keeping track of sales revenue and margin target and verifying it in relation to “Demand” and “shipped” revenue and accordingly planning for the day. <br />Representing a single point of contact for the customer in regards to the payment, sale and delivery of the computer. <br />Handled a total business worth USD 36, 00 000 with volumes ranging between 30-50 orders per day.<br />
  16. 16.  <br />Awards and recognition:<br />Dell Financial Services champion of the quarter Q3 FY’06<br />Rated Exceptional Performer for the Mid Year review August 2006. <br />Rated Valued Performer for End of Year review March 2007.<br />Rated Valued Performer for End of Year review March review 2006.<br />Rated Valued Performer for Mid Year review Aug 2005.<br />Recognized for consistency in up selling and generating revenues, margins contributing towards profitability of the company.<br />Appreciated for good product and technical knowledge.<br />Skill Set: <br />Strong analytical and conflict resolution skill. <br />Good interpersonal and communication skill.<br />Polite, courteous and patient individual. <br />Excellent sales forecasting and pipeline management skills.<br />Able to penetrate large and small organizations identifying key decision makers.<br />Belief in discipline, morale values and culture. <br />Believe in setting the right expectation at all times. <br />Ability to efficiently work in teams and multi task for the best result of the organization.<br />Always focused towards organizational goals and my individual contribution towards it. <br />Good selling skills and able to speak the customer’s language.<br />Good time management skills and organized individual with work discipline. <br />Ability to work under pressure and deliver results suitable to organizational goals.<br />Always have a well planned, scheduled day to day work plan and work in coordination with it to deliver the best result for the company. <br />Bold, Confident and honest individual. <br />Solid Ms Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook Skills. <br />Excellent knowledge of Internet as a resource of information. <br />Familiar with business networking sites like LinkedIn<br /> <br />Qualification:<br />Shadan College of Engineering and technology, Hyd, India.<br /> Electronics and Communication, (2004) – Engineer<br /> <br />I hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and given an opportunity to work for your esteemed organization I will deliver results to the best of my ability<br />Mohd Talha Jawad Ishaque<br />