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Monster Innovation In Recruitment


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Monster Innovation In Recruitment

  1. 1. Presented By,Mohammad Talha JawadLarge Account Manager –Monster GulfDirect Telephone: +91-40-6611-6865Mobile +91-8801422250Email: 1
  2. 2. Monster Gulf – Your best choice for recruitment in the Middle East Global Presence •Monster has presence in 50+ Countries Monster has quality talent •2.6 Million registered job seekers in the Middle East •Over 60,000 resumes added every month •Quality of Resumes unmatched at Monster in the Industry Faster and Simpler hiring •World-Class search technology to find the best matched profiles. Right candidate is just a click away •Revolutionary „Job Application Screener‟- Screens all unwanted job applications, saving your precious time. •Monster NXT- Simpler and user friendly interface using theAt Monster our constant endeavor is to find the right candidates for best practice of web 2.0you. It is a promise that we have made to you and most importantly to Economical Hiringourselves. In fact, it is our passion- finding the right candidates – No •Recruitment solutions that are 100% targeted with 0%Matter What. wastageMonster‟s Innovation in Recruitment:•Summer 2011: In June, Monster released BeKnown™, a professional networking application for Facebookusers, letting employers mine Facebook’s approximately 750 million users -To know More Click Here• Monster’s patented search “6Sense semantic search technology” lets employers target candidates with specificskills and industry.
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  5. 5. Social Recruiting the latest trend in recruitment 5
  6. 6. How is Monster working with SocialRecruitment ? 6
  7. 7. Advantages for our customers with our partnership:Grow your talent pipeline Create an impact with 750 million users on FACEBOOK 7
  8. 8. Monster adds value to your business today.Minimum Effort Increased productivity and maximum profitability 8
  9. 9. At Monster we do anything to get you theright candidates .We look forward to a mutually beneficial association with yourorganization provided an opportunity. Presented By, Mohammad Talha Jawad Account Manager –Monster Gulf Direct Telephone: +91-40-6611-6865 Mobile +91-8801422250 Email: Thank You 9