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Quadruple Group Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Quadruple Group Presentation

  1. 1. What happens when 4 guys,with a drive to be entrepreneurs get together?
  2. 2. What happens when 4 guys,with a drive to be entrepreneurs get together?
  3. 3. They quadrupletheir thoughts.
  4. 4. They quadruple their skills.
  5. 5. They quadruple their connections.
  6. 6. They quadrupletheir resources.
  7. 7. And since its 4 of them,they’re naturally called Quadruple.
  8. 8. What started off as a 4 member team has now grown to become a 80 member strong organisation diversified intothree niche business domains and is still growing.
  9. 9. The global slow-downdidnt slow down these 4 men from fulfilling their dream.
  10. 10. These first gen entrepreneurs are inspired to inspire… motivated to motivate…
  11. 11. Growth
  12. 12. Every year a new milestone has been planned and achieved.YEAR MILESTONES2008 – 2009 Quadruple (Partnership firm)2009 – 2010 Quadruple Business Services Private Limited Quadruple Educonnect (Partnership firm)2010 – 2011 Quadruple Education Network Private Limited (1st April 2011) Quadruple Automation Services Private Limited (1st April 2011) Initiated ISO Process2011 – 2012 ESOP (Employee Share Option Plan) LEDP (Leadership Excellence Development Programme) C&IP (Creativity and Innovation Programme)
  13. 13. ESOPEmployees completing three years of successful existence with Quadruple Group are eligible for Employee Share option Plan.
  14. 14. Quadruple’s strength and focus are its people and business valuesNurturing leaders within the organisation (LEDP)Equal opportunities for allNew thinking and ideas encouraged (C&IP)Socially concerned group (CSR initiatives)Employee oriented (all the welfare measures extended to the resources)
  15. 15. QBS – the mother ship Staffing team..believes in connecting the right people to the right place. Our team of experts help business to find the right job or the right resource. Technology team (Java, DotNet, PhP, Design) ..offers a host of technological solutions that not only reduce cost and increase productivity but also align perfectly with client business thus doubling their growth and mitigating risks.
  16. 16. QAS – the spin off QAS was formed as a result of a Spin-Off from itsparent company, Quadruple Business Services(QBS) with its core focus on the design, deployment and maintenance of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).
  17. 17. QEN – the social responsibility To engage with the Indian youth To bridge the gap between corporate and academia of the country To bring about strong and sure social change
  18. 18. Vision To become a global organisation withunparalleled processes and diversification.
  19. 19. MissionTo Evolve - as a Business leader in every engagement. Whether it be in theservices that we offer or the technology that we develop, we arecontinuously striving to re invent ourselves into a more efficientorganization.To Seek - We are on a mission to seek out core sectors in the market whichhave requirements and equip ourselves to match these requirements.To Find - We always want to find you, the perfect place, the perfect resourceor the perfect technology solution.To look - beyond the trends of this business and prudently get prepared fortomorrow.Not to Yield -We respect people and honour our relationships. We will notyield to pressures of the market or competition if it involves compromisingon our core values of honesty and integrity.
  20. 20. Values of the organisationEthics - Being Righteous in every engagement with great amount of oneness.Business Intelligence - Comprehensive Business Intelligence & at abreast inevery engagement.Creativity - Always try to adopt the out-of-the-box approach by beinginnovative.Excellence - Never get compromised to anything less than excellence.Value and Respect every Individuals aspirations - We help all our associates torealize every dream come true because we respect every individual.Always create a win-win status - We are fascinated with success but morefascinated when we make our associates, Partners, Clients, Employees attaintheir success.
  21. 21. Clients
  22. 22. Clients
  23. 23. Future... Our progress is continuous… We evolve and are constantly evolving…We’d like to leave our footprints for aspiringentrepreneurs to realise their own destiny…
  24. 24. Thank You