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AtomPub, beyond blogs


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A presentation by Mohanaraj Gopala Krishnan at barcamp Malaysia 2008.

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AtomPub, beyond blogs

  1. 1. AtomPub, beyond blogs Using the AtomPub protocol as the base of your Web API
  2. 2. Questions for you • Are you familiar with HTTP (Methods, Status codes etc) ? • Are you familiar with Web Services/APIs? • Are you familiar with AtomPub? • Have you developed a web service before ? • Have you used/written WS-* ? • Have used/written AtomPub ?
  3. 3. Your mission - Build a web service that:
  4. 4. • Speaks HTTP, across the Internet • Is scalable and robust
  5. 5. • Caters to heterogeneous clients (browsers, terminals, other web services ) •Language neutral (Java,PHP,Perl,Python, Ruby and god forbid C , C++ ;))
  6. 6. Options ? (Architecture - wise)