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Home town sustainability


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Home town sustainability

  1. 1. Home Town Sustainability Name : Mohanad Jaafar Talib
  2. 2. BAGHDAD is the capital city of iraq and one of the most ancient and famous cities in the world
  3. 3. biodiversity Baghdad have a nice biodiversity because it's contain tigris river beside that its contain a lot of birds kinds.
  4. 4. Health and Health care the health care degree in my hometown is not bad but need to more improvement with modern devices. we have many hospitals in Baghdad and a small clinics in every area in Baghdad that makes the people feel comfort to reach medical center and have their medical treatment and there is a program to make mobility clinics divide Baghdad to small areas to make check up for most of people and to make survey what is the diseases spread in this time. That program with cooperation with static ministry
  5. 5. green spaces after the financial revolution in Iraq last 10 years. The people started to invest in real estate, so most of people start to move to places near their jobs or near to city center. That make the owners in city center invest the green spaces inside their houses and built it. So its rare to see green spaces in city center especially in resident areas. But there are a little green parks in Baghdad to balance the green spaces in Baghdad and the areas around it.
  6. 6. Climate change Basically in Iraq we have two seasons : hot dry summer and cold winter and now start to change because of air pollution and the lack of green spaces that plays the main rules to change climate in Iraq. Beside that the lack in green spaces make the sand and dust inter to the city in large quantities so its probable to see sand or dust storm in Baghdad
  7. 7. Food My hometown have a big variation in food types and its contain a mix of people from north and south of Iraq so we have many types of foods in my hometown
  8. 8. Economic base Economic base start to refresh in my country before 10 years ago and the central bank of Iraq start a new strategy to increase dinar value in compare with dollar but it's still so slow. Before 10 years ago the investment start with big companies to develop the economic base and make it be higher than the past.
  9. 9. Employment The types of jobs in my hometown divided into two types: first one is work with government most of people work in this field and the second type is private companies in this type of work the people who have a good experience work. So there is a competitive between private companies and government ministries and its provide a large number of job vacancies in my home town.