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Mohanad_Ghali_CV_7_10_2013 (3)


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Mohanad_Ghali_CV_7_10_2013 (3)

  1. 1. 1 Mohanad Ghali Ali 69 th Kaab bn Malek St, Al-Narges 6 –Al-Tagamoa’ Al-Khames Cairo. Gender: Male ▪ Military status: Exempted Marital status: Single ▪ Birth of Date: 23 Jan 1989 Contact Tel : 01004004454 e-mail : Profile Objective Seeking a challenging and outstanding job opportunity in the domain of computer programming which will increase my added value and accumulative experience in the field. Education 2006-2010 B. SC. In Computer & Information systems Faculty of Computer Science - Helwan University Accumulative Grade: Very Good 2003-2006 El-Watanya Secondary School, State Of Kuwait Major Projects Title Source Controlling and management System Supervisor Dr. Amal Abou Tabl Abstract Grade In many work areas where people work on the same files, managers and workers often encounter difficulties integrating their work with others’. This leads to project integration being a cumbersome task. The goal of the project is to develop a solution for facilitating the project integration process and management Excellent Work Experience Vodafone – VIS(vodafone international services (Current Position) Title : Telecom Software Developer Iam Responsible for: o Gather / Analyze requirements with commercial / BA teams. o Applying agile methodology in the following: ◦ Estimate development effort ◦ Software / Database Design ◦ Software implementation using different technologies. ◦ Deliver / deploy in time. Projects: • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) (Currently working stream) § ThingWorx Training in Vodafone Portugal : to work in M2M Vodafone connected Cabinet project § M2M Digital Signage Porject Worked with Vodafone Group M2M team to develop “Digital Signage” application to demonstrate capabilities of “MachineLine 3G Plus” (Vodafone M2M device), to be presented in Mobile Wold Congress 2015 (MWC) in Barcelona, which I count as a big success story for me. • VAS Investigator A products to facilitate recurring operations by formatting them in a work-flow using drag-and-drop user interface which can be executed using simple RESTful API and can communicate with external systems using different protocols and do logical checks, Our first customer for this product was Vodafone Egypt operation team. • Radio tooling Our team has developed set of tools for radio teams (Integration, Operation) in Vodafone Egypt, which helped me a lot to understand network structure and needs of radio teams.
  2. 2. 2 • Mobile Advertisement Platform Key product which features 3 different campaign types (SMS, Email, Dial out) with different types of reports. • TNPS Worked with Vodafone Ireland to deliver a TNPS solution which is based in Mobile Advertisement Platform, They asked for a tool for sending SMS-based surveys for rating their services with rich reporting capabilities. • Vodafone Smart Meter Another application for M2M was Vodafone Smart Meter, which was presented by Vodafone Egypt in “Cairo ICT 2014”, a web application that integrates with electrical smart meter and provide 3 main smart features (monitor, control, and report) Etisalat Egypt outsourced from shuraTech From APR 2013 to JAN 2014 Title: Senior Software Developer • Using Java SE, Java EE, JSF,EJP,JPA, Oracle SQL and Oracle Pl/SQL Projects: Worked on the following projects in Etisalat Egypt. § MNP : MNP stands for Mobil Number Portability. It is the responsible system about porting in and out a dial from Etisalat to other operators. § § Etisalat Loyalty Program : Etisalat Loyalty Program is Points based loyalty program where subscribed customers accumulate points. Roles: - Develop web services using Java EE 6 and integrate with other modules. - Automate accumulation point processes. - Database enhancement. - Analysis and implement new solutions for loyalty system. - Handling Application deployment. - Trouble shooting Application issues. § SPOC Incentive : its java engine application responsible to add points for Corporate’s Dealers according to some KPIS § Sales Desktop Application: its IPhone mobile application for sales men in Etisalat. ASSET Technology Group Dec 2010 to Apr 2013 Title: Senior Software Developer • Using Java SE, Java EE, Struts, Oracle SQL and Oracle Pl/SQL to create highly available, complex yet with high performance and quality product to Vodafone Egypt and HSBC Bank. • During my working period I have contributed in creating many products from scratch and contributed in the modification of other products. • These products required great accuracy ,as it is dealing with money, high grind of optimization to achieve the required performance and availability requirements Projects: Worked on the following projects in Asset Technology group
  3. 3. 3 § Central Bank Of Egypt - Negative List The application is responsible for generating a monthly report that contains all customers who didn't pay the minimum amounts for their facilities (Credit Cards, Loans) for certain period. The application’s main responsibilities: 1- Extract Data from different External Systems 2- Manipulate the data using predefined business rules 3- Generate Negative List Report Role : Software Developer Technologies : Java , Struts , PL/SQL § CBE – MFR Central Bank Of Egypt - Monthly Facilities Report The application’s main objective is generating the MFR report monthly for Credit department to be provided later to Central Bank of Egypt. The MFR report contains all facilitates provided by HSBC Egypt to all Customers above a certain limit. The application extracts customers' data from the Core Banking System and manipulate/calculate where and how to report/represent this customer's facilities according to predefined business rules. Also the application includes a web-interface to facilitate the employee’s work by viewing/editing/deleting records from different reports. Role : Software Developer Technologies : Java , Struts , PL/SQL § "Rassed Extra" widely known as “SALEFNY Shokran” “Salefny Shokran” is considered one of the most innovative & reputable prepaid services in Vodafone Egypt. The customers with low balance use the service to borrow AIR time, and the borrowed amount is automatically refunded to Vodafone once the customer recharges his balance. Role: Software Developer Technologies : Java , Struts , PL/SQL § Balance Transfer System for Vodafone Customers (BT) This project is considered one of the most valuable services for all customers in Vodafone Egypt. Role : Software Developer Technologies : Java , Struts , PL/SQL,Active M Queues § Welcome SMS and Pre-welcome This project is considered one of the most valuable services for all customers in Vodafone Egypt. Role : Software Developer Technologies : Java , Struts , PL/SQL, Advanced Queues § ADSL Pro - Your Gateway to the Vodafone Adsl Network : The Adsl Pro is an application that enables the Customer Care to perform provisioning operations on the Vodafone Adsl network. The program connects to the Vodafone network of Dslams and Brases to configure the customers on the network based on the request criteria submitted by the Customer Care. Users are able to submit new requests, browse in the requests history, export the history in an excel sheet or upload a batch of requests in an excel sheet. Role: Software Developer Technologies: Java, Struts, PL/SQL, Socket Programming. SNMP protocol ESE-itd Aug 2010 – Nov 2010 Title: Java Developer College projects Experience : July 2006 – Jul 2010 Algorithms and AI: Cross word • Techniques used : C#.Net. • IDE: Visual studio 2005. A full functional game called “multi game”. • Techniques used : Adope Flash and action script.
  4. 4. 4 Software engineering: Developing logic design software called “Logic Designer” to facilitate studying • Electronics, Digital Design and Computer Architecture courses for FCI students. § System Analysis & Design: Analyzing a System in Aero Angels for educational purpose. § Designing a logic computer component “shift register”. § Assisting in some other projects and applications. § Java script compiler using C# § AI game : lines game using java § Knapsack problem solution using genetic algorithm § 3D game using XNA § 2D game using XNA. Certificates June 2011 Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (Java SE 6) – Score 100% July 2008: Oct 2008 Cisco certificate Network Associate Conceptual Knowledge § Deep understanding of Object Oriented Programming § Deep understanding of Database design concepts § J2EE design concepts. § Good understanding of Software Engineering UML fundamentals, System Analysis and design techniques. Technical Skills Programming Languages & Frameworks § J2SE § Oracle PL/SQL § Struts § JSF 2 § JSP & Servlets § HTML § Java Script § Web service xml § Web Services § CSS § C#.NET § C++ § Objective C (for IPhone mobile applications) Integrated Development Environments § Jdeveloper 10 § Net Beans § Eclipse § TurboC J2EE Containers § Apache Tomcat § IBM Web Sphere Application Server § Oracle Weblogic 10.1 Extracurricular Activities § Member in Resalah charitable Association § Member in ma'an human development team § Member in Abd El Monem El Sawy culture wheel. § Member in Zedni Human Development Team § Member in Sea Scout team in Kuwait 1996 to 2004 attending regional and international camps ,competitions and marathons
  5. 5. 5 Languages Arabic (native) English (fluent ) Personal Soft Skills § Work under Pressure. § Good presentation skills § Structured thinking. Persistent in finding solutions to challenging problems. § Fast learner, seeking challenge and creativity § Team spirit. § Good Communication skills