The art of supportive leadership


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The art of supportive leadership

  1. 1. The art ofsupportive leadership
  2. 2. Leadership leads people Never drive them
  3. 3. People much moreimportant than anything Your conviction make people persuade you
  4. 4. Your vision should inspire them Not your angry commands
  5. 5. Leadership means involving others
  6. 6. Vision is primary Action is secondary
  7. 7. Leadership is an Art Should be learned and appliedsensitively…it is not to be confused with mere position
  8. 8. Leadership is not a ego game
  9. 9. Leadership meanscultivating people Not abstractions
  10. 10. Self importance in aleader is self-defeating
  11. 11. The spirit of a group reflects the spirit of its leadership
  12. 12. The ego is an aidIf its energy-flow is toward the job tobe done rather than inward upon itself
  13. 13. Genuine leadershipdemands a resposibility Not of glamour
  14. 14. Responsibility means thinking in termsNot of credit or blame, nor of howone might feel, personally in any given situation
  15. 15. Accepting responsibility Means accepting the duty to find creative answers
  16. 16. Be ready to accept responsibility For failure as for success
  17. 17. Concentrate on the longer rhythms in any project Not on temporary ups and downs
  18. 18. Be not so much concernedwith opinions of others as with the truth
  19. 19. Be concerned with action with getting job done Not with praise or blame, nor with your personal reactions..
  20. 20. Set aside personal desires Consider the feelings of others
  21. 21. Leadership needs openness to the feelings of others After all The welfare is the job of leader..
  22. 22. Leadership means service Don’t give too much attention to the position rather than function of leadership
  23. 23. Gain the respect from your followers By your skills
  24. 24. Humility is more important in a leader Than any medal for achievement
  25. 25. Humility is self-honesty Mahatma gandhi used to travel in 3rd class during his train travel
  26. 26. Give your credit to god As well as your blames
  27. 27. Work with people as they are Not as you would like them to be
  28. 28. Be patientUnderstand that it takes time to bring people to new points of view
  29. 29. To win loyalty, be loyal yourselfIf you want to win guru…you have to become guru…
  30. 30. To win love, first give love yourself
  31. 31. In correcting someone first consider his readiness To hear what you have to say
  32. 32. Common sense is willingness to learn from experience So use your common sense
  33. 33. Perfection in humanbehaviour is not a thing, but a direction
  34. 34. Be willing to admit your mistakes
  35. 35. Be open to other points of view They can prove better than your own
  36. 36. Leadership means action Not only giving ideas
  37. 37. Action generates creativity Also common sense
  38. 38. Encourage to strengthen their creativity and leadership
  39. 39. Allow them to learn from their mistakes Best to way to learn
  40. 40. Be willing to compromise Don’t ask more of people than they are able to deliver.. if u want stretch their horizon gradually
  41. 41. Never assign any job thatyou wouldn’t be willing to do yourself
  42. 42. Invite others support To become more powerful
  43. 43. Work with people’s strengthsDon’t think about their weakness
  44. 44. Never speak from your own emotions or private prejudices But always from sense of justice , fairness, and truth
  45. 45. True successDreams can be destroyed ,,but never energy itself
  46. 46. Work as much as possible through others Not directly yourself