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Lord Krishna and Transcendental Destiny


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Lecture on Bhagavad-Gita 1st and Last Verses

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Lord Krishna and Transcendental Destiny

  1. 1. Lord Krishna Transcendental Destiny
  2. 2. What will Happen? • Everyone is busy in day to day living meeting the needs of mundane life. – Mundane in the sense that these activities are for the fulfillment of material needs. • In this way we are all preparing for the next segment of time. – We ask: ‘What will Happen?’ – Indeed that is an important question, however there is a transcendental understanding underlining this ideal. An ideal we can all attain.
  3. 3. God is in Charge… • In the ancient classic text of Bhagavad-Gita this kind of questioning is asked in the opening verse of the great poem. • King Dhratarasta asks: – On the place of pilgrimage Kurukshetra – What did my sons and the sons of Pandu do? • This question implies concern for what happens next, we all can relate to times when we felt fear for the future.
  4. 4. Fear not Destiny… • Many persons collect earnings, goods, or services in the process of making comfortable life. • At this time such personages think not about the ideal goal, service to God. • This type of thinking leverages that Man is in charge of the events of the future when this is simply not so.
  5. 5. Man Proposes, God Disposes • Every facet of Creation is operating under the supreme will of Lord Krishna. • Krishna is a name for God, meaning that He is an All- Inclusive Attractive. – He is an Attraction and an Attractor • This Holy Name for God has been favored throughout antiquity. • As Krishna, an All-Inclusive Attractor, He posses Transcendental Qualities that are Unlimited and Supreme.
  6. 6. Krishna, The Master of Mystics • Krishna literally means that God possesses unlimited transcendental qualities:  – These potencies are categorized as… • Beauty • Opulence • Fame • Knowledge • Power • Renunciation • Krishna is the supreme representative and supreme master of transcendental potencies
  7. 7. There is an answer… • When King Dhratarastra asks his secretary Sanjaya, the question “What did they do?” • The prediction was issued to the King, that wherever there is Krishna, The Master of Mystics and wherever there is Arjuna, The Supreme Archer, there will certainly also be, Opulence, Victory, Extraordinary Power, and Morality. • When One asks the question ‘What will Happen?’ the answer is that God (also known as Krishna) will Supersede the situation whatever that may be.
  8. 8. Questions and Answers • The Classic Sanskrit Text ‘Bhagavad- Gita’ delineates knowledge derived from the Exalted Historical Personality, Shri Krishna, who appeared on earth roughly 5,000 Years ago. • During that time he Imparted the knowledge to His dear friend Arjuna to instruct the world the imperishable science of self realization that can be achieved by surrender and service to God, Krishna. • The Book ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ is widely accepted for its Timeless Knowledge and Wisdom, and imparts the Intimate Devotional Process for Connecting to God, Krishna.
  9. 9. Bhagavat-Gita is For Everyone • Even if you are an avid reader of other sacred texts such as the Bible, or Koran,  it is advised to also read Bhagavad-Gita in order to develop further scientific understanding of the nature of the Soul, God, and the process of Devotion. • Simply Become a Humble Inquisitor and seek out the truth behind the process of Bhakta-Yoga, (Yoga practiced out of Love) and realize the prediction and perfect answer for ‘What will Happen?’ by actively connecting to the Transcendental Reality of Krishna’s Unlimited Mystic Potency.
  10. 10. Devotion is ‘Of the Heart’ • As you learn more and more about Bhagavad-Gita your heart will become further connected to God, Sri Krishna. • From this heart connection you will feel love and the desire to serve Sri-Bhagavan. • From the desire to love and serve Krishna one will naturally surrender to him and become ever more ‘A Transcendental Lover of Krishna’. – Hare Krishna, • Devananda Dasa.