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conserve water


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save water

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conserve water

  2. 2. Did you know that the water you drank this morning might have been the same water a dinosaur drank millions of years ago? There is the same amount of water on Earth today as there has always been. The water keeps moving around in an endless cycle called the water cycle.
  3. 3. Water and health • The body is comprised of 75%of water. • We cannot live without water for more than 24 hours. • 1.8 million people die from diarrhoeal death where 90% are children. • 88% is attributed to unsafe water supply, inadequate sanitation and hygiene.
  4. 4. How water is linked to health • Drinking dirty water leads to ill health. • Unclean water sources like latrines near hand pumps or taps can contaminate the water from the ground. • Not washing hands before eating.
  5. 5. How to avoid health problems … • Protect all drinking water sources • Drink water from only protected water sources • Wash hands after going to the toilet • Use toilets – don’t openly defecate • Wash hands before eating • Wash vegetables well before cooking • Cover all food
  6. 6. Do you know …..
  7. 7. In 1955, an Indian citizen had 5000 cubic meters of water at her disposal. Today she has less than 1500 and it will get lesser in the future. • More than 1 billion people in the world have no access to improved water sources and nearly 2/3 live in Asia.
  8. 8. Saving water starts with you!!..
  9. 9. • Time your shower to keep it under 5 minutes. You'll save up to 4000 ltrs a month. • When you give your pet fresh water, don't throw the old water down the drain. Use it to water your trees or shrubs. • When you are washing your hands, don't let the water run while you lather.
  10. 10. •Do one thing every day that will save water. REMEMBER – every drop counts
  11. 11. Do you know how much water it takes to … Bath 50 lts Brushing teeth with tap running 6 lts per min Brushing teeth with water from mug 1 lt Dripping tap 140 lts per week Washing machines 65 lts
  12. 12. Our duty is to see that we can get enough water to use and also have some left for the future.
  13. 13. YYoouu ccaann ddoo ssoommeetthhiinngg ttoo ssaavvee tthhee eennvviirroonnmmeenntt Save Water : Reduce the demands on scarce and ground water sources. •Stored water can be used in non monsoon months.
  14. 14. Reduces erosion and storm water run-off •Saves natural resource presently wasted •Prevents ground water depletion
  15. 15. •Supports water conservation & self-dependence •Stores water that would otherwise lead to flooding.
  16. 16. How do we harvest rain? Simple ….
  17. 17. Catch it in anything that holds waters. Once you have a container, simply put a tank/drum beneath where the rainwater runs off your roof and you have started harvesting.
  18. 18. Precipitation
  19. 19. Methods of saving water Rain water harvesting in Chennai and Bangalore
  20. 20. What schools can do … • Form committees for drinking water and sanitation • These committees will be in charge of the school and see that the drinking water areas and toilets are maintained well. • Ensure that the school practices water conservation and water harvesting • Have exhibitions in their own schools for the neighborhood