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Andrew goodwin


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Andrew goodwin

  1. 1.  Andrew Goodwin stated that there are 6 different ideologies that consist throughout a music video
  2. 2.  Music video demonstrate genre characteristics ( stage performance and dance routines) As revealed in the print screen of the video there is a choreographed routine throughout the video of Sugababes ‘push a button’ this is a typical convention of female pop bands.This print screen reveals the typicalconventions of pop music tracksand there consistent choreographedroutines. This is revealed throughmany pop and RnB bands.
  3. 3. A relationship between lyrics and visuals which is either illustrative , amplifying or contradicting. This particularly refers to the way in which the lyrics of the sons are presented on screen This is revealing when the lyrics go with the visuals that are being represented on screen. What is said in the music track is ‘ your legs hit the chandeliers’ and a chandler is revealed on screen at that moment. The lyrics therefore illustrate the visuals.Music trackT pain ‘ buy you adrank’
  4. 4.  A relationship between music and visuals, again in terms of whether this illustrates, amplifies or contradicts the music. This primarily refers to the ways in which the editing, beat of the music and timing are connected to what the audience is presented with on screen.
  5. 5.  The demands of the record label and how the video is likely to include the needs of lots of close up shots of the artist. Further more, the artist may develop a motif within the video ( a constant visual) which can be displayed subtly or more prominently. The video ‘no scrubs’ by tlc the group is visually revealed independently throughout there video with close ups and this is done to individualise every member of the group.
  6. 6.  There is frequently a notion of looking e.g whilst looking through a camera, screen within a screen and particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body. This is usually presented through a variety of different body shots which depicts he women as being sexually objectified.Goodwin states that throughoutmany of the video there are effectthat consist of looking atsomething from a different of the visions that is revealedin the video ‘ayo technology’ byJustin Timberlake the vision isrevealed through a sniper scope. Here in 50 cents video ‘in the club’ the lyrics start with the audience looking through a peek whole.
  7. 7.  Intertexuality if often used, in reference top films, television programmes and other music videos.