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Model lesson "Holidays"


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A demo lesson for Grade 9

Published in: Education
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Model lesson "Holidays"

  1. 1. Ministry of Education AL-Jahra Educational Area Abdullah AL-Sanea Inter. School Presented by: Mr. Ahmed Fathy EL-Hadeedy. Senior teacher: Mr. Mohammed Abdul-Azeem. Principal: Mr. Mohammed Ebraheem AL-Sawaan. Inspector: Mr. Rushdy Tawfeek.
  2. 2. T: Do you enjoy going on holidays, Fahd? Fahd: Yes, I enjoy going on holidays. T: Fahd said that he enjoyed going on holidays
  3. 3. New vocabulary Mark To celebrate an important occasion.
  4. 4. derive To come from something else.
  5. 5. range To include different things or people.
  6. 6. solemn Done in a very serious way.
  7. 7. Joyous Very happy or makes people very happy.
  8. 8. To be all around someone or something.
  9. 9. Satisfaction A feeling of happiness because you have achieved or got something.
  10. 10. Relax To spend time resting or doing something for pleasure.
  11. 11. Feasting A large meal in celebration of something.
  12. 12. 1-What is the original meaning of the word holiday? 2-What are the types of holidays?
  13. 13. A holiday is a special day marking a special event. The word holiday derives from The two words holy and day, and means a day to offer prayers or celebrate a religious event. There are many types of holidays, such as religious or national and personal vacations.
  14. 14. How do people celebrate their holidays?
  15. 15. People can celebrate their holidays in different ways. These can range from solemn fasting and praying to joyous feasting and noisy marching. People may choose to send a card or flowers, or make a phone call. Or they may decide to offer an original or expensive gift.
  16. 16. How do people spend their holidays?
  17. 17. People choose how to spend theirPeople choose how to spend their holidays to suit their liking, preferencesholidays to suit their liking, preferences and ambitions. Some people like to visitand ambitions. Some people like to visit busy cities or historical sites; others preferbusy cities or historical sites; others prefer the peaceful countryside. Some choose athe peaceful countryside. Some choose a summer vacation to relax on the beach,summer vacation to relax on the beach, others a winter one to be surrounded byothers a winter one to be surrounded by snow. Some like to go on holiday alone ,snow. Some like to go on holiday alone , although most people prefer to go onalthough most people prefer to go on holiday with friends or with familyholiday with friends or with family members.members.
  18. 18. Holidays are often remembered with joy andHolidays are often remembered with joy and satisfaction. So, take time and plan yoursatisfaction. So, take time and plan your favourite holidayfavourite holiday..
  19. 19. Which way of celebration is your favourite? Why?
  20. 20. Homework Write a short paragraph about: “A holiday you have never forgotten“