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PRMG045 - Spring 2015 Schedule


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Project Communications Management
Course Description and Spring 2015 Schedule

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PRMG045 - Spring 2015 Schedule

  1. 1. Project Communications Management Mohammad Tawfik AUC, Spring 2015
  2. 2. 2 2 February 2015 Course Objectives As a project manager, you are required to lead a group of people to accomplish targets set by the higher management. Further, you will need to go through the process of negotiating the project objectives and outcomes with subordinates, suppliers, and managers, all needing skillful tactics and understanding of the person or group you are talking to. In this course, you will learn the necessary tools to understand the people you are interacting with as well as the necessary skills for delivering your vision, persuading others to follow it, and convincing others of the accomplishments your team have made. Intended Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course, the attendee will be able to: 1. Distinguish between different character types 2. Identify best approach technique for different personalities 3. Apply techniques for building trust and persuasion with coworkers, suppliers, and managers 4. Build and deliver effective presentations 5. Apply techniques of effective leadership 6. Identify key habits that result in ineffective performance 7. Apply innovative techniques to changing team culture 8. Negotiate effectively in different project settings 9. Deliver messages in an effective form
  3. 3. 3 2 February 2015 Course Schedule Lecture # Topic ILO# Assign. 1 1/2/2015 Introduction The DISC personality model - ‎1 2 8/2/2015 The big five theory Building trust and influencing people ‎1 ‎2 Assignment #1 Due Personality 3 15/2/2015 Building trust and influencing people ‎2,‎3 4 22/2/2015 Increasing the effectiveness of your communications (Listen, connect, clarify) ‎4 5 1/3/2015 Capturing the attention of your audience What to say and what to display? ‎4 6 8/3/2015 Leadership and Motivation 5 Assignment #2 Due Listening and Speaking 7 15/3/2015 What not to do as a leader? ‎6 8 22/3/2015 Innovation ‎7 ‎1,‎7 Assignment #3 Due Motivational Presentation 9 29/3/2015 Delivering a message that stays with the audience ‎9 10 5/4/2015 Understanding Conflict ‎3,‎8 Assignment #4 Due Sticky Presentation 11 12/4/2015 Managing Group Meetings ‎1,‎3,‎8 12 19/4/2015 Negotiations for Conflict Management ‎1‎3,‎8 13 26/4/2015 Management roles in Conflict Management ‎3,‎8 14 3/5/2015 Moral and Cultural Conflicts ‎3,‎8 15 10/5/2015 - Assignment #5 Due Conflict Presentation