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News Letter 2010


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This newsletter of 2010 written by Mohammad Hassam Hanif. It`s explaining a wide range of features in LMS (Learning Management System). Please check out for further details.

Published in: Education, Technology
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News Letter 2010

  1. 1. Ensign`s NewsletterNewsletter Date July 10, 2010 by: Mohammad Hassam About EnsignInside This Issue Ensign is a Shaheen Foundation company which is backed by the Pakistan Air Force. Since inauguration, we have contributed1 About Ensign to the growth of Pakistan through various industries; our BPO1 e-Learning division has won numerous awards on a global level. Our professional staff has domain knowledge in the areas of2 Ensign LMS Information Technology, Multimedia, Instructional Design and2 Scrolex Content Development.2 Ensign Tutor Ensign is the pioneer of e-Learning in Pakistan. Our focus is to3 WebEx effectively integrate technology and content while helping our clients meet their educational and training needs. We offer a3 Games robust and comprehensive e-Learning tool to Institutions,3 Live Streaming Colleges and Universities.4 Live Chat Vision: Be a part of the educational system through the means of technology. Mission Statement: Deliver content and technology integrated e-Learning solutions to today’s tech savvy learners using the internet. Comprehensive and innovative online e-Learning courses e-Learning is a way to get your education without having to attend a conventional classroom. You take your courses from home via the computer. It is also referred to as distance learning. e-Learning has become the newest craze of the modern day society. With the technology of computers and the internet, e- Learning has become a way for people to get their education but do it on their own time and in their own homes. E-Learning is basically an internet based education that some schools provide in order to accommodate people who do not have the transportation, time or ability to get to an actual educational center. Following are the products we have in e-Learning.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 ENSIGN`S NEWSLETTER Ensign LMS The e-Learning division of Ensign has configured and deployed a sophisticated Learning Management System which caters to today’s tech savvy learners. As the pioneers of e-Learning in Pakistan, we aim to deliver interactive content to colleges and universities through the internet. Create, assign and evaluate interactive Administrators have the power to create, manage and track content engaging content which is delivered in a user friendly environment. Our e-Learning tool is an effective pay-per-use model that delivers rich content anytime and anywhere. See a faster return on your investment, as you propel over competition. Have the freedom create and upload educational and training material easily while decreasing training costs and lost work time. The e-Learning department is currently busy in the launch of our new website. Much emphasis has been given to the template, aesthetics and the content as well. The new template should be uploaded in the next few days. Ensign’s Learning Management System is changing the way training and education is provided in Pakistan. We cater to the tech savvy students who use the internet as a tool for communication and knowledge. Scrolex SCROLEX is a unique word game puzzle. It combines the vocabulary and unscrambling skills of word puzzles with the fun and lateral thinking of crosswords. Ensign Tutor Ensign Tutor is an open market knowledge exchange platform designed to accommodate knowledge growth in a global environment in multiple languages.. Using our Tutor-Student friendly technology, we help you become a part of our knowledge demand and supply match making process. Whether you are a Tutor or a Student, at Ensign you are a winner. Join the winning team.
  3. 3. ENSIGN`S NEWSLETTER PAGE 3 Major AchievementsSo far, our department has accomplished great things ininnovation. Now, Ensign LMS is not only a LearningManagement System, it is a complete suite of learning whichhas the capability to fulfill all your training and educationalrequirements.Following are the applications we have integrated. Online ConferenceOnline Conferencing tool was our first major achievement forintegration. We used WebEx in it, a Cisco company thatprovides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, webconferencing and videoconferencing applications. Followingare the functions given below. Training Center: it is designed for trainers, includes breakoutsession support and learner testing, tracking and reporting. Acomponent of the overall e-Learning Suite Meeting Center: Recreates face-to-face meetings with real-time data, application, voice and video sharing GamesNow, in Ensign LMS you can play games. We have successfullyintegrated different Flash and Java Games in it. So, not onlyyou can play games in it. Following are the games we haveintegrated. • Scrolex • Mind The Blox • Snake 3DYou can play these games on http://demo.ensignlms.comLive streamingLive streaming is another successful feature added in ourplatform, where students and teachers can see different TVchannels live. Actually this feature is an additionalentertainment for them, where people make their self awarewith different latest news or walks on with the world. This featurewill be available as per demand. Following channels are alsoavailable on • Express News 24x7 • Sky News
  4. 4. PAGE 4 ENSIGN`S NEWSLETTER Live ChatImmediately answer customer questions while gainingcustomer confidence with an additional boost of supportfeatures. Increase sales and reduce cost through real contactwhile enjoying a 1 one 1 experience with your customers. Thissolution can convert website visitors into prospects andprospects into Written By: Mohammad Hassam Technology Specialist of e-Learning Division Ensign Communique