Global Warming


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Global warming and carbon dioxide through sciences

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Global Warming

  1. 1. Research Topic Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Through Sciences MOHAMAD FAIZAL BIN IBRAHIM GS26346
  2. 2. Contents Contents Paper Backgroun d You must know: Introductio n Factors  What is “Global Warming”? Climate data  Why and how global warming happen? Effects  What are the effects? Stop global  How to solve this problem? warming Conclusio n References
  3. 3. Paper background Contents Paper Title : Global warming and carbon dioxide through Backgroun sciences d Year : 2008 Introductio Cited : 14 n I.F. : 4.78 Author : Georgios A. Florides and Paul Christodoulides Factors Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Cyprus University of Technology, P.O. Box 50329, 3603 Limassol, Cyprus Climate data Effects Stop global warming Conclusio n References
  4. 4. Introduction Contents  Global warming Paper Backgroun  itis the phenomenon, experienced d Introductio in recent decades, where the n average temperature of the Earth's Factors near-surface air and oceans Climate increases (IPCC, 2007). data  Increase of earth’s temperature Effects Stop global warming Conclusio n Our world becomes References hot!!!
  5. 5. Factors Contents Paper changes in the Backgroun ocean currents d Introductio changes in the volcanic n Sun's intensity emissions Factors Climate data changes in Effects Changes in the greenhouse- Stop earth's orbit gas global concentrations. warming Conclusio n References
  6. 6. Factors: Greenhouse gasses Contents Paper Backgroun d Greenhouse gasses Introductio n other Nitrous Carbon Methane atmospheric Factors oxide dioxide gasses Climate data Effects Stop global warming Absorb outgoing infrared Conclusio radiation resulting in the n raising of the References
  7. 7. Factors: Greenhouse gasses  Contributor: Human activities  Fossil fuel combustion  Transportationand energy generator  Open burning  Increasing in agriculture activity  Expanding global human population
  8. 8. Factors: Greenhouse effect Contents Paper Backgroun d Introductio n Factors Climate data Effects Stop global warming Conclusio n References
  9. 9. Global warming climate data  Average temperatures have increase 0.8 degree Celsius from 1880  The last two decades were the hottest temperature ever Fig. 2: Temperature profile recorded in 400 years.
  10. 10. CO2 – temperature correlation Contents Paper Backgroun d Introductio n Factors Climate data Effects Stop global warming Conclusio Fig. 3: Vostok ice-core data correlation between CO2 and temperature through the four n glacial–interglacial cycles, for the last 420,000 years. Temperature-difference and CO2 concentration studied by Petit et al. (2001). References
  11. 11. Effects of global warming Contents Paper Backgroun d Introductio n Factors Climate data Econom Extreme Effects y weather Organis Increase Social and Stop Ice cap m and sea changes global melting Food ecosyst level in warming em Fresh climate Conclusio water events n References
  12. 12. STOP global warming Contents Paper  Technology Backgroun d  Campaign Introductio  Law and regulation n  Methods, procedures and Factors protocols Climate data  Incentives Effects  World cooperation Stop global  Individual, organization and warming government Conclusio n  Supporter References
  13. 13. Conclusion Contents Paper Backgroun d Introductio n Factors Climate data Effects Stop global warming Conclusio n References
  14. 14. References  IPCC. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The Carbon Contents Cycle and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide p 195. CLIMATE CHANGE 2001:THE Paper SCIENTIFIC BASIS; 2001. Backgroun  Jaworowski Z, Segalstad TV, Ono N. Do glaciers tell a true atmospheric CO2 d story? Sci Total Environ 1992;114:227–84. Introductio  n g.html  Factors  Adams JM, Piovesan G. Uncertainties in the role of land vegetation in the carbon Climate cycle. Chemosphere 2002;49:805–19. data   National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) Earth Fact Sheet Effects Stop  Wagner F, Bohncke SJP, Dilcher DL, Kürschner WM, Bas van Geel HV. Century global scale shifts in Early Holocene atmospheric CO2 concentration. Science warming 1999;284(5422):1971–3. Conclusio  Climate Change. The scientific basis. Technical Summary of the Working Group 1 n Report; 2001. p. 40. References
  15. 15. Thank you GO green STOP global warming SAVE our planet