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==== ====The Simple Golf Swing is a very recommended product ====I purchased the The Simple ...
Each of the five steps described above are explained in detail and have accompanyingphotographs to illustrate the particul...
The Simple Golf Swing is a very recommended product ====
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The simple golf swing review


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What will The Simple Golf Swing System Teach You?

With David Nevogt's Simple Golf Swing you will be taught how to make good solid contact with the golf ball, how to correct your slice, how to eliminate striking the ball fat and how to generate more power from your swing.

But I think most importantly the simple golf swing teaches you consistency. And with consistency comes confidence, power and lower scores.

The Simple Golf Swing System consists of a 32 page PDF eBook that will walk you through everything from the setup, grip, alignment, back-swing, downswing and finish. You will also be given some great simple golf swing tips and tricks. I found at least one thing in each chapter was new and helpful information to me!..... Get a copy of the "Setup" chapter of the Simple Golf Swing System by clicking the link above!

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The simple golf swing review

  1. 1. ==== ====The Simple Golf Swing is a very recommended product ====I purchased the The Simple Golf Swing at a time when I was playing quite a lot of golf, but wasstruggling with my game. I was inconsistent off the tee and around the greens. To improve myswing and hence golf game I decided to have lessons, which I did from a number of professionals,with each lesson costing about $50. The lessons did give me an insight to the mechanics of a golfswing and I am sure that they have helped in someway, but I was obviously not satisfied and wasstill searching for ways to improve my golf game.Now I didnt expect to play like Tiger Woods or Greg Norman, but I really just wanted moreconsistency and wanted to enjoy my golf more, hit the ball straighter and not have to chip out fromthe tees, time and time again after a wayward drive. I stumbled upon the Simple Golf Swingwebsite, and after checking most of the reviews and sales blurb, decided to purchase a copy.The Simple Golf Swing has a number of steps, that are explained in an easy to understand wayand also has photographs that illustrate the simple swing, making it very easy to understand. Bybreaking the swing into simple steps, it was very easy to learn.SetUp The setup is probably the most important factor in determining your score the setup routineshown ensures that you setup for each shot in the same way. Luckily, the setup is the easiest partof your swing to change. Its the easiest of all the bad habits related to your golf swing to break,and the description and photographs in the eBook ensure that you can learn this setup routine inabout 5 minutes.Grip First of all, an important fact you should realize that your grip affects the results that you get.However, the grip used in the simple golf swing is not as complicated as the other systems make itout to be.Alignment The eBook describes and shows an extremely simple method that will dramaticallyimprove your alignment, and it uses one good and simple method for lining up with your target thatyou probably dont use just yet.Timing Timing is discussed in the eBook, and how to get good practice timing to get extra distancewith less effort. The eBook has broken down the actual swing into the following stepsCorrect RotationCorrect arm position through the swingThe downswingHand movement through the ballHead movement through out the swing
  2. 2. Each of the five steps described above are explained in detail and have accompanyingphotographs to illustrate the particular point. Breaking the golf swing into 5 steps meant that it waseasy to learn, particularly when each of the steps are also very simple. The Simple Golf Swingcomes at a cost of $47, which is actually less than the cost of a lesson. It is a 31 page eBook,meaning that you get access to it immediately after purchasing and can started straight away.It took me just over an hour to read and digest the Simple Golf Swing, which is also about thesame time as one lesson. One good thing is that I still have the instruction book that I can refer totime and time again without having to go back to the professional. After that hour is done, I wasready to go out to the driving range and get going.Did the Simple Golf Swing work? The all important question is "Did the Simple Golf Swing work?"When I purchased The Simple Golf Swing, I was playing once or twice a week, practised one aweek at a driving range and had a handicap of 14. These days I play once or maybe twice amonth, dont have time for practice, mainly because I am busy on Tuesdays, Thursdays andweekends coaching my two sons soccer teams and I am maintaining a handicap of 11. I amenjoying my game so much more than I used to and now hit in the seventies regularly.Despite my aging body deteriorating, and my strength reducing, the simple mechanics of thesimple golf swing have ensured that I consistently out drive my playing partners. In six outings thisyear I have hit a 73, 78 and 79, and the rest of my golf scores have been in the 80s. My advice isemphatically in favour of the simple golf swing, particularly given the amazing price!Nigel Reed is a keen golfer amongst other things. See more on the The Simple Golf Swing on hiswebsite where you will find golf tips to help Improve your golf swing and play better golf.P.S. Get a Free copy of "Short Game Secrets" and a unique setup routine by signing up to theFREE Newsletter on Nigels website.Good Luck with your golf swingArticle Source: ====
  3. 3. The Simple Golf Swing is a very recommended product ====