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Summer deck v2.0


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Summer deck v2.0

  1. 1. Small Business Media & Marketing Collaboration Team up with Businesses use the compatible products & services, sales like-minded location, brand ethos, customers and marketing spend, of business other small businesses, to enhance their marketing efforts. Media Businesses use local and online channels together Collaboration through splitting costs, sharing customers and creating a unified voice, to reach more customers. Share media space Marketing Collaboration Businesses use common marketing strategies, shared creative themes, joint promotional offers and bundled sales, Cross promote to attract customers to their products and services. your businesses
  2. 2. Catch more customers togetherCollaborating within shared media spaceFEATURE MEDIA IDEAS Locally Online Business Cards Direct Mail Instore Website Menus EmailWe do it for you! We give you the ideas We match you with the right business partners We produce the material & buy the services you needFind ready-to-go packages on our siteJoin for Free to customize to your business
  3. 3. Business CardsJoin forces with other businesses to hand outyour business cards together. Get your cardsinto the hands of new customers, locally oracross the country, and all you have to do is Your businesshand out your business cards as per usual. hereIdea Description PackagesJoint Business Cards Businesses each print • $50 each for 500 cards (250 each) partner card on the back • Distributed through each business of their cards • Includes setup, printing & deliveryPartner Logo Business Businesses each print • $75 each for 1,500 cards (250 each)Cards partner logos & website on • Cards plus logo on 6 partner cards the back of their cards • Includes set-up, printing & deliveryBusiness Card Business agree to distribute • $100 each for 2,000 cards (250 each)Distribution partner card to their • Distributed through 8 businesses customers • Includes display, printing & delivery
  4. 4. In-storeDon’t just reach customers in your store, reachthem in other businesses around you. Print aflyer or brochure with your partner businesses,feature each other in store point of saleadvertising or swap window stickers.Idea Description PackagesJoint Point of Sale Businesses each advertise • $100 each for 5 poster each partner business within • Run joint promotions or feature ads their store • Includes setup, printing & deliveryJoint Flyer/Brochure Business create a joint • $150 each for 2,000 brochures brochure and distribute to • Featuring & distributed w/ 4 business their customers • Includes setup, printing & deliveryWindow Stickers Door stickers with business • $100 each ad on front and partner ads • Sticker plus ad on 6 partner stickers on back. • Includes design, printing & delivery
  5. 5. EmailsHave a partner business let their email list know aboutyour business and you do the same for them. Send asponsored email that’s all about you, include youradvertising message within the content of their email orcreate a joint email that bundles and promotes youtogether.Idea Description PackagesSponsored Email Business agrees to send a • $100 each per business partner email to their email • Both partners send email list. • Includes set-up & verificationEmail Advertising Business agrees to send a • $100 each per business partner ad in an email to • Each partner provides equal ad space their email list. • Includes set-up & verificationJoint Email Business create a joint email • $500 for 2 business partnership together and send this same • Distributed through both businesses email to their customers. • Includes set-up, design & verification
  6. 6. MenusPromote your business by attaching a flyer to the menu’s ofa local restaurant (or create a joint menu with youradvertising printed in it). Businesses get to reach therestaurants customers whilst the restaurant gets to offsetit’s costs of printing and distributing it’s menus. Win win!Idea Description PackagesFlyer attached to Restaurant attaches a • $250 for 250 menusMenu partner business flyer to • Restaurant receives $$$ their menus • Includes printing & deliveryMenu Advertising Restaurant prints a partner • $300 for 500 menus business advertisement • Restaurant receives free menus within their menus • Includes menu printing & distributionJoint Menu Restaurant and partner • $500 each for 1000 menu/brochures business create a joint • Distributed by both businesses menu/brochure • Includes design, printing & distribution
  7. 7. WebsiteDrive customers to each other’s websites with bannerads, partner directory listings, and promotional offers.Simply advertise each other’s business or create jointpromotions that generate sales for you together.Idea Description PackagesPartner Directory Business agrees to list • $50 per business partner company in their • Partner list each other in directory website’s partner directory. • Includes set-up & verificationBanner Advertising Business agrees to place a • $100 per business partner ad on their website. • Each partner provides equal ad space • Includes set-up & verificationBundled Offer Business agrees to offer a • $250 per business special offer of partner • Distributed through both businesses product & services with • Includes set-up, design & verification purchase.
  8. 8. Direct MailerGet your business into the hands of local residents andbusinesses together. Offset the cost of your mailer byincluding another business or create a mailer together.Send it out to both your combined mailing lists or buy alist together to boast your reach.Idea Description PackagesSponsored Mailer Business agrees to send a • $350 each for 500 mailers mailer to their mailing list • Each business sends to their mail list for a partner business. • Includes design, printing & deliveryMailer Advertising Business agrees to put a • $350 each for 500 mailers partner business ad in their • Each business sends to their mail list mailer to their mailing list. • Includes design, printing & deliveryJoint Mailer Businesses create a joint • $500 each for 500 mailers mailer which they send to • Each business sends to their mail list their mailing lists. • Includes design, printing & delivery
  9. 9. This is just the tip of the collaborative icebergCheck out mogulfish for all theseand more great ideas as wellpackages for you to start or join acollaborative partnership today.Start your own partnership and we’llfind you the right partners or join apartnership with businesses whoare already looking for you.Sign-up for free to receivecustomized ideas and the bestpartnership opportunities for yourspecific business.