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cv masuku


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cv masuku

  1. 1. Mr Mogomotsi Masuku CELL: 75903299/74580429 PERSONAL DETAILS: SURNAME: Masuku NAME: Mogomotsi DATE OF BIRTH: 04/July/1991 SEX: Male NATIONALITY: Motswana ID NO: 936715116 CONTACT: 75903299/74580429 E-MAIL: ______________________________________________________________________________ PROFILE Smart eloquent and confident with excellent interpersonal and communication skills self- motivated, innovative, adaptable, flexible and computer literate with hard work and committed approach. I am able to work with little supervision. I am a volunteer at heart, who is dedicated to helping others, both individual and organizations. ______________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND THEORY TRAINING FOR BLASTING LIECENCE at ACANEX MINING SOLUTIONS OCTOBER 2015 to DECEMBER2015 (PART TIME) -Use and Storage of Explosives and all 3 types of explosives -Requirements of construction of Magazine for Explosives storage -Duties of a Blasting License Holder and Subordinate -Treatment of Misfire -Transportation of explosives and possess, importation and its dispossession -Condition or Requirements for Vehicle transporting Explosives per Explosives Act
  2. 2. Mr Mogomotsi Masuku CELL: 75903299/74580429  2011-2013:University of Botswana  Diploma in Geomatics(Survey) GRADE: 3.85 (CGPA) (Merit)  2008-2009: Mater Spei Collage GRADE: 45 POINTS ______________________________________________________________________________ EXPERIENCE GIS& MAPPING (DRAWING) TECHNICIAN AT BOTSWANA TELECOMMUNICATION COORPORATION FEBRUARY 2016 UPTODATE FEBRUARY 2016  Working as a GIS & Mapping (Drawing) Technician (Department of Technology planning & Ancillary office) Use of Hand held Trimble GeoXH GPS to capture data on field (overhead and underground network),Joint boxes, Distribution Points, Telecommunication Poles supporting overhead cables for BTC network update in ArcGIS and to locate the exactposition ofBTC network on the ground, creating a data base to manage the Telecommunication network for BTC with the use ofArcgis differentiating cable type, size, and the number, updating the cable per diagram how the network is distributed from the exchange to were it terminate on the cabinets and from cabinets to the distribution points that supplies the client(homes) with the help ofAutoCAD Software for future planning and updating the districtgeographical information databases. SURVEY TECHNICIAN AT LAND & LANDED BOTSWANA JULY 2015 to JANUARY 2016 Responsibilities JULY 2015 TO JANUARY 2016  Worked as a Land Survey Technician in Land and Landed Botswana (Department of surveys and Mapping) The work involved assisting the Land Surveyor to perform his duties in accordance with the Land Survey act and the Tribal Land act. 1) The duties such as producing land parcel diagrams for approval at Surveys and Mapping for title deed registration. 2) Producing topographic maps or base maps for cadastral layouts and for assisting the Land Board in its decision making on land applications. 3) The work involved developing and updating the district geographical information databases.
  3. 3. Mr Mogomotsi Masuku CELL: 75903299/74580429 4) As a Land Surveying Technician I was responsible for interpreting the Land Use Plans and Land Policies to the Land Board for appropriate resolutions on land applications. 5) I also made valuation assessment on properties affected by other developments for compensation. 6) I assisted in making annual budget estimates for the department. ASSISTANT SURVEYOR AT WELLFIELD ENGINEERING (Consulting Engineers and Project Managers) February 2013 –JULY 2015 Responsibilities • Establishing and densifying control before and during the course of the project • Carrying out detailed topographical survey of the proposed route of the road and producing the base map • Interpreting information from drawings and diagrams • Calculating and setting out both the horizontal and vertical alignment of the road • Setting out culverts, buildings, curbstones, sewer pits, ducts and storm water drains • Setting out pipeline route pegs, assessing and adjusting of pipeline route to accommodate existing services and structures • Computing volumes of materials that must be added, removed or moved • Laying out the elevation and slope of various sub grades, base and top coat material • Carrying out leveling routines for volumetric surveys of the site and calculating the quantities thereof NOVEMBER 2010-JANUARY TO 2011 JANUARY Assistant Lab Technician Nata Kazungula Road Project (Sladden International) Soil testing (plastic index, sieve analysis grading, compaction UCS, and cbr, mod) Slump test (testing the strength of the concrete, 10 percent test), sand replacement, relative compaction test using a troxler machine (wet and dry density) 2012-March: Botswana College of Engineering Technology (Residential survey camp)
  4. 4. Mr Mogomotsi Masuku CELL: 75903299/74580429  Using a total station for traversing and a topographical survey that is detail survey of objects of interest  Drawing of a map with the use of CAD and Land TM and or Arc GIS 2012-June: Chobe Land Board- Technical officer (attachment)  Interpreting maps and drawing sketch plans using Microstation.  Advising on lands disputes and land management issues  Demarcating plots both residential, commercial and ploughing fields with the help of a hand held GPS.  Using tremble and Leica GPS for relocation of beacons ______________________________________________________________________________ COMPETENCIES  Computer literate: proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Microsoft Access, AutoCAD, LandTm and Internet procedures  Research and writing skills  Using GIS for map making and using Microstation for drawing sketches ______________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCE Calvin Kesolofetse Senne Botswana Telecommunication Corporation AncillaryPlanning Technician P O Box 200, Francistown Tel: +267 2400281 Cell: +267 73001424 Email: Makgekgenene Michael Botswana Telecommunication Corporation
  5. 5. Mr Mogomotsi Masuku CELL: 75903299/74580429 Team Leader (AccessNetworkPlanning) P O Box 200, Francistown Tel: +267 2400101 Cell: +267 73000741 Email: Rainsom Munyaradzi Tima Mr B M Ngwako Senior Survey Engineer (Wellfield Engineering) Land Surveyor Box 10 Molalatau, Botswana Tell: 3922097/72758980 Phone: 00267 76284954/73354269 Email Address: Mr. Kandu. K Principal Technical Officer (Chobe Land Board) Cell: 72420205 Mr. I. N Mulalu Lecturer (Geomatics) Cell: 72571611 Tel: 3554415 Email: