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Social Networks

  1. 1. Social networks generated nearly $650 million a year in sales.
  2. 2.  Relationship sites - the pioneers of online social networking - are waging a pitched battle for members, employing new technologies from video conferencing to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to bring Google-like results to their niches.
  3. 3. has  reported record activity as people turn to the Internet to find solace in a soul mate. And as long as the nation is in a recession, these sites are expecting the surge to continue.
  4. 4.  said that during the month of November, the site saw its largest growth in membership in over seven years.
  5. 5.  There are millions of lonely hearts looking for love on the Internet, but you won't find the majority of them on Facebook or MySpace.
  6. 6. Online dating sites  have exploded in popularity in recent years as both the younger and older generations have flocked to them and other social networks to meet people.
  7. 7. Most sites are free  to join but require users to cough up a registration fee to actually interact with other singles. Other sites generate revenue through banner and click-based ad partnerships with Google, Yahoo and other Internet marketing firms.
  8. 8. A $30 monthly membership fee is cheaper than one night out in the city.
  9. 9.  Jupiter Research, an Internet consulting firm, said the market grew 10 percent in 2006, to $649 million, and is likely to grow 8 percent a year until 2011.
  10. 10. quot;We've seen a  major growth in the niche market of online dating,quot; says Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine; “They're seeing more success by targeting a specific passion.quot;
  11. 11. quot;The underlying  concept of the whole network is, it should be easier to break the ice if you already have something in common,quot; explains Michael Carter, company founder of Passions Network which hosts more than 100 niche dating websites.
  12. 12.  They say there's someone for everyone. Now there's a dating site for everyone, too.
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