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this is a book that shows you how what you think may be the reason your success is a long way from coming and the money believes you have may be stopping you from getting the money you want to have

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Emailed Money Success And You Presentation Slides

  1. 1. Author: John Kehoe Please ensure that you buy the book from book stores for yourself to learn these principles from the author. Take advantage for you not to miss out on the deep wisdom of the author. These slides are created to lift the community and create awareness only. Any person who presents these slides must be willing to do every activity themselves each time they do a presentation. If this is not done, please note you are not being effective in teaching others principles of success. Stop before you start, until you are willing to lead by example. You cannot ask anyone to do what you are not willing to do. You change your believe system first before you ask others to change theirs. Please do not share these slides till you have done all the activities yourself. It amounts to cheating. Rather delete them at once. Those willing will be found to live the principles. Learn by doing – action – as you can never effectively learn by saying. 1
  2. 2. Do the beliefs you hold assist or hinder you in your goals? List ten beliefs you hold about money Do not concern yourself with whether these beliefs are positive or negative or Whether other people believe as you do, We are looking for your believes Nobody else need see this list or even know about it To be effective it must be done with complete honesty, and From your inner truth and experience Imagine one by one, these beliefs resonating within you, attracting or repelling circumstances according to their vibration As you do this, it will be clear to you that some beliefs are working against you. Now beside those that are working against you, hindering you, place an X Examine each belief with an X independently Realize that because you believe it and experience it does not mean this belief is real in any absolute sense It may be real for you in your life and experience, but what does it prove? Only that you are experiencing that reality. But is this belief and truth real for everyone? 2
  3. 3. !" " "# $ " % ! What have you really learned about yourself? Please take time and go back to finish the activity and invest in yourself. You will not allow anyone to cheat you so why do you allow yourself to cheat yourself? Is this clever on your part? & Here we can test this belief. Ask yourself these questions: Does every single person have this belief? Does it conform to every lens (What others see)? Are there people who do not have this belief, and if so what are their experiences? 3
  4. 4. ! "' ( " "# % !# ) At this point you need to see a doctor and a psychologist because you have true allergies against success. Maybe it’s a mental block. Ok let’s please go back and try this again ok sweet darling? I want you to succeed. * + +, - . Beliefs are as necessary to us as our physical organs We cannot exist without them We need them as parameters to interpret what is happening in our life One could never be without beliefs, nor would you want to be You are not at the mercy of your past experiences, unless you believe that you are Your possible future is being formed by what you think and believe today The present is the womb by which the future will be born 4
  5. 5. /- + DID YOU NOTICE YOU UNDERSTOOD THE NOTES BETTER AFTER YOU DID THE FIRST TWO ACTIVITIES PROPERLY? CONGRATULATIONS. YOU ARE NOW ON YOUR WAY. */ * . * + + , - . Re-pattern your past Imprinting Action Wait a minute, do not be confused, you are doing well so far. Each method will be explained in the next slides. Take a deep breath and do not upset yourself. Drink a little bit of water, relax and….. begin 5
  6. 6. / 0 / / do not spend time and energy looking back at your life to find out why you have a certain limiting belief to look backward in this way will only lead you into the habit of seeking negative examples that verify your old belief so in changing beliefs you must practice changing your lens (the way you see things) whatever your circumstances, use the past as a rich source of power, looking through it for long ignored successes. Restructure your past, reinvent it, and rediscover it. The present is your point of power. Nothing you can do will ever happen outside of the present Do not let the past reinforce your limitations; use it to reinforce what you wish to become. / + 6x6= 7x5= 9x9= How is that you know these answers instantly, quicker than you can punch them into a calculator? What you have done with multiplication table can also be done with new beliefs you wish to permanently imprint into your consciousness. The process is exactly the same, and the repetition equally important. Imprint this in your memory: my subconscious mind is my partner in success The repetition whether verbal or mental, is important because it activates neurological patterns If you want permanent results, you must fully imprint the new belief A minimum of sixty to ninety days is necessary for a permanent imprint to take hold. 6
  7. 7. The sooner you begin to act upon the new beliefs you are creating, the better Otherwise you are not trusting and using the present Responding to your new beliefs in this way is sending a strong signal to your subconscious that new realities are beginning to take hold That you are willing to change That you are cooperating with the process That it is in fact already happening. The initiative must come from you Challenge yourself to demonstrated your changing reality. ! " # " $" Did you notice how I changed the bullet points so that you can read easily? That is my present to you. Now please clap you hands for me. I know I am incredible. You are also equally incredible. Are you ready? Lets move on please. 7