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2010 pt summit_hrbl_times_usen


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2010 pt summit_hrbl_times_usen

  1. 1. Herbalife Largest Bonus Join the Extravaganza Payout Ever! World Tour Honoring Jim Rohn TimesOur 30th Anniversary celebration continues on the ExtravaganzaWorld Tour. Join us at an Extravaganza event near you. Visit Message from for dates, locations and more details. 30th Anniversary Launching the Herbalife Decade: 2010-2020 Launching the Herbalife Message from Michael O. Johnson Decade in Magical Orlando What an amazing time we had together here in Orlando, Fla. This year, we had something huge to celebrate – our 30th Anniversary. The 2010 Leadership Summit in the magic of the moment at the In 1980, Mark Hughes started with one idea – to change people’s beautiful Orlando, Fla., was full of Ebony & Ivory Gala benefiting the lives. And thanks to all of you, we’ve been making his vision a glitz and glamour as we celebrated Herbalife Family Foundation. reality for 30 years. Relive and Share yet another amazing year of overwhelming success. Once again we surpassed our company’s record Some of our achievements over the past 30 years can also be attributed Now that we kicked off our next ten years –The Herbalife Decade – at Leadership Summit, I have no doubt that our company has more opportunity to succeed today than ever before. We are better- Your Experience for biggest bonus payout ever! This year’s total payout was $36,500,000. to the inspiration of the late Jim Rohn, America’s foremost business positioned in every aspect of our business than at any time in Herbalife’s history. philosopher. It was with muchRelive our most exciting moments at receive a special password to access Our #1 Distributor, Enrique Varela pride that Herbalife honored Jim We will continue to support our products with superior scienceHerbalife’s Leadership Summit! post-event materials that will help & Graciela Mier took home the with a heartfelt celebration tribute while making them easier to explain and use. We will be recognizedVisit and you build on the momentum to biggest payout at the Mark Hughes attended by Distributors, staff and for having the most trusted nutrition products in the world.enjoy photos from this event, giveyour feedback and submit yourtestimonials. All attendees will launch The Herbalife Decade. Don’t miss out on this terrific opportunity! Honors 2011 Comes to Bonus Award ceremony on Saturday, March 20. Congratulations to all our friends. Throughout the Leadership Summit, each day of the event Together, we will own Nutrition. We will go deeper and wider by focusing on increasing daily Dynamic Los Angeles Bonus winners from the entire focused on one of our three Herbalife family. decades. We laid the foundation for consumption in current markets and expanding our marketplace by an even brighter future. Our adding new countries at a record pace in the coming years, hand in The Herbalife Family Foundation Chairman and CEO Michael O. hand with you, our Distributors. Don’t miss Herbalife Honors in Staples Center, J.W. Marriott and Nokia (HFF) presented its prestigious Johnson shared his vision to take Our brand is better known than ever, and we are becoming a March 2011 in downtown Los Plaza. Witness the magic and be a part Humanitarian Award to the company to the next level in positive part of the media landscape. Through our sports Angeles. Get a chance to visit of Herbalife history. Celebrate another Leslie Stanford for exemplifying the 2010 and to launch The Herbalife sponsorships around the globe, we prove how serious we are about Herbalife’s main office at L.A. milestone with our top Distributors and foundation’s mission–an exceptional Decade by building on our encouraging healthy, active lifestyles. Our Herbalife Family Taking Off Live in the heart of Los Angeles’ premier sports and be inspired by their success. Come and join in all the fun. Make your plans involvement and dedication that has made a considerable impact and company’s incredible momentum. Foundation (HFF) has expanded to 50 Casa Herbalife programs worldwide, and in the Herbalife Decade we will continue to step up to Our 30th entertainment destination, conveniently located next to the today! For more information, visit helped to change lives around the world. Distributors got to bask in This year’s “Dream Team” speakers was full of inspiration. Our top our involvement in our communities. This Leadership Summit was an incredible event. Your efforts over achievers shared their winning Anniversary business practices, and the power ignited by their words will the past years were rewarded with another record-breaking bonus payout. This is a truly remarkable feat considering the tough President’s Team members from around Vacation the world are eligible to qualify to be a undoubtedly fuel us to even greater success in this new era. economic times we witnessed in 2009. Thank you for being part of this historic celebration of changing people’s lives for 30 years. With the strong foundation we have built together over these past The event concluded with an three decades, The Herbalife Decade is sure to be our most Over 4,000 qualifiers depart on Herbalife chartered planes to the Herbalife legends, includes fabulous food, fantastic parties, part of the Mark Hughes Bonus Award. amazing performance by the one successful ever! and only Donna Summer. The Bahamas for the long anticipated 30th Anniversary Vacation at the sandy white beaches, crystal blue water and the chance to mix and Set your goal to reach President’s Team energy resonated throughout the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. mingle with the best and brightest level in 2010. Then go on and qualify to room and electrified the crowd, making this a celebration that will They will be joined by our most top Distributors from around the successful leaders for the biggest world. It’s finally time to take participate in the Mark Hughes Bonus not be forgotten. Orlando has never witnessed a more magical evening. dream vacation ever! This fabulous off on the dream vacation of a weeklong celebration, along with lifetime. Congratulations to all Award. Be next year’s big winner! the Founder’s Circle and the qualifiers! Enrique Varela & Graciela Mier, Chairman’s Club members and Herbalife’s 2009 #1 Distributor Michael O. Johnson accept their Bonus award. CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER© 2010 Herbalife International of America, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. WW3901 03/10 Not for reproduction outside the United States.
  2. 2. Achieve Congratulations to the 2009 Mark Hughes Bonus Award WinnersActive WorldTeam in 2010 Manuel Aguilar & Paloma Segrelles Yafit Elimelech Lee; Yin-Hsian & Cheng; Tzu-Hsi Alberto y Luz Rebollo La Contessa Elisabeth Agusta Martyn & Karen Farmer Markus Lehmann Ron Rivera Ma. Sara Alfaro Elisabete & Juventino Fernandes Bakee Leong Paulina Riveros Doran & Emiko Andry Natália Ferreira Dayton Leong Alejandro Riviello Oleg Apelfeld Felipe y Aurora Flores Queenie Leung Juan Robredo & Carolina Tarazona Make it happen! Take advantage of Leticia Aranda y Manuel Ramirez Marichuy Flores Portillo y Rogelio Reséndiz Christine Lewis Alejandro y Carolina Rodríguez the Active World Team opportunity Renata & Jorge Araújo Margot & Fabio Fugihara Cristiane Lima Ruben y Eliza Rodriguez to kick off The Herbalife Decade. Marina Arfah & Marvin T. Wattimena Patricia y Jose Galaviz Keith & Tracy Lombardo Mayra Rodriguez y Rafael Mendivil Qualify to Active World Team and Arie & Ilana Baratz Nancy Gallardo & Roberto Alpuing Estella Lopez y Jose Gornejo Angel y Maria Rojas generate the momentum you need Mario y Mary Barreiro Alicia García y Felix Guillermo Devora Tomás López Yohelly Romero Leon and Irina Waisbein Enrique Varela and to reach the next level in José and Carlota Batista José Manuel García y Vicky Parra Carol and Alan Lorenz Jorge Ruiz Lambarri Graciela Mier Edgar Benítez y Verónica Bernal Leticia García y Juan Felipe Ramírez Lu;Mei-De Rosalía Ruiz y Fernando Sepúlveda Herbalife’s Marketing Plan, build a Carla & Rick Berg Arbey J. Gavria Guillermo Luna and Carola Lichtman Christian Eduardo Salazar Jiménez strong foundation and drive your Chris Birks Fabiola Gaviria y Rodrigo Garcia Alina Marcos María Eugenia y Mauricio Salazar business forward. The Active World Team promotion continues through December 2010 and is New Leadership in 2009 Leandro Bolelli Bea & Ronald Bos Lana Goldenblank & Oleg Neshto Jose Gregorio Gomez Henrique Meinberg Inna & Igor Mekibel Luis Miguel Salvador Elizabeth Sanchez & Armando Hernandez Patrick & Debora Boyd Baruc Gonzaga y Rossie Godoy Elizabeth Guadalupe Mendoza Farias Juanita y Richard Sanchez open to all Fully Qualified Armando & Claudia Brambila Eduardo Gonzalez Ortiz Juan Miguel Mendoza y Andrea Viso Gabriel y Emma Sandoval Supervisors and above. For details We proudly congratulate Leon and Lourdes and Art Wesly Montero Manuel y Josefina Brambila María José González Siomara y Juan Mendoza Jan & Karin Sarfelt on how to qualify, go to Irina Waisbein (Israel) and Enrique (United States); and Seung Ja Park Midalia Rocio Brambila Danish Miqhael Goovaerts Pascal and Nathalie Mercier Keren & Eran Schiller Varela and Graciela Mier (Mexico) and Young Ho Kang (Korea). What Odilón Caballero y Rosalina Nuñez Stephan P. Gratziani Gonzalo Mier y Angélica Ávila Jee Young Seo & Kang Hwa Lee Pablo M. Caicedo & Leidy M. Rivera Marcelo Grelo & Naura Marques Nikolay & Elizabeth Mill Israel y Martha Serrano on their momentous achievement to an inspiration they are to us all, Linda Campbell Sandra Virginia Guerrero Ríos Jan & Zane Miller Marcela Šimková our prestigious Founder’s Circle. and what a way to kick off The“Goals. There’s no telling what you can do Our Chairman’s Club also grew in Herbalife Decade! We know they Carina y Efren Campos Pedro and Juliane Cardoso Carmen Gutierrez y Francisco Aguilar María de Lourdes Gutiérrez Echeverria Young Hee Min & Dong Won Lee Daryl & Catherine Mitchell Erika y Victor Slim Henry & Stania Smek 2009 to include Dong Keun Chung will continue to inspire us for manywhen you get inspired by them. Theres no and Young Hyang Park (Korea); more years to come. Chris Carley Paulo Carneiro & Rita Carneiro Maria y Federico Guzman Clem Herron Donato Monaco and Alma Monaco Jose Luis Monsalvo y Ruth Hurtado Maria Guadalupe Soberanes Rodríguez y Jesus Medinaramostelling what you can do when you believe in Lupita Castañeda Martínez Louisa Higgins Lourdes and Art Wesly Montero Catja Sommerthem. There’s no telling what will happen when Vinicio y Fanny Cevallos Joyce Cham & Andy C. Cham Ho;Ching-Mei & Nina Lu Mary E. Holloway Rocío Moreno y Roberto Lewis Blake Morgan Sung Sook Song & Hyo Suk Park Leslie Stanfordyou act upon them.” In Perfect Harmony With the Chan; Shih-Hao & Chang; Chiao-Yen Chan; Yueh-Ying & Liu; Hsing-Tseng Hee Sun Hong & Gil Soo Chung Kenneth Hwa & Maria Chou Cody and Suzanne Morrow Amador Muñoz Quezada Myriam Tank and Fernando Ortiz Juan & Maria Tapia– Jim Rohn, Master Business Philosopher, 1930-2009 Herbalife Family Foundation Chang; Guang-Han & Yang; Mei-Chin Chang; Li-Ling & Yeh; Wen-Long Chen; Hsu-Yang Bernabe y Elia Jaimes Jacqueline y Humberto Jaimes Ruben Jaimes Jaimes Javier & Coral Muñoz Jose Muñoz y Elizabeth Padilla Maria Eugenia Muñoz Torres John & Lori Tartol Nancy and Jim Tartol Zachary J. Tartol Chen; Hui-Tzu & Kuo; Chang-Chi Eleazar Jimenez Zavaleta John P. Murphy Jean and Chris Thompson One of the most magical attractions Chen;Ming-Chieh & Yang; Mo-Li Juan Carlos y Leticia Jimenez Tatiana & Alexander Naimushin Carolina Toledo in Orlando this season was the Yeong Hwan Cheon & Choon Hee Kim Janifer Joel Hilda y Juan José Najera Ana y Julio Torralbo Ebony and Ivory Gala benefiting Chiang; Yung-Chun & Su; Hsiu-Chen Craig & Doris Jones Julio Cesar Narvaez Rocio Torres Cisneros y Martin de Jesus Chiu;Yi-Ting & Chen; Huo-Wang Christina y Horacio Jurado Norma Nava y Roberto Reyes Plascencia Rojas the Herbalife Family Foundation Biro Chulmyung Choi Joo Yeon Kang & Jin Sung Chae henry neuman Jesus y Esmeralda Trejo (HFF) at the Hilton Orlando Hotel. Chuang; Wen-Chueh Michael J. Kann & Tereza Sodan Carsten & Marcie Nielsen Tseng; Chu-Chun & Hsu; Wei-Yu Over $485,000 was raised by more Dong Keun Chung & Young Hyang Park Kao;Chien-Sheng Delia Oaxaca y Efrain Jaimes Dafna & Shlomo Tzalalihin than 500 supporters to fund HFF Antonio Ciabarra Debi & Michael Katz Héctor Manuel Ojeda Barraza Jorge Valdes Hernandez Casa Herbalife programs and help Marisol Cisneros y José Luis Rivera Gerd Kelm Nii Tetteh Owusu and Dufie Manko Olga y Arquimedes Valencia change the lives of at-risk children Pedro y Gladys Climaco Jae Ok Kim Ismael Padilla y María Esther Sepúlveda Sócrates y Lina Valencia by providing them with properHonoring Jim Rohn Amertat and Julia Kadir-Cohn Jin Hi Kim & Jong Soo Lee Michaël Palmstierna Hamilton Alfonso Valenzuela nutrition in 50 locations around Ben Cole Mi Kyung Kim Raki & Hemang Pandit Enrique Varela y Graciela Mier the world. Michael & Maiki Cole Tae Ho Kim & Hyun Mo Koo Chae Hwa Park & Soo Hwan Kim Enrique Varela & Nadia Patiño Antonio y Gisela Colmenares Elena Klein Seung Ja Park & Young Ho Kang Paloma Varela y Victor Castro Our 30 years of success could not be fully celebrated without This spectacular evening created an worthy charity, everyone generously Marilyn & Charles Combs Tatjana Klein Alfred Patron Laura y Jorge Vázquez opportunity for attendees to mingle Steve & Debbie Combs Sigi & Nina Knecht Delissa Pérez Díaz Pedro y Nohemi Vasquez acknowledging the great contributions of noted personal development bid on vacation getaways, jewelry Ryanne & Vinicio Coppo Jr. Jeung Suk Ko & Bong Ok Lee Paco y Rosie Perez Martha Vazquez y Victorino Betancourt coach, author and lecturer, and our esteemed friend and colleague, Jim with like-minded advocates and more. Eladia Cortes Jaimes Martinha & Jaime Kosman John and Fernanda Peterson Camilo Vela y Nohemy Gaona Rohn. All Leadership Summit attendees were invited to participate in a dedicated to changing people’s Raquel Cortés & Abraham Benítez Kumiko & Masao Kuba Steven & Clorinda Peterson Katiuzka L. Vera tribute hosted by Herbalife’s Chairman and CEO Michael O. Johnson, lives, and featured a magnificent It was an absolutely amazing Angélica Cruz y Eduardo Luna Ok Hee Kwon & Song Rak Kim Susan Peterson Leon and Irina Waisbein honoring Jim’s amazing life and legacy. “Jim’s impact on our Distributors banquet that included music and evening. With everyone giving Eduardo Cuéllar y Sylvia Anzola María de Lourdes Laguna Díaz Jan & Cathrin Pethrus Dan & Vicki Waldron and the spirit of our company will live forever,” said Michael. entertainment. With the addition of back as much as they could to help Victor Hugo Curiel y Maricela Cervantes Lam Kam (Ling) Natalia & Mladen Plejic Tony & Penny Wing 11 new Casa Herbalife programs in children around the world, Geri Cvitanovich Antonio Lanzilli y Mariana Palmieri Ana y Rene Porcile Mildrid Wolter After meeting Mark Hughes in the 1980s, Jim’s wisdom helped motivate 2009, there was much to celebrate. Herbalife Independent Distributors Shawn and Nicole Dahl Giancarlo Lanzilli y Viviana Lenarduzzi Rinaldo V. Porcile y Maritza Del Valle-Porcile Rick Wolter and inspire the lives of thousands of Herbalife Independent Distributors Attendees danced long into the proved they are dedicated to Garry and Jennifer de Brabander Yelitza Lanzilli y Eduardo Guzmán Anthony V. Powell Marco Zamora around the world each year. Jim’s gift was in his ability to help people dig night. The most exciting highlight helping those in need. To learn Alexandra Deneux Mary y Javier Leal Pablo & Inés Pozo Gustavo and Mary Zepeda deep within themselves to unleash their own success. He knew how to of the evening was undoubtedly the more about how you can get Ricardo B. Dominguez y Rosario Moreno Karina Ledesma y Paul Michaels Dr. Rosa Prieto Gabi Zohar reach out to people and make them realize that all the life-changing live and silent auction featuring a Rodney Drory Lee; Chin-Cheng & Lin; Yao-Shuan Fernando "Nani" y Judith Rancel involved, visit: Eli Elimelech Mi Ja Lee & Sang Gyu Park Yancey and Lidia Rash answers they sought could be found within themselves. Jim will be greatly broad spectrum of exciting items. missed, but never forgotten. With proceeds going to such a