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MMP BOD Meeting Presentation

  1. 1. Quincy AsianResources, Inc. (QARI)Presentation to Mass Mentoring PartnershipBoard of Directors 4/4/12
  2. 2. About Quincy Quincy Population by Race & Ethnicity, 1990 - 2010 100,000 The Asian population quadrupled between 90,000 1990 and 2010 80,000 7% 15% 24% Asian (with share) 70,000 60,000 Other Population 50,000 Hispanic 40,000 30,000 African American (non-Hispanic) 20,000 White 10,000 (non-Hispanic) 0 1990 2000 2010 Year Source: U.S. Decennial CensusQuincy has the highest percent of Asians in any municipality in MA
  3. 3. About Quincy Quincy Public School Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity, 2010 - 20111,600 High Schools Asian1,400 Other1,200 Hispanic1,000 African American 800 Middle Schools Elementary Schools White 600 400 200 -Asian students comprise 33% of district enrollment
  4. 4. Why Mentoring in Quincy?• Of the 9,300 students enrolled in the Quincy Public Schools, 1,177 or 13% are English Language Learners (ELL). At Atlantic Middle School, 45 % of the school population is Asian, including 66 ELL students.• Transition into the U.S. educational system is very difficult for many immigrant teens and their families.• Students often lack family support due to financial instability, low family literacy levels, and poor understanding of American systems/culture, in addition to language barriers.• Mentors can fulfill the role of culturally competent, bilingual role models, counselors, and advocates.• There are no other mentoring programs in Quincy, much less any that focus on the immigrant community.
  5. 5. About QARIMission:To foster and improve the social, cultural, economic and civic lives of AsianAmericans and their families to benefit Quincy and its neighboringcommunities. Through collaborations and partnerships, we provideculturally competent services including adult education programs, youthdevelopment, and cultural events as well as information and referrals topublic and other community organizations.
  6. 6. QARI Programs and ServicesIn addition to Mentoring, QARI programs include:• Adult English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL):• Learn at Work: Teaching English in the workplace• QARI Youth Service Corps: 300 high school volunteers from the South Shore learn through community service• Bilingual Outreach: QARI provides services to the Asian- American community through individual assistance, seminars, and programs.• Quincy Public Schools Outreach Project: QARI collaborates with Quincy Public Schools and South Shore Mental Health to support immigrant students and their families.• Cultural Festivals: QARI organizes the August Moon and Lunar New Year Festivals, two of the largest celebrations on the South Shore.
  7. 7. AoM Project Overview & Accomplishments • U&I Mentoring, a site-based26 program at Atlantic Middle School • Field trips to MFA, MOS etc. • Weekly curriculum • QARI Connects, a community based program serving high school immigrants in the South Shore area • Weekly newsletter and updatesMatches • Campus tours, sports, restaurant visits, etc.
  8. 8. AoM Project Overview & Accomplishments Program Development: • Policies & Procedures manual • Bilingual training and marketing materials • Bilingual check in and evaluation materials • Mentor handbook
  9. 9. AoM Project Overview & Accomplishments Social Media • Bilingual QARI Mentoring blog • QARI Twitter (@QARInfo)
  10. 10. Benefits of an AOM at QARI• Build a strong foundation for the future in a cost effective way.• Utilize technical support from the Mass Mentoring Partnership and their extensive knowledge of mentoring programs• Provide a staff person who is focusing on mentoring and can build and refine systems• Engage youth volunteers (Youth ServiceCorps) to support the community in a different way• Make a case for future funding for the program
  11. 11. Future goals for FY13 and beyond• QARI Connects • 10 new matches by FY13• U&I Mentoring • 15 total matches in FY13 • Expand to other middle schools by FY15• Both programs • 50 total matches by FY15
  12. 12. Thank You!