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Gas crises and its solution


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Gas crises and its solution

  2. 2. GAS CRISES AND ITS SOLUTIONPakistan is one of those countries who is caught in different serious energy crisis and gas is oneof the big crisis for Pakistan .This topic includes identification of gas crisis and its solution.We can divide gas crisis into four factors 1. Home Users 2. CNG Station 3. Industries 4. Miss ManagementHOME USERSHome Users is one of big and important factor of gas users who enjoy of the available gasresource as users .Home Users use gas for cooking, for hot water in various purpose, Heater inwinterHome Users become part of gas crisis as follow:Giving new large number of connections in new areas just for political needs. Using of gasheater rather than warm clothes .Excess usage of gas geezers.CNG USERSCNG meets the big fuel necessarily of transport .It is a source of energy competitively cheaperin price them other sources like pet ,diesel etc .CNG also plays an important part in gas crisis.Issuance of CNG station licenses unlimited and without policy is on basis of political apprises.Usually it can be seen in populated areas that CNG stations become a problem of gasshortage issuance of licenses 7 to 8 even an area of 1 km is worst example of gas corruptionand the important is their location in population .Unlimited import of CNG kits in that casewithout considering the gas reserves in hand through this policy users convert every kind of thisvehicle into CNG kit .Never made a vehicle criteria that which class of vehicle is suitable forCNG it also become part of accidents ratio. Another reason is cheaper cast of CNGcomparatively others energy sources pet, diesel etc
  3. 3. INDUSTRYIndustry convert from other energy sources to CNG rapidly because of cheaper gas prices ofhigh prices or less sources of other sources .Biggest industry of country convert these factoriesinto gas quickly. The industries become part of gas crises due to above mention reason. Nowthey installed million dollars of CNG machinery .They cannot reverse it back. They are alsoplaying important role in GDP and they cannot run without gas.MISS MANAGEMENT:M.M is a big or one of the biggest factors in gas crises because without considering gas reservesavailable in country granted the new n unlimited gas connections to new home users & newresidential areas. Issuing new & unlimited licenses of CNG stations on the other hand ignoringhow much reserves are available & populated areas. Like only IJP road have 17 CNG stationstations in 4KM area. Same criteria is for whole country &worst example of M.M. Issuing license&grant permission to industry to convert their all infrastructure into gas & They spend millionsof dollars in it .M.M reaches at this stage They never seriously consider to import gas from Iranand X-USSR countries. Who can provide on cheaper price & after that they need to issue thoselicenses.WHAT TO DO:Solution can be dividing in four parts. 1- Home USERS 2- CNG 3- INDUSTRY 4- MANAGEMENTHOME USERS:Give awareness through media and other medium of information to convert gas geezers intosolar & use solar energy more and more. Load shedding from am to 11 am and between 3pm to6 pm. Use warm clothes rather than gas heaters.& also ensure the availability the warm clothesin cheap prices . Ban on new gas connections in new areas on urgent basis until a new solutionof availability of gas.
  4. 4. WHAT TO DO IN CNG SECTOR:Ban on new gas connections for CNG stations on urgent basis until a new solution of availabilityof gas. Propose vehicle criteria that which kind of vehicles is suitable for CNG Kits. Urgently callsa meeting of CNG association representation from all over the Pakistan & after a detaildiscussion and mutual understanding propose a suitable load shedding in all country for thetwo various days & various timing until new resources identify. Suggest for the change the CNGcompress timing in populated areas between 9 am to 11 am and 3 pm to 6 pm.What Can Be Done In Industry?Ban on new gas connections in new industry on urgent basis until a new solution of availabilityof gas. Propose & make industry criteria that which one industry & how much gas can consumein a certain time. Arrange a round table conference of industry holders from all over thecountry and after detail discussion & mutual understanding shift industry away from thepopulated areas & convert from gas to solar, wind hydral and other sources of industry.ROLE OF MANAGEMENT:By the collaboration & consultation of research dep’t management should search &dig newresources. Get gas from Iran and X-USSR countries to protect industry. Remove missmanagement. Remove corruption. Dissolve Sui northern gas pipelines limited and Sui southernpipelines limited, & make one supervisory dep’t under which small units forms for all over thePakistan. Establish a selection board who appoint management team only on basis of merit,honesty & trust worthy.