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Case study on bella's for analysis of job satisfaction & ee


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Case study on bella's for analysis of job satisfaction & ee

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  3. 3. OBMs. Tanzila AhmedLecturerDepartment of Business AdministrationLeading University, Sylhet
  4. 4. OBInnovatorsInnovatorsName ID. NumberMoez Al Azim Ansary 1101010183Md. Salman Islam 1101010154Smita Dey 1101010197Farjena Begum 1101010237Ashique Ibn Nizam 1101010190Amit Kumar Dey 1101010174
  5. 5. OBInnovatorsAnalysis of Job Satisfaction & Employee Engagement
  6. 6. OBInnovatorsJ.S. is a person’s felling of satisfaction with jobE.E. is a degree of employees’ +/- emotionalattachment with job.Job satisfaction & employee engagement areimportant in organizational setting.Bella’s is a full service day spa & hair salon foundedby Illa Fitzgerald 12 years ago. Flag. Store & HQ is inSouth. U.S. population of 250,000. Lynne Gibson wasGM of Bella’s. Bella’s was successful more than 1decade from inception. Its sales decreased of 12%last year.
  7. 7. OBInnovatorsGiving promotional opportunities.Building good relationshipProviding reward & motivating the employeesKris has joined as a new GM of Bella’s. She findemployees are not satisfied with job. For improvingemployees’ job satisfaction following steps be taken..Kris know how to improve employees’ jobsatisfaction.
  8. 8. OBInnovatorsBella’s is a beauty salon which is owned by a beautytherapist Illa Fitzgerald and formerly managed byLynne Gibson.As Lynne left Bella’s to complete her master’s degreeand illa has little knowledge about management, theprofit of the company was decreased about 12%.Illa hired Kris Jenkins as a general manager of belle’s.Kris Jenkins surveyed on the employees and foundthat the owner-worker relationship of this companyis unfriendly and most of the employees aredissatisfied with their job.
  9. 9. OBInnovatorsJob Satisfaction: The term job satisfaction describesa positive feeling about a job, resulting from anevaluation of its characteristics.Some factors that has effect on job satisfaction are:CompensationBenefitsJob SecurityOpportunities to use skillsand abilities or shareopinionRelationship withSupervisorsRelationship with co-workersHumor / having fun in theworkplace
  10. 10. OBInnovatorsEmployee Engagement: Employee engagement is aworkplace approach designed to ensure thatemployees are committed to their organization’sgoals and values, motivated to contribute toorganizational success, and are able at the sametime to enhance their own sense of well-being.Employee engagement depends on job satisfaction.Job satisfaction is the main factor to employeeengagement.
  11. 11. OBInnovatorsJob satisfaction and employee engagement in anorganizational setting are important for thefollowing factors:To be a successful organizationImprove efficiencyImprove ProductivityMaintaining good organizational environmentAdvertisement of organization
  12. 12. OBInnovatorsVery few employees are satisfied who are atmanagerial/top position, but most of theemployees are not satisfied with their job and theowner of Bella’s for that employee engagement islow. Employees are satisfied with their coworkers.To make the employees positive and increaseemployees’ job satisfaction and engagement, theowner should change her mind and companyshould provide facilities to the employees. Theemployees should be well treated and their ideasshould be valued.
  13. 13. OBInnovatorsSuggestions for Salon manager to improve jobsatisfaction and employee engagement:Promotional opportunities for the managers shouldbe increased.Supervisors should be keeping in touch with theirsubordinates.The owner should create a strong relationship withher managers.Manager should be independent in decision making.Manager be informed about company’s goal properly.
  14. 14. OBInnovatorsSuggestion for the Hair Stylists to improve jobsatisfaction and employee engagement:Promotional opportunities should be increased.Relationship with the supervisor should be positive.Owner should increase the relationship level withtheir hair stylists.Opinions from the hair stylists should be givenpriority.Work progress level should be monitored.
  15. 15. OBInnovatorsSuggestion for Spa Service Employees to improvejob satisfaction and employee engagement:Promotional opportunities should be given toemployees for their remarkable performance.Supervisor should maintain a good relationship withthe employees.Employees should be provided benefits from job.Employees should be rewarded for excellentperformance.Owner should treat the employees as person, notmachine/slave.Employees should be encouraged to developthemselves and increase their performance.
  16. 16. OBInnovatorsKris Jenkins had completed her study oncosmetology and business degreeShe was a store manager of a national hair salonKris’ goal was to own a salonKris was hoping to make career movement thatwould enable her to have direct input regardingall top management decision of a salonShe identified the core problems of Bella’s andshe knows how to handle themSo, Kris took the perfect decision by accepting thegeneral manager’s position of Bella’s.
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