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This slide presentation is a pre proposal concept offered by Mobee to RRI (Government of Indonesia owned Radio Broadcasting)

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  1. 1. Mobee (Advance Radio Mobile Portal Technology) Technology background at a glance (for RRI PRO 3 MOBILE) by : Arvin IM, June 2008 Can be seen at Can be reach at :
  2. 2. Vision & Mission Vision Becoming everyone's enabler in the mobile rich -content related radio business for the upcoming global growth explosion. Mission To provide : Robust On-Device-Portal technology platform for radio mobile rich-content delivery Easy and intuitive On-Device-Portal development tool for common end - user Shifting end-user expectation on radio mobile rich-content acquisition to a new experience level of interactivity, attractiveness, and responsiveness.
  3. 3. Pain points of industry End users Costly data rates (3G, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, etc) Internet Radio as well as Web pages are not design to be viewed on mobiles Differing standards resulting different views on different mobiles. Intermittent network condition resulting multiple restarts of download (slow and irresponsive) Complexity in usage (it is not the nature browsing the web through mobiles) Inefficient computational processing quickly reduce mobile battery power
  4. 4. Pain points of industry Content / Service / Advertisement Provider Costly infrastructure to setup radio mobile platform No uniform standard for content pushing, channeling, and exchange in radio mobile Limited information can be placed in existing format (wap, xhtml)or internet radio catching Technical complexity constraints the development Too many mobile operating systems, each required different version of software to adapt. Traditional Radio attach in mobile is also become passive tools.
  5. 5. Mobee’s technology value proposition Mobee’s Radio on Device Portal (ODP) or Radio Mobile Portal with reduces churn and optimizes data transfer resulting in significant cost savings of up to 10 times for end users. Mobee allows content/service providers to broadcast radio on the mobile easily with ZERO infrastructure investment as well as minimum technical requirement. And practice application and enjoyable for the audiences
  6. 6. Mobee’s Product Values Positioning toward Competitors Becoming creator and innovator of Advance Radio Mobile Portal Technology (Advance Radio On Device Portal/ODP) together with RRI, more beyond that existing mobile content technologies such as ODP and Mobile by internet browsing application. We are more advance beyond these competitors, since -> in the meantime we are still the only ODP (On Device Portal) platform in the market who implements unique algorithm for content formatting and compression (much smaller data package) --> fast and very efficient content rendering algorithm (low memory footprint and computational resource means lower consumption on mobile battery power) --> implements robust algorithm for incremental synchronization and cache mechanism (allow of local browsing, reduce significantly two ways traffic from service to mobile) --> easy to use, highly flexible, yet intuitive So make us to be Advance ODP platform development tool for everyone to use
  7. 7. Mobile Content Delivery Technology Road Map Summary Mobee Micropage Format A proprietary page presentation formatting framework developed uniquely for mobile viewing. Mobee Microserver An “On-Device-Portal” platform framework Mobee Resumeable Download High reliable mobile download service with resumeable capability Low-cost E-Paper Device Read mobile content in a more comfort reading device
  8. 8. Technology RoadMap Mobee Micropage ™ (1) A proprietary page presentation formatting framework developed uniquely for mobile viewing. Proprietary textual and picture typographic format, Provides far-more efficient page decoding and parsing algorithm compare to common format like WAP, XHTML, or PDF. Support for ascii and unicode character set. Even without compression the formatting technique it self gives average of 30% more compact data compare to common tagging based format like WAP or XHTML. Proprietary modified JPEG format, provides 30% to 60% more compressed data, and the decoding algorithm gives 50% more efficient in computing resource then JPEG 2000 decoding, while still maintain competitive quality of picture viewing in mobile screen. Each micropage is sent to mobile in the form of GZIP compressed binary, and opened using proprietary modified GZIP decoding algorithm, gives nearly 4 times more efficient computational resource requirement compare to conventional GZIP algorithm. Now GZIP decoding can be run in mobile very reliable even when it is compressed with the highest parameter of GZIP compression ratio.
  9. 9. Technology RoadMap Mobee Micropage ™ (2) In average, for a single page, Mobee Micropage can reduce around 30% up to 50% smaller data package compare to conventional WAP or XHTML page or PDF. The Micropage benefits for mobile content presentation are : Much smaller volume of data traffic, means faster to be downloaded (and cheaper data rates) Specifically developed algorithm for mobile environment (where processor used to be much less powerful than PCs and mostly have no cache) offering more efficiency means faster to be rendered and viewed in Mobile Also consume much less power on mobile battery in heavy use of content reading. Mobee Microserver ™ Micropage provides more responsive and attractive mobile presentation to user. Mobee Micropage ™
  10. 10. Technology RoadMap Mobee Microserver™ (1) An “On-Device-Portal” platform framework A microserver engine is installed on mobile side to render service of Micropage presentation. Incremental versioning for content and structure synchronization between server side content service and mobile side microserver. Algorithm that is smartly updating content taxonomy and menu structure from server to mobile. Algorithm that is smartly recognizing and downloading only new and updated micropage content and mobile Advertising spot, also smartly drop content which is removed in content service. Proprietary tiny script engine to provide local “logical execution” in a Micropage. Open greater interactivity beyond content presentation. Smart caching engine, help save memory footprint and reduce mobile data traffic.
  11. 11. Technology RoadMap Mobee Microserver™ (2) The Microserver framework is currently available in many device platforms Currently supported implementation Native Symbian Nokia Java Mobile (J2ME, MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1) Nokia, Sony Ericson, Motorola, LG Siemens, Samsung, and many more Windows Mobile (Pocket PC 2002 up to 2005) Every gadget who used Windows Mobile or Windows Smart Phone On development progress BREW On evaluation and planning Linux Mobile Google’s Android OS-X for Apple I-Phone
  12. 12. Technology RoadMap Mobee Microserver™ (3) The benefits… Bring the capability of off-line local browsing in mobile device. Reducing up to 80% of overall monthly data traffic volume compare to standard mini browser in todays cellphone (eg: like Opera). Faster navigation, fell more responsive to user, and more attractive. Operator Network Incremental Via internet synchronization Mobile Content Mobile Content Mobile User Management Tool Service Infrastructure With Microserver (web based)
  13. 13. Technology RoadMap Mobee Microserver™ (4) On going research and development Dependable module injection platform What is it ? The way when a new module is implemented in an mobile application, by then it will be synchronized automatically. Mobile users don’t have to un-install the existing version and re-installing the new version. Updating process will be automatic and transparent. Distributing new upgrade version of any mobile application will become very easy to be conduct compare to todays painstaking process of re-distribution and re-installing. New paradigm on Mobile Application features evolution
  14. 14. Technology RoadMap Mobee Content Management System Content management and administration console are accessible through web. Multiple media channel on each brand of ODP services. Flexible content tree structure definition on each media channel. WYSIWYG content entry editor Automatic online content referral (feeding from RSS, ATOM, and web site url) with scheduled updating. Automatic conversion to micropage from various popular format (word, PDF, rtf, html) Flexible customization of ODP user interface look and fell & skinning theme
  15. 15. Technology RoadMap Mobee Mobile Advertising Engine Mobee provides comprehensive mobile advertising engine Various methods of mobile advertising Front Spot, End Spot, Pop-up Spot, Navigation Spot, Text Ticker, Banner, etc. Two ways interactive on mobile ads spotting Let end user directly contact advertiser (calling specified call center, sending sms or email) Flexible placement and scheduling Advertising spotting could be programmed based using one or combination of these contexts below : Content context End user profile targeting context Regional / demographic context Operator identification context Cellphone producers identification context
  16. 16. Near the future (q3-2008) Mobile Resumable Download Technology Downloading large file / content into cellular through gprs, hsdpa, or even using 3G are still considered unreliable. Its often get disconnected because of many reasons like busy network traffic, hands over ripped of when transferred between BTS, low even loss of signal when entering the building, and so on. For example : we have downloaded 2.8 Mb of MP3 file from 3Mb of its total size, when suddenly the connection get disconnected. In normal case it means we have to re- download it again right the from start, repeating again the previously downloaded part. Because of this, most of todays heavy content download schema like the popular I-Tune for an example still implement 2 way steps (download to pc and transferred to the cell phone latter), this somehow ineffective. Mobee has developed and owned proprietary patented technology to conduct resumeable download process. For example : in the case when suddenly the connection get disconnected. Using Mobee resumeable download technology, the download process could re-start again right from the disconnected point. The future use of this new technology is very wide, open up many possibilities to the content download industry like music, film, e-books, picture, games, and so on. Download process of large content or file is now become reliable to be conducted directly from the cell phone. New compression and data packaging technique also help to reduce the overall data traffic needed and optimize the data routing through the operator’s network.
  17. 17. RRI PRO 3 MOBILE
  18. 18. What we do (our objectives) Commoditization of radio content through mobile portal media Infrastructure for radio mobile content service Social computing platform for radio mobile community Advertising channel
  19. 19. RRI PRO3 Mobile Becoming The Pioneer of Original Wireless Radio Content Technology Radio is become classic technology in the modern world still captivated audiences. But with global people style that spending their time outside much too before, brings radio to personal cellular is one of the best ways. RRI PRO 3 Mobile is also become data collecting middleware from 2000 RRI reporters around Indonesia with real time posting and delivery regarding update news and information. Sometimes people are also too busy to have call asking song request to the music director that on duty. By using Mobee platform Radio on Device Portal or Radio Mobile Portal, people easily posting their request and having report as well if their song request can not be heard. Sometimes song request prefer not listing in the song request release, by Radio Mobile Portal can be created Audio Song Demand but for not to seems selling song must be mixed with the advertisement.
  20. 20. RADIO ON DEVICE PORTAL or RADIO MOBILE PORTAL DEFINITION Audible signals encoded practice in Mobile Personal will become irresistibly tools everywhere. The features ability in Radio Mobile Portal will not only attract the audiences but also industry to bring their product brand advertising. Why because with Radio Mobile Portal the space is not only in audio but also visual on device by pictures with high resolution stimulated by Mobee Technology compression factor.
  21. 21. THE PERSUASION OF RADIO MOBILE PORTAL – RRI PRO 3 MOBILE Communication in Mobile Radio produces some of the cleverest and effective advertising available direct to personal on any medium format from audio itself, pictures and video.
  22. 22. WHAT RRI PRO 3 MOBILE GIVE? Bring new mood sensation Bring new motivation Bring new emotions Bring new comfort Bring new relax Bring new NEW
  23. 23. RRI PRO 3 MOBILE Pioneer of Indonesia Mobile Portal that giving the perfect combination of personal emotions and community interaction. HOW RRI PRO 3 MOBILE CAN BE REACHED? Traditional Radio is reached in car, home and at office. RRI PRO 3 MOBILE reached everywhere. In Radio Mobile Portal Audience is ACTIVE listener, just like create their own RADIO PERSONAL.
  24. 24. WHAT MAKE RRI PRO 3 MOBILE DIFFERENT The only radio in Indonesia that actually can speak to you , involving you to be part Radio content itself.
  25. 25. RADIO MOBILE PORTAL ABILITIES Leverage its power to capture large audiences on air without border, FM/AM area will not becoming obstacle anymore by using audio streaming and compressing through Mobile Device. Even far away place can hear their local hometown radio. Daily Radio and Mobile activities together reach most of human life time spending.
  26. 26. RADIO MOBILE PORTAL COMPARE TO OTHERS Traditional Radio is seasonal, Radio Mobile Portal always bring to anywhere the mobile owner location in their daily schedules. So Radio Mobile Portal will reach people by emotional level much more than traditional radio. Printing media lead time days, weeks and months. Traditional radio lead time hours. Radio Mobile Portal lead time minutes even second! Radio Mobile Portal is not only targeting Lifestyle market but also involving listeners personally and emotionally much more than traditional radio. It makes top of minds listener.