Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Advanced Multitasking, Powerful Performance and the Intuitive S Pen


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 01.1 is a great tablet!!! The S-pen and how it reacts with the screen and how much space the screen has is absolutely fantastic.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Advanced Multitasking, Powerful Performance and the Intuitive S Pen

  1. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Advanced Multitasking, Powerful Performance and the Intuitive S PenBy Mary Keperwanski Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. Samsung has just released its latest version of the tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1.On the surface, this tablet may seem similar to the slate but the Galaxy Note10.1 has additional features and it also has a stylus. This means that now youcan jot down anything instantly and prepare notes wherever you are.Nonetheless, the similarity of the Galaxy Note 10.1 to its other version in theform of the Galaxy Tab 2 is very high but with the Galaxy Note 10.1 you havethe ability to store the stylus within the tablet.Find out more about this new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 here:StylusThe Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is said to be redesigned but you will still find itsimilar to Galaxy Tab 2 if you have owned the Galaxy Tab 2 before; the mainphysical difference being the change in the rear design of the tablet.If you flip it back, you will find the surface glossy. Another interesting thingyou will notice is that this new tablet has a stylus called the S-Pen. This S-Pen iskept hidden in the device on the right bottom where it is secure from anydamage. This stylus is capable of sustaining 256 levels pressure sensitivity.Together with this new input device in this latest Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is anapplication called Formula Match. Formula Match is very good, especially forstudents and people who need to work with formulas as it allows conversionsand recognition of formulas that are handwritten by you.You can also use it to access the database of Wolfram Alpha for additionalinformation on the formula you entered. As such, by using the S-Pen you caneasily access the online information and validate your formula.The Stylus is also smart enough to know that you have removed it from the slotof the tablet and it will instantly acknowledge this action. The specificallydesigned apps for this stylus enable advanced functionality and you are able touse it for data input. On top of that Samsung has also included an app to utilizethe functionality of the Adobe Photoshop Touch app.The screenThe screen size of this tablet measures 10.1 inches this makes it convenient tojot notes, scribble or input other content using the S-Pen stylus. It also has afeature called Multi-screen which enables you to run multiple apps on thescreen within the windows frame mode. The apps are clear and easy to use as Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. the 10.1 inches screen is big enough to accommodate them. More apps designedfor this functionality are being added right now.FeaturesWeighing in at 600 grams and 8.9mm thickness with support for 3G, this tabletis relatively chunkier than other Android devices but then again this is apersonal preference. Some people do not like tablets that are to thin as it makesholding them not so easy. The reason for its thickness might be its 7000mAhbattery but I have no complains as the performance of the Samsung GalaxyNote 10.1 is very good. For a device of this size with a resolution of 1280 x800-pixel makes it very comfortable to view at any given angle.Processor and appsThis tablet runs on Android 4.0 i.e. the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) along withthe technology of TouchWiz interface. If you are looking for proprietary appsand colorful icons then you may find it similar to its predecessor. Powered by1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos processor and has a RAM of 2GB. You can easilymake calls and even text without any trouble. The apps loaded on the tablet arequick to respond to touch. Other features include a 1.9 MP front-facing camerafor video chat and a rear facing 5 MP camera to capture images and shootvideos.Another feature is the Smart Stay included with the camera app. Smart Stayhelps to detect a users eyes and keeps the screen bright. Hence whenever youread an e-book or indulge in an activity on your tablet, the screen will remainbright. However as soon as you take your eyes off it, it will be dim again.If you like to watch videos, you will like an interesting feature called Pop UpPlay. This app enables you to play video within a window while you run otherapps simultaneously. If you want to watch a video, you can adjust the sizeaccordingly while the apps are running on the background.The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has a micro SD card slot that enables you toexpand up to 64GB of additional memory. Interestingly this tablet comes with apre-loaded app to enable the functionality of infrared to utilize the universalremote control feature. Now you can easily use it for controlling the functionsof Samsung entertainment devices at home. Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. What Are Owners Are Saying About The Galaxy Note 10.15.0 out of 5 stars works great and love the spen and tablet, October23, 2012By tpenit is a great product!!! love the pen and how it reacts with the screen and howmuch space the screen has. good for reading only hope that there are moreapps for pen functions. there are quite intreresting pen apps like if you writeout math equation it will solve it for you! so cool5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, October 23,2012By TracyThis is the best tablet! I love it because it is easy to use--adding games, itunes,kindle books and many other cool apps. I am getting a lot of use from the Note.It is fun!5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, October 23, 2012By Richard W. Pickett Jr.I purchased this particular tablet because I wanted android and I wanted theintegrated stylus. It really makes all the difference. Ive seen other top-of-the-line tablets used with an after-market stylus where you write really big in 1/2the screen and what you write is digitized down (sometimes unreadable) intoyour "notes" in the other half of the screen.Not so with the Samsung Note 10.1. Using the S-Note (which I love), you writedirectly on the "note pad".Besides the stylus putting this tablet in a category above all other tablets, therest of the system works flawlessly as an android tablet. I have as of yet tohave one problem with it (other than getting it back from my kids once theystart playing cut-the-rope or one of their other faves). Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. 5.0 out of 5 stars wooooooow!!!!, October 23, 2012By IvanUna sorprendente máquina, ahora lo estoy utilizando para hacer este artículofácil usar y muy versátil. Llego sin problemas y con la calidad esperada, lorecomiendoTranslated from Spanish to English…An amazing machine, now Im using to make this article easy to use and veryversatile. Arrived without problems and with the expected quality, Irecommend5.0 out of 5 stars Great Tablet!!! A++++++++++++++++++++, October21, 2012By SamPerfect tablet for note taking. Everything is smooth and flawless (had the tf700and tf201, they are POS compared to this!). Battery last VERY LONG, thestandby battery with this is CRAZY. Got about 7-8 hours of screen time on mytest (taking notes all day)no consConclusionIndeed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is just absolutely fantastic. It is good formost purposes but if you have a need for using a stylus to input information,then the Samsung Galaxy Note is an absolute must for you. If you are looking to buy this tablet, I would highly recommend that you buy itfrom Amazon if not for anything but its return policy. However, it is so goodthat most likely you will never return it! Click here to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 from Amazon and start enjoying this fantastic tablet. Page 5 of 5