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Free Plan For A Fantastic New Zealand Campervan Holiday


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If you plan to go for a holiday in New Zealand by campervan or motorhomes, you will find that this is one of the cheapest and the best modes of touring beautiful New Zealand. Get free ideas and tips here to enjoy your holiday!

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Free Plan For A Fantastic New Zealand Campervan Holiday

  1. 1. Page 1 of 3A New Zealand Campervan Holiday - AnExperience To Remember For A Long TimeBy James CausianPlanning to go for a New Zealand campervan holiday? If you are, then you arereally going to enjoy your vacation - as long as you follow some simple rulesand guidelines. This is because New Zealand is really a very scenic and nicecountry.On top of that, unlike the traditional vacations, your campervan holiday getsyou in closer contact with both the scenery and the locals. As such your NewZealand campervan holiday will be a holiday that you will remember for a longlong time.If you go on a New Zealand campervan holiday, you will find that it allows youto spend time where you want, traverse different roads at your fancy - justbecause you just want to explore and see where they lead to. It also allows youto spend longer time in places you are really enjoy.Unlike traditional guided tours, there are no hard and fast rules. You eitheradopt the wake up and decide where to go option with no fixed itinerary tofollow or plan a fixed caravan park stay itinerary. In this case you pre book thecaravan parks for the nights and go and do whatever you like during the day andonly come back in the evening or at night to stay and use the facilities of the
  2. 2. Page 2 of 3caravan park. The other more unrestricted option is to pull up at one of thehundreds of beautiful national parks and stay there for free.With a rented New Zealand camper youll be really spoilt for choice when itcomes to adventure activities. As the adventure capital of the world, you can dothings like horse riding, safaris, 4WD tours, quad bikes, tramping, para-gliding,mountain climbing, bungy jumping, hot-air balloons, whale watching, kayakingand the list goes on...If you are not looking for adventure but something slower, New Zealand alsohas plenty to cater for you as well. New Zealands golf courses are spectacularand numerous. On top of that, its green fees are some of the most reasonable inthe world. Open beaches and secluded bays offer safe swimming or sunbathing.If you enjoy walks or cycling, there are plenty of walkways and cycling tracksfor you to enjoy.Oh, dont forget the wining and dining part as well. This is somethingpleasurable this is not to be missed and one that is a must for you to experiencein New Zealand. New Zealand wineries produce award winning red and whitewines and many incorporate elegant restaurants or lively cafés on theirproperties for you to enjoy fine wine and food. With inspirations from countriesas varied as Europe, Thailand, Polynesia, Japan and Vietnam, you will find thatNew Zealand food has a range of flavours that is tasty, refreshing and light.New Zealand campervan holidays really offer a great value for anyone. Whereelse can you get a 15 nights on the ground (that is exclusive of airfares) holidaythat consists of vehicle, staying in the campervan in campervan parks, staying inhostels, staying in a fully equipped en-suite apartment plus food and petrol forless than USD$1,800?
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3I saved a lot of money by having both accommodation and vehicle hire in onepackage. On top of that, I saved money on meals by shopping in supermarketsand cooking them at the campervan parks rather than eating out in restaurantsevery night. At nice locations along my journey, I just pull over my campervanby a river or lakeside or even by the side of the road and have my lunch, tea orcoffee. Oh how wonderful...If you are looking to rent a campervan in New Zealand, you can get campervansin all shapes and sizes. Some of the bigger ones can accommodate up to a 6berth or beds in one vehicle! This is a perfect option for especially if you aregoing as a group or family and you want to travel together. When you to travelas a group with your family or friends, you will find that final per person cost isreally low. As a family travelling together, you will definitely have a wonderfulbonding experience on this type of campervan holiday as you will be travelling,enjoying and doing things together.A campervan holiday provides you with many benefits including: freedom,adventure and value for money. It is an experience to share with the family,with friends and with others out there on the road. Put in some in some initialplanning and you will definitely enjoy your New Zealand campervan holiday.Make sure you check out this Squidoo lens if you are planning to go on a NewZealand campervan holiday. It has very detailed itinerary and plenty of photos,videos as well as money saving tips there. Enjoy your holidays!Citation:Causian, James "A New Zealand Campervan Holiday - An Experience ToRemember For A Long Time." A New Zealand Campervan Holiday - AnExperience To Remember For A Long Time. 27 May. 2013 May.