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How to Use Data-Driven Marketing to Boost User Engagement

Gone are the days of shooting in the dark. Today, engagement is a highly targeted and data-driven machine. Every step of the process is carefully crafted to allow for maximum response and action taken by the customer. To enable this, various touch points and the data collected is used to create a suitable customer profile (user persona) which then is used to trigger communications in real time. MoEngage Inc is currently an industry leader in providing similar services, helping its clients see close to 20-30% lift in customer engagement in the first month. This webinar will detail how these big brands have been able to use data, incorporate machine learning and increase customer engagement.

Hosted by Akshatha Kamath, head of content marketing at MoEngage Inc, this webinar featured Anjan Bhojarajan, Vice President growth and head of marketing at HealthifyMe, and Pooja Ravishankar, Associate Head Analytics at BigBasket. With the ever-increasing challenge of user engagement across various channels; the need to enable cross and multi-channel engagement have increased tremendously. Data-driven marketing is the perfect solution to this. The experts featured in this webinar have successfully leveraged tremendous amounts of user data and used technology to target prospects and keep customers happy and engaged.

In this webinar presentation, you'll learn:
- Importance of user personas and their impact on customer journeys.
- How to use technologies like segmentation engines, machine learning to personalize user engagement.
- 3 use cases to try for leveraging data to step up customer engagement.

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How to Use Data-Driven Marketing to Boost User Engagement

  1. 1. Speakers Pooja Ravishankar Pooja Ravishankar works as the Head of Category Marketing with India’s largest online grocer, BigBasket. A seasoned e-retail professional, Pooja has more than half a decade of cross functional experience across Marketing, Analytics and Product. Her latest role is in Category Management that leverages data analytics to power marketing of various categories such as fruits and vegetables, staples and even beauty to customers. An engineer and MBA by education, she has led key projects at BigBasket. To enumerate a few: • Building the analytics database platform • Developing the clickstream suite of analytics on AWS stack • Developing recommendations model She also has experience in handling the 360 degree marketing for BigBasket including offline and online channels. She is a hard core tech enthusiast and believes that tech is a key lever for problem solving of any kind. Outside of work, she is the minion to an all powerful one year old who keeps her real!
  2. 2. Speakers Anjan Bhojarajan Anjan currently works as the VP of Growth and Head of Product at HealthifyMe, He has shuttled between being a tech geek, an entrepreneur and a product enthusiast throughout a career of 10 years. While running his own startup and failing at it taught him a bunch about how not to build a product He is a part of HealthifyMe's journey from 2 million users to 10 million users worldwide - expanding from India to South East Asia, and building on existing expertise to explore new AI based solutions. He looks forward to presenting some of his experiences during this webinar!
  3. 3. About MoEngage MoEngage is an Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform that allows consumer brands to engage users with the right content on the right channel, at the right time. • Built for the mobile-first world. With AI-powered automation, optimization capabilities, and in-built analytics • Enables hyper-personalization at scale across multiple channels like mobile push, email, in-app, web push, On-site messages, and SMS. • Top brands across 35+ countries such as McAfee, Samsung, Tokopedia, Oyo Rooms, and Vodafone use MoEngage to orchestrate their omnichannel campaigns. • Featured on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for two consecutive years and is the youngest company on the list.
  4. 4. Data rules today, here’s why • 69% of online customers believe that the timing, relevance, and frequency of the brands message influences their perception of the brand. • 52% or more customers may switch brands if communications lack personalization. • More than 59% of managers feel that using customer analytics has improved their competitive edge.
  5. 5. India's largest online grocer 1M monthly customers 1M monthly milk deliveries 8k farmer connect
  6. 6. Hello Millennial Marketer - do you eat data for breakfast? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right direction! Ecommerce companies collect a treasure trove of data. This data if used well can do wonders to create unparalleled customer experience. Here are a few examples where BigBasket leverages data that enables five star customer experience.
  7. 7. Smart Basket ML based algorithm Predicts needs in next purchase based on buying patterns of the customer.
  8. 8. Value to customers and BigBasket • Ranks by need of the day • Reducing shopping time to only 7 minutes • Offers recommendations • Retains higher value variant (promote organic vs. regular)
  9. 9. Recommendations Item-item collaborative filtering Helps product discovery - personalized based on items bought in other baskets with items bought by the customer We measure performance through precision and recall. Achieved 4% recall. Precision - total SKUs bought from reco/ total SKUs reco Recall - total SKUs bought from reco/ total SKUs bought
  10. 10. Personalized Communications 1) Segmentation engine 2) bb Lifecycle, Lifestyle, Life stage 4) Based on product purchased, product pages visited 3) Communication touch points - PNs, emails, banners, listing (BBY)
  11. 11. Personalized Communications bb Lifecycle, Lifestyle, Life stage • bb lifecycle - registered but not purchased, first order, 2 order and higher member classes • Lifestyle - organic, health conscious, snacker, tea/coffee drinker etc. • Life stage - family with baby/kids, SINK, DINK, large family, pet owner • Other - deal seeking, price insensitive.
  12. 12. 5 things a marketer needs today • Deal with data - crunch and interpret • Listen to customer • Action data insights ASAP • Understand basic product and tech • Learn constantly!
  13. 13. India’s Largest health app HealthifyMe Today 10,000,000 Users 750 Million $25 Million Capital Raised IDG, Sistema, Inventus, Blume, DI, Samsung, Atlas Going global Top 3 in India, Malaysia, SG 4.6 Stars Most Liked Indian Health App Foods + Workouts Tracked 2 Million Kg weight lost
  14. 14. HealthifyMe’s Footprint
  15. 15. Understanding user persona early and driving product flows based on multiple variables
  16. 16. Understanding user persona early and driving product flows based on multiple variables • 10 Variables – During onboarding. • Unlocking variables during the journey of the user. • Personalization across the app. Hooks in User journeys: • Reminders • Content • Upgrade flows/Coaches/Plans
  17. 17. Feedback loops to marketing 1. Optimized for business goals 2. Typical retention variables: 1. D3 retention 2. Onboarding completion 3. Food logging behavior 3. Typical monetization variables: 1. Funnel flows 2. Revenue per registration 3. Marketing payback
  18. 18. Internal Marketing Strategy 1. Clear definition of segments 2. Clear definition of goals for these segments 3. Mapping of goals to content 4. Segments <> Content mapping 5. Media: a. In-app Feeds b. Notifications
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?
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