Social media marketing


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Social media marketing

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Moe Kawasaki
  2. 2. Blogger Posts-14 Total Comments-11 the post got most views- “Case study”↪I posted right day before deadline (Saturday night) ⇒   posted timing is important!! I wont keep up a blog because I like post only when I feel something strongly. But keeping posting constantly is important for blog to keep viewer come back and read. Blog doesn’t match my posting style right now.⇒ Ill use blog when I have something keep telling to someone. Or, I use a blog as a marketing (advertisement) tool. A statistic of blog also can be used as monitoring ROI.
  3. 3. Video Its took 1 hour and 10-15 attempts Views-7 Difficulty: keep looking camera (an eye movement is conspicuous) ,give viewers good impression ,speak fluently* I memorized word for word so it seemed not word from my mouth and not natural. Improvement: practice more to be sounded smoothly, speak attractively
  4. 4. Facebook Analytics: 390 friends and 2 group(0 company) Facebook user is 1 billion= The third biggest country⇒ Facebook has big power. Ill keep using Facebook as a worldwide communication tool. It’s also great tool for marketing (words, picture, video on one page)
  5. 5. Twitter Follow- Unilever, Nestle, Starbucks (I wanted to see how the company I’m interested in use twitter as a marketing)Unilever: title + link to news (almost everyday, 3-4 times a day) Nestle: title + link to video (2-3 a week, many posts on one da) Starbucks: title + link to other SM about campaign, pictures (once a everyday) Strengths: Short and Quick post ↪Its useful as a sub tool like a reminder, a notice. Weaknesses: messy and unorganized(hard to find previous post) ⇒I wont use any more..
  6. 6. LinkedInI didn’t use LinkedIn before the class.In Japan We don’t have similar tool..Ill use when I look for job in U.S.
  7. 7. Evernote Impressed toolNotes Organized on line.Pros:No need to carry heavy note.Easy to searchCan be used by all device
  8. 8. Closing ThoughtMy biggest take-away from this class: Before I took this class, I knew only famous ones like Facebook,Twitter, but I learned there are so many social media tool that seemsuseful for business, marketing not only fun communication, personaluse. Also, social media marketing is not free. So we need to thinkthe cost of SMM worth to returns by using ROI.In my future, I keep using Facebook mainly because every people useit and people check it many times a day. Its means information reachfur many people and gap from when marketer send out to whenpeople get it is almost zero.I may not use twitter because its too much information to organize itunless you check every single hour.I hope LinkedIn will spread to my country, Japan. Its great toolbecause hirer get more information or image of a person than justresume paper.
  9. 9. Thank you for reading!!